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Found 2 results

  1. I was looking for a player that could handle a large collection on SD card for my Android head unit (Avison N8, Android 8.1) and Poweramp seemed to fit the bill. I installed it and everything worked really well. Until... When I set off it was immediately blocked by the head unit as 'video'. I don't know how it is recognised as video (Android permission?). Anyway is there a setting or workaround to allow it to run? (or do I have to defeat the head unit security...).
  2. I have been unable to get Poweramp to stop blocking me after I open it. Sometimes it allows me in, but then, for no apparent reason, it blocks me. But it's inconsistent! It will lock me out for days then, for no apparent reason, it starts working again! I've sorted through the litany of help screens and tried the download option, to get the new built version but PoweAmp always shows as "Installed" and clicking the download option doesn't do anything. The options offered to "already own" users doesn't work, nor do any of the other options. I've been trying to sort this issue out for months and every time I'm about to sit down and tackle the problem it starts working again and the support screen no longer displays and tapping "help" doesn't take me back there. I posted messages here before but haven't gotten a notification, maybe there was one but the notification isn't set, so I 'll check that and look for my original post.
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