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Found 6 results

  1. Currently, the Albums view is showing the albums as thumbnails, sorted by artist. Great start already since this means the behaviour is already in place. But I'd like to suggest a much cleaner way, for much easier navigation through the entire list of albums: In the "List view" from "List options": if albums were shown as a sublist of an artist, which would be shown as a header. By example, imagine how your list of contacts in your phone is shown by letters, with the letter as header. Same thing but Artist names and Albums names instead of Letters and contact names. Adding the option
  2. Currently testing the Beta, which is awesome. However, in list view, when viewing albums by "recently added" order (list options), if you click on the "reverse order" tick box, Power Amp shows the list in reverse alphabetical order, not in reverse "recently added" order (Newest additions at the top, rather than the bottom). This was also a bug in earlier versions but I was rather hoping it would be fixed. Minor quibble but very annoying.
  3. As good as Poweramp's UI is, I think there is one simple thing that would easily make it more useful. In the folders view (hierarchy or list) each folder entry takes a lot of vertical space (album art if available, name, path, number of elements), additional vertical space is wasted by the "N items; Filter" bar and unnecessarily top title bar. Because of that navigating through the list of folders requires a lot of scrolling (only 5 entries are shown at once on my 5" screen). The songs list use the vertical space much better. I think the UI overhaul in the new version is a good occasion t
  4. When inside folder or library view, I think the back button should return to the 'now playing' screen, not the parent folder/library element. If I want to go up in the tree, I'll push the top list item... Please make an option for this...
  5. Good day! Could you add another method to sort the list: "By artist-album-track number." That is, the tracks in the list will be grouped by artist and album (maybe a year of the album) and at the same time to go to the order in which they are in the album (by track number). Example: 1.Artist1-album1-[track1]2.Artist1-album1-[track2]3.Artist1-album2-[track1]4.Artist1-album2-[track2]5.Artist2-album1-[track1]6.Artist2-album1-[track2][view in playlist] Thank you.
  6. When I scroll through my music and play a track, I'm really not interested in looking at the album art. No, I want to stay in the list I'm at and may be change track or whatever. Please just have an option of having the player in the bottom of the screen when looking in folders/library/playlists and just keeping the view unchanged when clicking a new track. Or have a small play button on every track for playing the track while keeping the list view. Thanks for the great sound /spejr
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