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Found 3 results

  1. Moto G6 Play [jeter/aljeter] Android Pie 9.0 PPP29.55-35-12 official firmware Poweramp v3-build-853-arm32-play So I recently upgraded to Android 9 on a Motorola g6 play and now Poweramp does not want to work over Bluetooth. This is especially strange because I've had my phone connected to my car stereo via Bluetooth and SoundCloud has worked flawlessly, yet when I try to launch Poweramp my Bluetooth will disconnect and reconnect over and over until the "Bluetooth app" stops working and I get a dialogue box saying it is not responding. Any ideas? issue ONLY with Poweramp. I've tried other players such as black player, retro, etc....they all do not have this issue when playing through Bluetooth connection in my car. I have done a hard reset and clean installation to my cell phone and the app still doesn't work properly
  2. As title said, I have Haylou GT1 Pro. I used QDroid to mapping double DoubleTap on earbud to Skipping to Previous Song(or even only DoubleTap). Poweramp skipping to previous song twice(for example, from index 10 to index 😎 This behaviour works well on other music players. So I assume this issue is on Poweramp. Wired Headset works fine though.
  3. Hola a todos: Utilizo Poweramp v3 build 809-play en mi smartphone Azumi A50c+, custom ROM DOTs OS 1.0 (Android 7.1.2). El problema es el siguiente: La reproducción no continúa después de ser pausada a través de los botones del dispositivo bluetooth, así que tengo que desbloquear mi teléfono e ingresar a la aplicación para darle 'play' y continuar la reproducción de la música. He observado que cada vez que se pausa la reproducción a través de un dispositivo bluetooth, el mini-reproductor desaparece de la barra de notificaciones y reaparece al pulsar 'play' en la aplicación en primer plano. Muchas gracias por su atención. Espero que se pueda solucionar. Editado: Utilicé durante mucho tiempo Poweramp v.2 y no tenía este problema.
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