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Found 5 results

  1. Probably has been asked somewhere before but couldn't find anything. Is support for Material you colored icons planned, Especially seeing as the rest of the app is already experimenting with Material You? I normally have Poweramp right in the middle of the dock, but put it away to get the icons to match.
  2. Poweramp uses One UI style icon on Samsung devices instead of these icons. Would be nice if we could force a particular icon style, for consistency across multiple devices. Icons of bar I am referring to
  3. Hi. @maxmp I think it would be really cool if you could implement lyrics icon or tag in library lists. Lyrics icon will be really useful to know which song has embedded lyrics. I've included screenshot to show you what I mean. Basically what I'm asking for is a lyrics icon which shows whether the song has lyrics or not. Thank you.
  4. Why is it my Poweramp icon disappears from my home page in my galaxy note 10+ when I power off ? Thanks, Rudy E.
  5. We want Poweramp default icon which is shown in the play store. It looks more modern and beautiful.
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