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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone. I've purchased Poweramp awhile back and have used it with no issues on my Galaxy S9 along with my Tempotec Sonata HD Pro DAC capable of 384kHz/32bit output. On the S9 it would default to 192khz/24bit output with the Audiotrack output selected in the audio settings. I've purchased a new phone (Xiaomi Poco X3) running MIUI 12.0.2 Android Q. Upon installing Poweramp (v3, b884), the output of the USB DAC is limited to 48kHz/16bit on both OpenSL and Audiotrack. I could alter the sampling rate by enabling Hi-res output, but that introduces a lot of latency. On the S9 with Audio
  2. I am using nokia 6.1 plus .but after receiving the android 10 update ..i am not able to use the hi res audio feature ....before when it was android 9 this feature works as a charm for me....i loved Poweramp for this feature..and i pruchased it for this only feature...but now i am not able to use this feature...please help me ...i have shared my log below for reference ..please check it and please give some solution....ty Log..:- Version Info ======================Build: v3-build-866-arm64-play full verifiedStore: PlayUnlocker: build-302Arch: 64Skin: ActivityTheme_BlackDevice: HMD Gl
  3. Hi, I want to know how dolby atmos works with hi-res audio. I am using a samsung A30 which has dolby atmos and UHQA PCM(24bit-192khz) for audio. When im using Poweramp hi-res output with music fx on I cannot exactly say that Im experiencing dolby atmos besides high fidelity sound and its sounds too far from good. Please give an idea to me about how this works. Thank you.
  4. @maxmp Hi Res Audio on Poco f1 is not working. The selected and the used sample rate are different. The actual sample rate is locked at 48 KHz and the sample format is locked at 16 bits. Im using the latest v3 build and Im on MIUI10.3.4.0. Please Help!
  5. I recently bought the Xperia XZ Premium, also, I am a fan of Poweramp for the sheer quality is produces and level of technicality it provides. However, in this occassion, I noticed that although the sound is just as good, there were a few glitches, they are: 1. Intermittent sound drops, the track would keep playing but the sound would stop and then resume again. This happens only when headphones are connected (any headphones). 2. The native "Music" app does get lockscreen controls, however, Poweramp doesn't show the same even when the feature is activated from the settings. I did not
  6. phone: galaxy s7 exynos status: hi-res part seems to work (not in the way I expect). issue: I just want to have a bit-perfect playback from my phone. Example: a 16/44.1 song has to be processed directly at 16/44.1 without any resampling/processing; same approach for a 24/88.2, 24/96... the player should recognise the "song format" and dynamically offer me the best-playback-match (ideally bit-perfect). Instead when I use the Poweramp hi-res output the bit-depth is always 24 (no way to set it to 16?) and I have to select a sample-rate between 44.1 and 192... I wo
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