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Found 10 results

  1. I have a Samsung G900A with MM 6.0.1 and Poweramp v3 alpha. Recently I have been playing long relaxation music, some 2 hours long, some 8 hours. I notice PA stops playing randomly. I'm not sure if it's PA v3 or some power saving function. To be clear, I don't have any power saving features activated. Then there's Doze, a MM feature. Any input would be helpful. Edit: I'm suspecting Doze may be the problem. Sometimes I set the phone down and that's when it's been stopping. Might need help with Doze. Thanks.
  2. Отчет о проблеме с управлением плеером через подключенную BT-гарнитуру посредством профиля AVRCP. Наблюдается на Android 6. На Android 5 не наблюдалось. Устройства: Nexus 5 (SDK 23), HTC 10 (SDK 23). Версия приложения: 2.0.10-build-588-play (полная версия). Описание: при запуске любого другого плеера, платформа переводит на него управление через AVRCP. Таким образом, Poweramp теряет возможность управляться с кнопок гарнитуры. Данная возможность "возвращается" плееру Poweramp лишь в случае его последующего рестарта в рамках которого должен произойти именно рестарт приложен
  3. Hi all New to the community and the Poweramp player. I have had my Samsung Note 4 for a few years and overall love it. Been using the music player built in to it fro a while. Started having issues with it though, in that the music would just STOP randomly while using cabled headphones ...sometimes it would start right up again, sometimes it would take several minutes to do so, and then sometimes not at all. So I decided to try a better player - enter Poweramp, trial version. Its says it is V2.... The music has only stopped on me once I think in a week (I use it ever
  4. Instant crash on library open LS990 Paranoid Android 6.0.1 latest version downloaded from website not Google play. GP version doesn't work either. Please help... logcat_and_device_info.zip
  5. I just upgraded my Galaxy S5 (G900A) to Marshmallow 6.0.1., from Lollipop. The default app functionality from Lollipop seems to be broken in marshmallow. I've tried making Poweramp the default app in app manager and default apps without success. The default apps list does not have Poweramp listed. I disabled Google play music. There's also a "music" app which cannot be disabled. Nothing has worked. Is there a limitation or bug in Marshmallow? Your help is appreciated. Edit: I messed around with mx player permissions and I was able to choose it as default for my video player. So far no su
  6. Hi, I just bought a BLU Studio Selfie 2 (S230Q) wich came with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Before this phone I had a Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY R800a. I'm trying to use Poweramp as my everyday music player but so far the experience has been not good. No matter what I do, I can't make the button on the wired headset to do anything beyond play/pause, I can't change songs... And one last question, what features are only pro?, I can't find an answer to this on the PLAY store or here...
  7. I recently upgraded to Poweramp(PA) v3 Alpha because v2 was not compatible with the new Marshmallow(MM) permission system. I needed to click on a music file and have MM open PA as the default player. PA v3 was the answer, except with Opus files. When I click on an Opus file MM gives me nothing but a SOL message. I choose Opus because I've heard it's one of the best, if not thee best lossy format out there. Can PA be programmed with further MM compatibility to resolve this? Thanks
  8. Since I got nowhere with my last post and have been given new information I've decided to start a fresh post/question. I cannot get Marshmallow's new permission system to play nice with Poweramp v2. I cannot make Poweramp my default app. Someone at the att forum told me Poweramp v2 has not been updated for MM to use the new persmission system. My question, is Poweramp v3 written for MM or Nougat or Lollipop? If it's coded for MM, I may go ahead and install the alpha v3.
  9. Hello, I am using the paid version 2.010-build-588-play of Poweramp on an Ulefone Paris with Android 6 MM. Previously I used a different phone with Android 5.1. I reinstalled the Poweramp app and the Poweramp unlocker and verified my purchase. So far so good. I tried to convince Poweramp to scan the internal and the "external" SD card memory but the program refuses to recognize neeither the internal nor the external memory. The built in music player has no problem whatsoever. Additionally, everytime when I start up my phone in the morning Poweramp comes up with the "t
  10. I have used the unlocked Poweramp for several years and have it in a new phone running on Lollipop which I bought this week. My music collection is on the SD. Today I downloaded Marshmallow and then found that all my mp3s were no longer visible in Poweramp. I found the files were visible to the music player that came with the phone, Music Player so I know I don't have to get them out of the computer again, but I'm annoyed that the download has tampered with my setup. I'd appreciate finding out how I can get the files accessible by Powerpoint again.
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