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Found 3 results

  1. Poweramp Play purchase (Poweramp Full Version Unlocker) is per Google account. This means app can be used on multiple devices as long as devices have your Google account. Please ensure proper Google account is registered on your phone and selected in Play app. Then install Poweramp Full Version Unlocker from Play If it shows it as paid app with the price: app double purchase to the same account is not possible on Play, it will refund/cancel your 2nd order immediately and Play will download it for free Poweramp Website purchase is per single device. You're free to upgrade / reset / reinstall Poweramp on this device, or upgrade the device itself. If app is used on the multiple devices at the same time, activation will stop working. Poweramp v3: no Google services required on the device for Website purchase.
  2. 如果您在 Google Play Store 中购买: Google 目前没有提供将付费应用程序从一个帐号转到另一个帐号的方式。 不过,您仍然可以通过 Android 上的“设置”=>“帐号”,将“旧”帐号添加到您的设备上,并在 Play Store 应用中选择此帐号(侧菜单 => Google 帐号旁边的右上箭头), 然后重启 Poweramp 如果您在 Poweramp 网站上购买: 只需向我们发送您所需的新 Google 帐号或电子邮件帐户。 请从您先前的 Google 帐号/电子邮件帐户或用于购买的电子邮件地址发送,以便我们可以知道请求是您发出的。
  3. If you purchased on Google Play Store: Google doesn't currently provide a way to transfer paid apps from one account to the another. Still, you can add your "old" account to Android Settings => Accounts on your device and select this account in Play store app (side menu => right top arrow next to Google account), then restart Poweramp.If you purchased on Poweramp website: Please just send us your the new desired Google or Email account. Please send it from your previous Google/Email account or email used for the purchase so we can know the request actually comes from you.
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