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Found 4 results

  1. Poweramp Build Number: 883-893 Device model: Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (M1805E10A) Android Version: 12 (MIUI 12) Steps to reproduce: - Play any song from Poweramp - Block the phone - Activate Google Assistant (saying "Ok Google") - Say the command "Next Song" - The execution stops after go to next song and you need to play the song to continues the execution I was tested on Spotify and Youtube Music and isn't occurred, the execution continued normally.
  2. With the latest version of V3 (with the unlocker) running in Oreo, when I use voice commands/Google Assistant and call for a song, I get my Play Music service instead of Poweramp. If I tell it to open Poweramp, it of course does, but does nothing else, it just opens the app with no play or search function. What are the settings to get PA to be the default for Google Assistant commands like "play ..." or even have it look for songs in the local library via voice? What commands will PA respond to by voice? thanks.
  3. Need Google assistance support where I can play songs or open playlists using Hey Google voice control
  4. The only thing I'd like to see added to Poweramp is the ability to play songs, albums, playlists, etc., by voice command. I can tell my Google Assistant to play X song by Y artist, but it only searches through internet streaming services. Ford vehicles with SYNC can play songs from iPods and iPhones (and supposedly Androids) by voice command, but I don't have SYNC and I can't scroll through the 3000+ songs on my phone while I'm driving. I know some brands, like Samsung, have a voice activated playback feature, but it's only for the stock music player, which doesn't do ReplayGain...I can't n
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