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Found 15 results

  1. Can anybody suggest me theme with stunning and very neat UI. Preferably dark theme. Send me the link or developer name or theme name Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Guys.. new free skin! Please rate on play store Download here Enjoy!!
  3. Hi! I use Poweramp since 2011, on my first Android phone. Time has changed, a lot of new apps are available and someone prefers Spotify and similar services. Well, that's not my case. I tried to change but i always came back to Poweramp. ? Sadly, as you surely know, Poweramp v3 is in beta stage and the v2 themes can't be applied. I started doing themes with a friend of mine, to allow the same personalization on Poweramp v3. We're trying to slowly theme every icon, color, shape, and we already have 5 themes (2 dark, 2 light, 1 mixed). I'm developing: https://play.google.com/store/apps
  4. Mr. Maxmp, now that the final release of the third version of the app is released, will fix the problem of not running the themes on the app on Android 7 before, especially on Huawei phones. It seems that there is a problem calling the program on devices. This can be. Either from Java or another problem that I think may not be affected, and it's min sdk that is set to 16 if the program itself supports the top 21 version. It seems that this problem exists in version 2 even I downloaded one of the themes that were not loaded but the program was running If you can provide a temporary solution to
  5. Hi Guys.. new free skin! Please rate on play store Download here Enjoy!!
  6. Hi guys! New skins! This time with two custom backgrounds, and custom eq buttons Enjoy! Don't forget to rate. Download here
  7. Hi Guys! New free skin! Enjoy! Don't forget to rate it on play store Download here
  8. Hi Guys! Im happy to inform you that I released my first skin for Poweramp v3! and its FREE!! Download: Poweramp v3 skin blue light More skins will be coming soon :). Don't forget to rate the app! Greetings
  9. Hi, The builtin theme is not working.
  10. I wonder y no 1 is updating Poweramp themes for android lollipop support..its been 7 mnths noe whn these themes were updated..
  11. First of all, I hope I'm not posting a duplicate request, because I feel like I'm not the only one that wants this, but I haven't found a similar post. Since I am using a transparent theme, which allows me to see my Launcher background when I am in the music player, I would love a feature for toggling the album art region completely, so it would show the theme element behind it, instead of the Poweramp logo (in my case, the launcher background) . I wouldnt mind the Poweramp logo altogether, but it's all surrounded by a black square ⬜. It would be really cool to have this option as a toggle. So
  12. Hi there, Over the past weekend I decided I would try to make a Poweramp skin :-) I downloaded the skin-sdk and have my styles defined in myskinname_styles.xml, my colors defined in colors.xml and dimensions defined in dimens.xml I also have skins.xml with definitions about the skin. I have included the necessary <meta-data android:name="com.maxmpz.PowerampSkins" android:value="true"/> in my AndroidManifest.xml so that Poweramp will pick it up as a skin. It compiles and installs to my device without error, but when I open Poweramp to switch to my skin, it is not in the list. Searc
  13. Hi, is it possible for the team to bring holo theme to power amp? I know the market already had some holo style,I just feel that they are not holo enough to be holo....
  14. I present to you my Poweramp theme. NOTE: I WILL NOT HELP YOU IF YOU DO NOT READ THE OP What's Themed Media Controls Time Tracker Font Color Background All Songs Icon Not Themed Anything that is not listed in What's Themed. Changelog 9-1-12 Media Controls Have Been Themed Time Tracker Has Been Themed Font Color Has Been Themed The Background Has Been Themed All Songs Icon Has Been Themed Screenshots for Latest Build Download Link For Newest Build Download Link For Newest Build This is a Alpha Vesion so there is no need to tell me what's themed and what isn't.
  15. Hi, Poweramp is great app, but I have one question. Is it possible to add option for disable color backgroud or add automatic height of button panel, because it doing ugly spaces. Image below will help you to get understand. Thank you. PS:I can translate Poweramp to czech.
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