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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I would like to be able to make PA ignore articles in other languages such as Las Los Les Der Die Das etc. Logitech Media Service provides an option for that that is easily configurable. It shouldn't be hard to do. There have been respective request in the past which obviously have remained unheard.
  2. After the last update (today 9/11/2018), the Polish language was deleted..
  3. When you scroll down by the right side, there is a scoll helper. I want them to support other languages, especially in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Thanks!
  4. Hi Maxmp, I send you one PM many days back. But not received any delightful reply till date. It was for Poweramp development. I request you enlighten to my request, please be happy with my request. Hoping that you reply to my small request and help soon and with happy Heart. I also mailed at gmail address some days back, still waiting for guidance and acceptance. I hope you may understand the waiting with very long time. Regards Ashish
  5. Problem. I have songs that have their metadata (tittle, album, artist...) written in foreign languages such as Russian, but that is not displayed correctly in the player. Causes. The text has been encoded (by the computer where metadata was written) and decoded (by Poweramp) using different character encodings. So a text like "Вслед" becomes "Âñëåä". In this specific case, the document was saved using Windows-1251 encoding but read using Windows-1252. This phenomena is called "Mojibake". This doesn't only apply to Russian, but any other language (Korean, Japanese...) More info: http://goo.gl/j
  6. Hi. If you think Turkish language support, i can help for Turkish. Please send me all the language files. Please consider me. Thanks much. Note: I've already sent e-mail. Because it is important, I also wrote here. Best regards, Fatih Fırıncı
  7. I would like to have Poweramp in norwegian, I am norwegian myself, so i would gladly help. Thats all.
  8. Dear developer(s): I want to buy a unlocker license of this APP But the translation of Chinese language is so terrible I can't understand many words what's the translator want to say By the poor user experiences,I think I will not buy this APP However The price level of this APP for a Chinese people is so high It's not suitable for Chinese people Chinese users just will accept the price under 2 USD or free For this two reasons I think Not many Chinese people use this APP Or by our own translation Or use cracked version By the way The order page for Chinese language in your website Not"预言" but"
  9. Hello. You have any plans to add other languages ?? I suggest: http://crowdin.net/ Will be faster and easier
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