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Found 6 results

  1. It renders the first time I open the app after a while (I assume just long enough for the view the refresh) but if I enter the list and come back to the now playing screen, it's gone.
  2. I had posted before about latency and tagging issues, Andrew helped figure out the tagging problem but the speed issue is getting worse. As of me restarting my phone this morning it's been quirky, randomly changing the font, I like the default setting but keeps changing to alternative, the other issue is best described in the video below. Screen_Recording_20210311-080222_Poweramp.mp4
  3. Yeah, I've noticed that Poweramp's audio output actually doesn't fix the sample rate to match the file sample rate and evite unnecessary resampling. Now, if I use the Hi-res output (Realme RMX2020, MTK Hi-Fi) the resampler goes up to 192 kHz and then Android downsamples to 48 kHz, which is completely useless. For comparison, UAPP is actually capable of fix the sample rate to 44.1 kHz without more complications. If I'm wrong with what I'm saying or if I'm missing something, I'd appreciate your help and opinion.
  4. Tag display via Bluetooth in my car started working again after downgrade to v828 without any tweaks or other manipulations. It looks like as from v829 a regression crept in.
  5. Poweramp Version : v3-build-847-arm64-play [847004-b72f05e2] Device Model : Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Not supports 5G / SM-G975N) Android Version : 10 First, sorry for my poor English. I am participating on Samsung's new Android 10 beta testing program. (One UI 2, Android 10) Errors are occured on second updated version of One UI 2. However, Poweramp works well on first version. Following errors are occuring in my device: 1. On this version, when I turn on the applicaion and touch library and search icon, I cannot access both pages. 2. When I try to move on next or previous song using status bar, It doesn't work. 3. I cannot see album arts and metadata on now playing screen. 4. I can only play, pause, and move forward or before by sliding on progress bar. 5. I can only play a song that I played lastly before second update. 6. Poweramp can successfully scan my SD card and device storage. On setting, 2700 songs and several folders are correctly displayed. For better understanding on this situation, I attached a screenshot.
  6. With the update to V829 on my Moto X4 with Android Pie I can no longer use PA to play over Bluetooth in my car. Get message something like Poweramp keeps stopping. I've gone back to V828 which is working fine with Bluetooth.
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