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Found 26 results

  1. Please add another location to show visualization on replacing album art. (The current options are pretty ugly. ) Please also add options like transparency, location and aspect ratio to adjust the visualization, each, individually. Below is a concept video of the new location. 1440_60_52.92_M-VidRotate.mp4
  2. Hiii Guys... Please Request For : Invisibility Visualization In The Visualizer Equalizer Button & Displaying Several Repeat Option Buttons & So On In The Notification UI Section ... 😁🙏☺ https://www.dropbox.com/s/40mo4vjog46ckyt/SAVE_20190815_035748.jpg?dl=0
  3. Please max, can you input visualizations like this app? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.daaw.avee.lite We love visualizations with this style
  4. please just tell me how to turn off this ..... I'm searching since weeks, but can't find it in settings, maybe because I use some incomplete translation? thx a lot! mICHael
  5. An interesting feature could be the possibility to choose what to cast on tv 📺 via chromecast: for example visualizations, lyrics, or the album artwork (which is what is cast now)
  6. Some visualizations is very nice, I guess is good idea use like a live wallpaper.
  7. I actually came across this accidentally, but thought it would be cool if there was an option to view the visualizer as the background of the all songs portion of the library. https://m.imgur.com/a/Fz7naXF
  8. I would like the ability to broadcast the visualization to a network display. I would expect that it would fill the screen and also perhaps show the track information on change... Also I think there should be an easy way to increase the sensitivity to the music as well as displaying the preset name...at least when broadcasting to an external display. Additionally I really need to request an update to shuffle play: there should be a list of 25 tracks if there are at least 25 tracks and duplicate items would be re-picked until the artist had not been played the last several tracks....for example. I had about 2500 tracks and only 9 Nine-Inch Nails tracks and Nine Inch Nails played 3 Times IN A ROW!! I really didn't want these tracks at all anymore and deleted them over the issue. Thanks for a decent product and caring about your user base...
  9. I'm sorry if this has been asked before but is there any possible way to play Poweramp's visualizations on a pc or projector? Thanks!
  10. I fed pink noise to the player to get a uniform distribution. Then I produced some peaks in the distribution by attenuating most frequencies and enabling just one. I would have expected to see a match between the equalizer curve and the spectrum. As shown in the appended screenshots it didn't work that way. This seems to be a design flaw. The equalizer is equally distributed per octave, that means its x-axis is logarithmic. The spectrums, generally for the visualization and especially the one used for the equalizer screen, have a linear x-axis( can be seen when playing white noise - the spectrums then show a uniform distribution, as they should ). So these two don't fit together. An equalizer screen spectrum which uses equal amount of space on the x-axis per octave would be better.
  11. Hello, When I'm using Poweramp, I frequently want to enable visualization. But I would like to be able to see both interface (including artwork) and visualization, as a background. I was thinking about a parameter allowing us to choose the disappearing time of the whole interface, with a maximum of "never disappear"; and/or an option for the button allowing to enable or disable visualization. I hope it will happen one day. With all my respect, A grateful user for this perfect app (the only one I bought, as I usually prefer turn myself to open source solutions)
  12. Good Version ! 2 minor issues : 1. I mostly have the visualization disabled - sometimes, after starting Poweramp, it is active - before closing Poweramp it had been inactive. 2. After choosing an eq preset the preset-button shows the name of the preset chosen, unless/until the eq settings are manually altered, that's the expected behaviour. Activating "Tone" and adding bass or treble changes the button-text to "Preset" - but this might be a feature, not a bug ? When selecting the preset again, bass and treble are set to zero. This is different from version 2 ? --- By the way, a related question : why do bass and treble only add ? They might be positioned in the middle, so that you could add or subtract.
  13. Huge thanks for adding smart playlist like most played. Pls add least played too. I know there is an option to reverse most played playlist, i am talking about adding songs with play count 0 also. On visualization, now there is only shuffle each 10sec. Pls add shuffle with each track.
  14. Hi Team, I am currently using Poweramp alpha-build-709-play on my Xiaomi Mi A1 Android Oreo, and I found an interesting problem in the spectrum style visualization preset. (Preset: spectrum-narrow) 1. The visualization didn't show or react when the right side channel audio is playing, the visualization only react to left side audio channel. The visualization show nothing when it playing the right side channel. This is the left side channel, the visualization show normally And this is right side channel, the visualization didn't show anything. 2. The visualization not sensitive enough to react the quiet audio file even though we still can hear the sounds.
  15. Hey max p, Loving the beta build so far, even with the few bugs. Great work on the new design. Just a request, could you please add an option to have both the album art and visualization active on the player screen at the same time. Like a prominent album art, with a dim translucent visualization overlay, so that the album art is still visible, and doesn't fade out. Thanks.
  16. Not turning off at main screen Even turning off that
  17. Hi, Just bought unlocked version of Poweramp for both by phone and android head unit. I cannot find any visualisation options, can someone help me on this? Build is 2.0.10-build-588-play I had Poweramp before and it had visualisation so not sure why a never version would not have it? Any help is appreciated.
  18. When I swipe from the right to change any of the visualization settings say from normal to fullscreen or from hide to keep controls for example the setting does change, only for it to revert some hours later to fullscreen + hide controls for some reason. I'm using a galaxy S6 on stock nougat
  19. I have an android "rk3368-box" with android version 5.1.1. I have noticed that the navigation bar in this box disappears in some apps but not in others and not in Poweramp. So I wonder if this is possibly a setting that I have missed or if it is a feature I can wish for? It would make the Visualization experience total not having anything else on screen. Great job on the preset: "triptrap_(getting...." it is astounding!
  20. Hi there. We can control playing from lockscreen. Can change track and also can seek it. Here shows album art if enabled. But I thought, if we can see visualization, it will be awesome. And I love visualization. So please add lockscreen visualization in stead of album art on lock screen if possible... Thank you.
  21. The visualization starts immediately on playing a song. Pls include preset time limits to adjust delay.
  22. The name of the visualization 'Chinese Fingerbang(cao ni ma =]}…… '.'cao ni ma' is mean fuck your mother,It is uncivilized.
  23. Hello, Love the App, it's amazing and I love the power amp widgets. I would love to see a visualization or spectrum widget, I think i would be a really cool feature if it's possible to do. Also, it would be cool to work it into the 4x4 widget. Currently, i'm using the live wallpaper "audio glow". It's really nice and all but I'd rather have visualization widgets that take up a majority of the note 2 screen that only work when playing music... Though audio glow does give me much control over the experience, I'd still rather not use a live wallpaper at all for such A thing. And since i'm really impressed with the app and its quality over all i'm sure you devs could make something amazing. Or maybe do a really cool visualization power amp wallpaper that is very power efficient? In general i think Power amp would benefit greatly from unique and interesting visualizations. Thanks.
  24. Love, love love Power Amp. With that out of the way I have to say that I really like using my car dock and nothing more would make listening to my music on with Power Amp better than a dancing equalizer visualization. It would go along with your music and It would make a really great feature that would make the separation from the competitors even further than it already is. It could be an option instead of album art or maybe it can be transparent over the album art (Idk). It could be a paid feature that I think a lot of people would buy. Especially if they use their car docks.
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