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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I am very much hoping someone can help me with this problem. I'm honestly losing my mind. Poweramp Build: 925 Android Version: 7.0 Device: FiiO M11 I ditched my iPhone as a primary source of music listening about a year ago, picked up a FiiO M11, installed Poweramp, and have never been happier. Not exaggerating by saying my music listening experience is so vastly improved that it has greatly improved my life. I've experienced almost zero problems with it until recently. Recently, I added a couple of GB worth of music onto my micro-SD card (at approx. 500 MB at a time), ejected the disk from my computer, and re-inserted it into my FiiO. I turned my device back on, and everything seemed normal at first: it started scanning and eventually my library populated with all my music. But then I noticed something odd...there were random tracks missing from almost every single album I tried listening to. They had seemingly vanished. I cross-referenced with my Playlists, and the tracks were still there, but MANY of them were just a track title with "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album", with no cover art. I scrolled to Unknown Artist and found that over 10,000 tracks now resided there. I closed Poweramp, turned off my Fiio, and put the micro-SD back in my computer...the tracks were all still there, and all labeled correctly. After putting it back in my FiiO, and manually forcing a Full Rescan, my Unknown Artist tally was down to 1,064. I attempted the same maneuver, but sadly this seemed to be the lowest number I could manage. I found a simple fix, though: by long-pressing the song title, clicking "Info/Tags" and then "Edit Tags", I saw that all the correct metadata was still there, and as soon as I hit "Save", Poweramp filed the track away exactly where it belong, properly labeled with the correct cover art and everything. It's like I had to remind Poweramp of who and what each track was and it was like "Oh, yeah." It was extremely tedious doing this over 1,000 times, but it seemed to work, even after powering my device off and back on. But sadly, this fix didn't last. I just added some more music today on a NEW card, thinking that maybe having 500 GB card with only ~40 GB of space left was getting to be too much to scan every time I wanted to add a couple of albums. So I loaded about 2 GB on a fresh, brand new 256 GB micro-SD. Lo and behold, I now have over 3,000 Unknown Artist tracks, even after multiple rescans. Someone please tell me what I can do. I can't comfortably listen to any of my music knowing that there are tracks missing from almost every album I own, and I can't sit for literally hours and hours clicking through each of these tracks to right them, and especially not every time I want to add more music to my library. Thanks so much for reading all this, and for your help.
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