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Found 12 results

  1. With an iPhone, you can just plug your phone in and it will automatically sync all of your music with iTunes, but with Android and Poweramp, if you change the album art for a bunch of songs or fixed a typo in the artist's name, you have to manually go into your phone's storage and replace each song you edited. It would be great if Poweramp had some kind of desktop app that syncs your phone's music with your computer's music.
  2. Hi, I have noticed that this seems to be a pretty common issue on the forums but have yet to actually find a thread where the advice helped me. My problem, for those yet unfamiliar with this issue, is that my playlists aren't being properly imported into Poweramp when I sync my phone music with windows media player. The playlist shows up, but the player says that there are 0 songs in it. Here is a list of all the things I have tried to remedy this situation so far, along with descriptions of how I tried to implement them: 1. Saving the playlist in different places -In wmp (or rather, in my computer), I have all my song files in a folder called 'Music', with no separation by sub-folders. The only subfolder in 'Music' is a folder called 'Playlists' where wmp saves my playlist file in .wpl format. -I created a folder called Playlists inside the music folder on my android where wmp is sending all the synced songs, and put my playlist directly into there. Still no luck, Poweramp is entirely clueless that this playlist even exists. Possible problems with this fix: -When I sync songs to my android, windows media player puts them in the android's music folder, however it separates them into subfolder within the music folder by artists. For example \MyAndroid\Music\blink-182\FirstDate.mp3 as opposed to \MyComputer\Music\FirstDate.mp3 so it could be that the playlist file expects the song files to be one folder above it, only to discover that they aren't there since wmp saves them into subfolders within the android music folder. 2. Convering the playlist to .m3u format -I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing this, I assumed that simply changing the extension on the file from .wpl to .m3u would do the trick but it doesn't seem to have, Poweramp remains cluesless as to what's going on. Is there anything I can do about this short of paying more money for a different app? Additional info: -I religiously made sure that all the relevant folders were checked via settings in Poweramp, so the problem isn't that Poweramp isn't looking where I want it to look. Neither a rescan not a restart seems to give it a hint. -The song files in the playlist still show up in my library. Poweramp has no problem recognizing the mp3 and wma files that I am importing, only playlists.
  3. After syncing songs from my laptop, many songs are randomly disappearing from my Poweramp library. I've tried reloading multiple times but songs are still disappearing. The song files still appear in the Google Play Music app so I know they've been successfully loaded on the Sandisk micro SD my Samsung Galaxy S5. Is anyone else having this issue? If so, were you able to correct this?
  4. Hey all! I've been searching for a music player for my phone (HTC Evo Design 4g) and I only really cared about two features: 1) Star ratings sync back to PC 2) Shuffle by Album, like on the iPod Classic. I found Poweramp and thought I found the app for me! I immediately bought the full version. To my dismay, I found that the ratings don't sync!!! Grrr!! I want to be able to rate songs on my phone and have them sync back to a player other than iTunes. I prefer MusicBee, but I could consider another if it is supported. I really hope to see this functionality soon! ST
  5. I think a lot of people would like this request. I am talking about wireless sync with PC/MAC/Linux. Can we have this feature?
  6. I Just starting using Poweramp today after a few years with Winamp. I like the sound quality and control and skins of Poweramp better, BUT... *>> I'm totally frustrated trying to get my playlists working! I spent some time scanning this forum for an answer, but haven't found a real one yet. I use Mediamonkey 4 on my laptop and it works great for loading my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S [android 2.2] with music and .m3u playlists. *>> I can't get Poweramp to include new playlists when they are sync-ed onto my phone. I have the Folders/Library Scanner set to use Auto-scan, Initial scan, USB Disconnect scan, File Manager events, and System Media Scanner/MTP. All I can get from that is a list of "File-based Playlists" that are for some reason "not loaded yet". > I've run "Import System Library Playlists" from the settings menu, but that's a horribly awkward way of getting playlists to work (don't have to do that in Winamp), AND, if I do that each time I sync my phone from MM4, it makes duplicates [...triplicates, etc.] of all my playlists! Yikes! I normally have 20-30 playlists on my phone [i teach yoga and keep a big playlist library on my phone to use in classes]. It wouldn't make sense to me that Poweramp couldn't just automatically incorporate the sync-ed playlists, but I feel stupid that I can't figure out how to make it work :/ My music is sync-ed to the external sd-card: music in the /Music folder, and playlists in the /Playlists folder, and I set 'Folder Selection' to have those two folders checked. Help? EDIT: [too much 'stupid' in original post]... ha! maybe I'm only 50% stupid... I moved all my music and playlists to the internal phone memory, from the external sd card, and that actually solved the problem. Sort-of. On the external sd card those 'File-based Playlists' showed as empty--0 songs in them, but after I moved them they at least now have all the songs in them and work as playlists. Now if they could just lose the confusing 'not loaded yet' message and the .visible '.m3u' file extension next to the playlist name...
  7. Hello, I'm fairly new to Poweramp and reasonably techy. However it is all a bit overwhelming and I've reached a mental brick wall in trying to achieve something which I think should be quite straight forward (and indeed, in PlayerPro, is). I would like to sync my playlists in iTunes with Poweramp, to the point that every time I make a change in iTunes (and then sync using isyncr), the changes are reflected in Poweramp. Could someone explain exactly what the recommended workflow is here? I have obviously imported my playlists into Poweramp, and they all appear as a list with the prefix 'Imported'. I have had to turn auto-rescan off as only 75% of the songs would show up in the playlist (despite the files being there) - I know this is a separate, reported issue. But then when I update the playlist and resync, it's not reflected in the Imported playlist. I guess I can remove the playlist or reimport. But all of this seems like too many steps for something obvious, so I presume I'm missing a much simpler way of doing this. Can someone please advise? Thanks
  8. It'll be really nice if you guys develop a Poweramp for desktops. I would definitely use Poweramp over Windows Media Player and iTunes. Right now, there aren't that many good desktop media players, and so I think Poweramp is a good candidate in helping people withdraw from those infamous players. Poweramp, to me is way better because it focuses on music and music quality rather than content purchases and ads. Other music players are stale, boring, kind of ugly, and lacks that passion/flare for music/sound. If you make Poweramp for desktops and enable syncing it with mobile, I'm all in. Looks way better, has more and better functions, and it is actually fun to use. Poweramp totally has potential against iTunes and WMP. As long as it is basically free to use and can run on Windows/Osx/Linux desktop and do all the necessary functions, I think a lot more people will appreciate it. It should be the superiority alternative to iTunes most definitely. Anyone want the same?
  9. For a while now I have been trying to find a quick and easy solution to syncronize my Android phone with my music on my PC. I wanted it for the most part to be automated and for my phone to match my directory hierarchy and naming structure on my computer. I'm sure there are many tools and ways to do this but I'll detail my method just in case it helps others. First, you'll need to find sync software that can transfer files via FTP over wifi. Other protocols may work but I'm using FTP. I'm using Syncovery which I highly recommend. I'm sure there are some free options out there but Syncovery has been very reliable and easy to use for me, plus it's available for all platforms including Linux. Next, download an FTP Server on your phone. I'm using a free app called 'FTPServer'. Run the FTP Server on your phone and set up the sync program to sync your computer's music directory and the music directory on your phone using FTP. I have mine set up so Syncovery constantly monitors my folders for any changes and will begin syncing immediately (like Dropbox). I add/delete music files on my computer and the changes are immediately reflected on my phone. No hooking up my phone to my computer with a USB cable. No need to upload files slowly using Airdroid. Just make changes once on your computer and enjoy the tunes on your phone. What's your method of managing files? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.
  10. Hi, is there any playlist format that I can copy to my phone so that I can modify and use the playlist in Poweramp and copy it back to my computer WITHOUT using the import/export function in Poweramp? Thank you!
  11. not sure how to do it bar connecting a usb cable which i'd rather not do
  12. Is there a way to sync music and playlists on a Samsung Galaxy phone and Samsung 10.1 tablet; preferably without using a PC? Thanks
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