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Found 7 results

  1. Poweramp lacks LRC support which is a huge let down for me since I prefer offline LRC files to online lyrics providers such as Musixmatch. The app also lacks timed lyrics support as well as font size adjustment for lyrics. I would have used Musixmatch but here are the key points which are keeping me on the LRC team. - No need for internet - No need for song recognition since we're only loading text from files located somewhere in the storage. Also, song recognition fails for most non-english songs or the lyrics just aren't there on the server, and here LRC files are a huge
  2. I would love it if Poweramp had LRC support (synchronized texts), but it doesn't support them. I think it can be added cause, even if they're not very useful for Karaoke, they're just nice to see them while listening a song. Best Regards Francesco 🇮🇹👋 (The email I used to publish the request isn't what I used to buy Poweramp lmao)
  3. I want power amp that support floating lyrics (.lrc files) which are in same location as the mp3 song with same name as mp3. And to download floating lyrics, mini lyrics is an excellent platform for .lrc database in which user can make and upload its .lrc file...There are lyrics for every song that i have.. Link : http://www.crintsoft.com/minilyrics_download_android.htm I want power amp to integrate this must have functionality. Its better than having other extension which is forcibly running in background consuming large amount of ram.
  4. I think a great product should listen to the needs of customers,and the function should not difficult. I have paid on google play,but I do not want to pay for player without lyrics in site again.
  5. I hope Poweramp support LRC format lyrics file "UNSYNCEDLYRICS":ID3 tag does not use value recommends support LRC format lyrics file!!! [ar:Rihanna、Drake] [ti:Work] [by:] [al:] [sign:] [total:219402] [offset:0] [00:10.97]Work, work, work [00:11.57]Work, work, work [00:12.47]You see me I be [00:13.48]Work, work, work [00:13.98]Work, work, work [00:14.94]You see me [00:15.48]Do me dirt, dirt, dirt [00:16.74]Dirt, dirt, dirt [00:17.59]For some of that [00:18.49]Work, work, work [00:19.29]Work, work, work [00:20.19]For you I got love, love, love [00:21.79]Love, love, love [00:
  6. I will love if Poweramp support lrc lyric used in same folder and same file name as audio filename. I hope this feature will show soon. Thank you so much.
  7. Why not adding support to the LRC form lyrics
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