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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know if I put this in proper category, as this isn't necessarily a feature request, rather adding to an existing feature. There's a website valled "itunes artwork finder" https://bendodson.com/projects/itunes-artwork-finder/ that you can use to search for and download high-resolution artwork from iTunes. It usually has the best quality/highest resolution album covers I can find. Google images/reverse image search rarely comes up with higher quality covers. It would be cool if when searching for album art in Poweramp, if it could search iTunes aswell. The developer of the site has the source code publicly available on GitHub so other devs can host it themselves, as mentioned at the bottom of the webpage: "NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: If you want to do any automation or hit the API I've written directly, please consider getting the source code I've made publicly available on GitHub and hosting it yourself. I can't guarantee uptime nor give permission for you to hit my server from your own apps so please host the code above on your own server if you wish to do anything like that." GitHub link: https://github.com/bendodson/itunes-artwork-finder
  2. Long time Poweramp user here. I have it installed on three android phones with zero probs. But when I installed it on my Samsung Tablet, I can't find any way to disable the screen visualization feature. On my phones, under Visualization there is simply a DISABLE feature. That does not appear on my Tablet. When a song starts, I get the album artwork for a couple of seconds, then the visualization kicks in. The artwork appears again when I change or stop a song. But as soon as the next song starts, after a couple of seconds the album cover disappears and the visualizations kicks in again. I want to completely DISABLE Visualization. I want to see my album artwork! Is this possible, and if so, how do I do it? I don't want to look at a graphic EQ or pretty colorful designs....I wants my album art. I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Can anybody point me in the right direction....PLEASE? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Sorry but have a noobie 'idiot' question having just purchased the full version of Poweramp for the first time after switching from being a solid N7Player fan (and loving the experience/improved sound so far). However, the brilliant capability to automatically grab artwork for my albums has let me down on a couple of examples. I know it's probably possible but just can't work it out and wondered if I'm able to replace the chosen artwork with my own artwork and if so, what's the process? Am I able to search online through the app itself, or can I track down a thumbnail online, save it somewhere on my phone and then grab it (through the app) from there? Any help would be brilliant! Many thanks BTD
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