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Found 2 results

  1. Is it possible to add a function to switch the track to the next one. Like a double tap on the phone? Is it possible to implement this function using different sensors of the phone? Just inconvenient to get the phone out of your pocket to switch the track. It happens that you like music, but at the moment you want to switch it. I'm too lazy to get my phone out of my pocket, but I have to. Clap-clap on the phone body without taking it out of pocket... and the next track sounded. Of course the feature needs to be optional. With the setting of the strength of the clap, like you hit as it should, and the program analyzes the strength and pace of strikes. To exclude false positives (if they are), you can make three claps. PS I apologize for the machine translation into English.
  2. English:I am a fan of the Poweramp from China, when China can use Alipay for payment, I will immediately start with genuine software,Hoping to improve interface design, Material Design style cheer 5.0 modified now Poweramp is the most user-friendly music player on Android and hope developers can focus on music quality, return to sound quality, build an Android's best player.Here are some neutron player I like features, hope Poweramp consider adding these features.Recommended:1.Hope to cooperate with BBE Sound2.Support 32/64-bit processing(enable highly accurate 32/64-bit audio processing)3.Support resmapling(Audio resample)4.Support dither(dither increase audio quality by randomizing the quantization error)5.Support rumble filter protect the speakers from the ultra-low frequencies(<20hz) 中文:我是一个来自中国的poweramp忠实粉丝,当中国区域可以用支付宝付款,我就立即入手了正版软件,希望能把界面设计改进一下,改成安卓5.0的Material Design风格,现在poweramp是安卓上最人性化的音乐播放器。希望接下来开发人员能注重音乐素质,回归音质,打造一个安卓上最好的播放器。以下是中子播放器的一些我很喜欢的功能,希望poweramp考虑加入这些功能。建议:1.能和BBE公司合作推出BBE音效2.支持32/64位音频处理(高精度的32/64位音频处理)3.支持重新取样4.抖动(通过随机量化误差来提高音质) 5.噪音滤波器(为了保护扬声器,去除<20hz)
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