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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Here is my setup: Poweramp version :: 2.0.9-build-555-play (full version)LG Nexus 4 :: USAAndroid 4.4.2Cyanogenmod 11 :: kernel 3.4.0-cyanogenmod-ga7e9448 ;; build01@cyanogenmod #1 ;; Sat May 3 01:43:39 PDT 2014When I try to play an mp3 audio file from DoggCatcher version 1.2.4060 I am unable to select Poweramp as a suitable media player. When I remove/disable all other mp3 capable apps, I get the following error: No Activity found to handle Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW dat = content://media/external/audio/media67556 typ = audio/mpeg } The DoggCatcher developer said the issue is within the android system and the media player registering as a valid intent handler for mp3s. I receive the same error from the Cyanogenmod File Manager. However, ES File Explorer correctly routes mp3s to Poweramp. Poweramp still launches, searches, and plays mp3s fine on its own. I have tried the remove and reinstall business but to no avail. Bummed out, selfjc
  2. Hi, Is anyone privy to the idea of PowerMP having it's own manual 'File Explorer'? A File Explorer would simply be afile-manager-like feature that would be accessible from within PowerMP's 'folders' screen and would allow for manual file browsing of the whole of a user's Android system (just like a file-manager) except that this File Explorer within PowerMP would be heavily cut-down in file-manager features and would also be auto-filtered to only recognize Media file-extensions (audio/video and playlist files) and no others...Perhaps with user settings to configure what file-extensions are filtered .ogg, .mp3, .m4a etc So if a song is opened from an external file-manager like ASTRO, into PowerMP then upon clicking on song info the user would be taken to this proposed File Explorer view (Folders screen, not Library screen). Also a PowerMP manual 'File Explorer' could support "Lazy loading" of files i.e. files loaded in a folder slowly appear and not fast-scanned conventionally. Many video players apps (ffmpeg ones) on Android offer their own 'File Explorer' most notably MoboPlayer and RockPlayer. The feature request of this topic would consolidate with and certainly address the issues of these two topics: http://forum.poweram...__fromsearch__1 http://forum.poweram...__fromsearch__1
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