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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Poweramp lacks this very basic feature. There are lots of thread on the problem, but tldr, Poweramp does not parse multiple genres separated by ;, / or whatever. Instead, it just reads 'Techno; Dance; Electronic' as a single genre. Foobar2000 android already has this feature. It has been suggested at least since 2011. 6 years later, Im still not able to find a proper answer from the devs on this issue. Would seem like a small fix, if the codebase is flexiable enough. Switching to foobar2000 till this is fixed. Thanks for a great music player.
  2. This has probably been requested before, but it would be nice if Poweramp could properly read tags with multiple entries. For example, the problem I'm having is with genre tagging. I use MusicBee to organise the music on my PC and it lets me put say "Blues Rock; Punk Blues; Alternative Rock; Garage Rock Revival; Garage Punk; Indie Rock; Folk" for a genre tag, then the track is listed under each individual genre eg. "Blues Rock". The semi-colon acts as a separator. Problem is when I sync to Poweramp I end up with "Blues Rock; Punk Blues; Alternative Rock; Garage Rock Revival; Garage Punk; Indie Rock; Folk" as it's own distinct genre. So artist too artist if the genres are not exactly the same .... well I now have about 112 genres, mostly overlapping (eg."Blues Rock; Punk Blues; Alternative Rock; Garage Rock Revival; Garage Punk; Indie Rock; Folk" and "Folk; Blues Rock; Punk Blues; Alternative Rock; Garage Rock Revival; Garage Punk; Indie Rock", so it has become a useless way of organisation. Currently I don't really use the genre features of the app, hopefully this will be improved in the future. This also probably bothers some with artist tagging as well. Such a Great App Otherwise
  3. Michael R

    Missing genres

    When I edit or tag my music, I see no "Dubstep" or "Moombahcore"... It seems that every other music genre is mentioned
  4. hi, i do need this feuture very much. how i see this function: user picks genres category then picks genre, for example, "blues". User has 9 artists of the genre, who have 4 albums. in your case user needs pick 1 of 36 albums, although he really knows he wants to choice album number 3 of artist number 5. it forces to scroll. or user wants to listen to artist discography by years: if you pick genre and then sort by year, it results your artists are confusing. it is inconvenient. i offer to add position "artist" in genres or to let user picks that in program settings.
  5. Hi, This is the best player by far, what would make it perfect for those who have large library organized by multiple genres would be the following Improvement : Multiple genres examples: Electronic; Trance; Progressive Classic; Modern Special genres examples (further grouping): Electronic; Chill; Psy; +Vocals Electronic; Trance; /Melancholic Electronic; Downtempo; +Vocals Electronic; House; +Transition Option to change the way Genres are shown in the browser : Separated (Ex. All songs with vocals) Electronic Chill Psy +Vocals… Concatenated (Ex. All Psy-Chill songs with vocals) Electronic; Chill; Psy; +Vocals Electronic; Downtempo; +Vocals… Allow more complex search within Genres (AND, OR, NOT…) Thanks,