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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, Some times when a track plays, another track plays for a second or two and then the original track continues..Kinda like a CD skipping, but with a totally different song. I've tried to solve this myself, but no dice. - I've deleted the song (thinking it was corrupt) and then re-copied the track. This kind of worked as the track is fine but it does the "skipping" to another song. - I've formatted my SD card in my computer, re-copied all the music (pain full process since I didn't use the ones on the SD card...just in case). Still does the random skipping. - I've formatted my SD card in the device, re-copied all the music again, and the random skipping happens. Notes: - Skipping happens when I use any playlist or all songs...it doesn't seem to matter. It is random. Its a different song. It is not sequential though (like song after song). - The device is usually on battery as I'm at work with music playing in the background. The battery is usually FAR from dead. Lots of life. - If I hear a song skip, I can go back after a few songs or right after it's done, play that song and it will skip again. If I copy the song to my computer (via bluetooth or usb) it's fine. Strange...SO...I thought it was my SD card. I had a 32gig Sandisk micro class 10 installed. I went out and bought a Lexar High speed 32gig Class 10 card. Does it on either card. I use the cards for music only. That way, if the card dies (which I've heard of happening) I don't loose my photo's. So there's only the music on the SD card and nothing else. Poweramp is set to look only at that SD card's music folder. I'm running a Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M with Android 4.3 and Poweramp Version 2.0.9-Build-541-arm-play. I realize there's a newer version available, but I'm in a sanctioned country for work, so If I update via Tunnel Bear, Poweramp doesn't like it...no matter what I try (I have updated here in the past and Poweramp will stop working after a few days if it can't verify the purchase...man I hate where I am sometimes lol) Anyways...if anyone has any thoughts ASIDE from the update, I'm all ears. OH...this has happened in the past with a previous version (hence update may or may not fix the issue) Much Thanks all! Darryl
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