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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all I have Poweramp (awesome app btw!) and use KLWP for a live wallpaper on my phone (Samsung S8+). When I play music through Spotify or audio from any other app the cover art shows up fine. When I play through Poweramp it is blurred. Is it that KLWP is sourcing the background image used by Poweramp rather than the clear one? Is there anything I can do about this? Thank you 😊
  2. I don't know if I put this in proper category, as this isn't necessarily a feature request, rather adding to an existing feature. There's a website valled "itunes artwork finder" https://bendodson.com/projects/itunes-artwork-finder/ that you can use to search for and download high-resolution artwork from iTunes. It usually has the best quality/highest resolution album covers I can find. Google images/reverse image search rarely comes up with higher quality covers. It would be cool if when searching for album art in Poweramp, if it could search iTunes aswell. The developer
  3. The lock screen feature on my Samsung A50 (Android 9) doesn't work. Cover art shows blurry, even though the album art is well embeded. Happens with every song. I tap the player on the lock screen and it show the album art, which is blurry. Album art properly shown. Lock screen. You have to tap the feature to show the album art. Album art blurry.
  4. Hi, I have some cover art not displayed in my collection. I'm sure the covers are here in my tracks and correctly working as they are perfectly displayed on other softwares. So from my perspective, the issue is definitely Poweramp related. Note that when i check the tag details of the concerned songs it strangely displays image size of "-1x-1" (see pictures attached). I have uploaded 3 sample files in 1 zip on 1fichier file storage that developper team can test here if it can help. I finally add that this occurs with Poweramp 3 build 814 on a Cayin N5iiS player. But ag
  5. Hello! I just got the update on my Poweramp downloaded to my phone two days ago so this new UI thing has taken me a few hours to learn everything anew again. Good job though, very modern! To the topic. I think having the option for the album cover art to stay in view during the music visualization so that it doesn't fade could be great.
  6. Hi Max, you have mentioned previously that you will add an option for the Title/Song info to be placed below the Album Art for those of us who want a slim PA, without the need for 3rd party skins. When can we expect this? TIA.
  7. First off- I've been using Poweramp for years and love it, but I have one longstanding very minor pet peeve. Sometimes an album has different art for different tracks (for example, if you get some albums from Bandcamp, the files comes with different art for each track). In the player screen, this shows up fine for each track. However, in the Library screens, the artwork of the last track is always the one to display, when usually in these cases, the first track has the album cover and the artwork is different for the others. In other cases, a bonus track at the end may have different art, and
  8. Hello guys! Need a little help here or clarification. This is little weird because it's the first time it happens to me. It's simple: in the abum list the cover appears but when i start a music from that album the cover disappears from the player screen. I search for a new cover, attached it again .. and sometimes, after a few days or time it disappears again from the player screen, but remains on the album list. I tried and cleared the cover cache and repeat the process but nothing seems to resolve the issue. Anyone have the same problem?! Any help? Suggestions? Thanks in advance, J
  9. Hello, I don't know if this is a bug, maybe just unexpected behaviour but: when a cue file is being played Poweramp shows the cover art of any image that is located in the folder of the file and not the one saved in the mp3's tag. If there is no image present Poweramp doesn't depict any cover art although the mp3 file that is used in the cue file has an image in its mp3 tag. And the cue folder in the library isn't showing any image at all. I think the best behaviour also for library and for playback would be to use the cover art of the playing mp3 and if there is no cover art in the tag
  10. Not all or even most, but a significant amount of the album art that downloads for a song is either: 1) the back cover 2) a snapshot of the band 3) another band's album cover 4) random picture I'd love to be able to reject this art and individual basis and have the system attempt to find more relevant album cover. Imo, that'd make Poweramp perfect. Just my .02
  11. I'm trying to get a handle on file/folder organization as it pertains to proper tag info. I have a folder with assorted random songs in it which Poweramp showed as unknown album. I wanted to have the album named, so I batch edited the albums tags to read something like "Tom's Music Mix" and I got what I wanted. However, as a negative side effect, the cover art is not downloading correctly as before. How can I have Poweramp label a "mixed" album as I wish and still have cover art download which is accurate? If not possible, I'm open to suggestions. This is my first Android smartphone (coming fr
  12. Can some kind person please tell me how to remove cover art from my widgets. I HATE cover art and just want the normal buttons displayed.I dont have "display cover art" selected in my settings
  13. Hello, So here is what happens: Embedded cover doesn't show up in folder view: Click to seePoweramp can show it when playing a track from the album that didn't display cover in folder view: Click to seeIn collection view > Albums Poweramp has no problems showing the covers for all my albums: Click to see Poweramp version 2.0.9 build 558 Google play full version on Sony Xperia Z Ultra running Android 4.2.2
  14. Even though I assign a high-res picture as cover art, it is displayed with low res in the lockscreen Neither Play Music or PlayerPro have this problem I have a Nexus 5 with stock android 4.4.2
  15. Hello, I just got a new phone and after getting it all set up and all the data transferred over, I launched Poweramp and found that my ratings and cover art are no more. My music folder is on an SD card, and I used Titanium Backup to backup Poweramp and its data. Here is where I think the problem is: the path to the SD card on my old phone differs from that of my new phone. /mnt/sdcard vs. /mnt/extSdCard. So after the first launch, Poweramp can't find the music folder and I then have to tap select folders and check the music folder. After this my music files are located and ratings and cover a
  16. I've seen the playerpro music player today, and the "vignette"(don't know the translation in english) is very plaisant. It show something like a little more than 4 big album art, scrollable, with text on it. Very beautiful. have a look: http://i64.servimg.com/u/f64/13/84/98/84/music_11.jpg
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