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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, i am a huge Poweramp fan , and a hardcore fan of Poweramp radio steaming. I own the website http://freeradiolinks.wordpress.com i am thinking about a new feature for Poweramp streaming. i listen to radio continuously on Poweramp.sometimes i want to recall the tracks i have listened earlier.So I am thinking whether you guy's could include a feature which record the music tag played as history for later use. Radio URL's for Poweramp
  2. Hi Guyz, We need the option to link the music folders to online folders of Google drives or one drive etc, so that we shouldn't bother to save music locally, many a time we need to clean or flash ROM of the mobile, each time back of local files not worth doing, just allow us to select online drives/folders to access music and synchronize on real time basis, that is the future believe me.
  3. Hi there!! This could be a fantastic adition to a fantastic program. The posibility to access your own music collection stored in your home, served with the help of libresonic/airsonic. I've tried the existing apps and no one is even reaching the abilities and capabilities of Poweramp Hope to hear from you soon. Mariano.
  4. I would love to see a way to stream via chromecast directly from this app. Is that on the horizon ??
  5. At this stage i think Poweramp should now add streaming/radio features in it like streaming from icecast or shoutcast or simillar . Thank you.
  6. Hi there, I want to stream music files with the Ready Cloud Android App. But when I begin to stream, the Poweramp-Player cannot been choosen. What can I do? I only want to play with Poweramp. br manfred
  7. Any plans to integrate access to online music storage folders, such as Google Drive, which may allow streaming of 24-bit files? (Assuming user has adequate bandwidth)
  8. Please please please give us subsonic integration, this app would simply be the best if it was implemented. Just imagine if we could have our whole video and audio library at our fingertips using the best music player for Android? nothing wrong with stepping it up a huge notch I know you had this request like 4-5 years ago, but just trying to keep it fresh Thanks!
  9. Hi Is there any chance of integration of the Woods streaming service API? Thank you
  10. I think the function to stream audio content via AllPlay (and maybe AirPlay for these Apple Guys) is missing in Poweramp. As DoubleTwist player supports this feature currently (so I guess it's not impossible to implement), I'd like to see it in Poweramp as well, since I would like continue using Poweramp. (And yes, I've alreay tried out AirAudio, but that's just not working flawless and the latency is really killing it for me) If this request is a duplicate, I am sorry, the search function didn't result in any topic for "AllPlay".
  11. It will be great if Poweramp can stream music from personal media server like Plex, Emby, Owncloud etc...
  12. With the new builds ability to output to a USB DAC. It would be really cool to be able to play local and offline Tidal music from within PA and then send the digital output to the DAC. "Roon" does this very well for desktop, but I suspect the Tidal music is streamed as the offline files are probably encrypted, so may not be possible. Perhaps you could release another App which is just the USB DAC driver, I know lot's of audiophile users on Android that are forced to use Usb Audio Pro Player as one of the only stable ways of outputting to USB DAC. Whilst streaming is OK for Spotify, Google Music etc at lower bit rates, Hi-Fi Tidal is not really practical being 16/44 FLAC - so a stable USB > DAC driver would make all music apps accessible, this could be sold as an add on to PA. Just some ideas... Just downloaded the latest Alpha Build and will see how it goes with my Audioquest Dragonfly Red DAC and Galaxy S6!
  13. Before I start I would like to point out the following: 3 Years of Poweramp Posted on September 7, 2012 by Max MP Q: What’s taking so long? When is Poweramp 3.0 coming? Any ETAs? A: Poweramp 3.0 has been pushed back many times for many reasons. The reasons, more recently, is due to the fact that we found some features that we would not be happy releasing Poweramp 3.0 without. I am working very hard to give you this update, so please be patient. We are not taking a long time because we like to make you wait, but rather because we want to release something great, something that you will be very excited about using for the first time and continuously using it for the years to come. Sorry, no ETAs but just know that if you buy Poweramp now, you will get the update for free. And: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1794-Poweramp-todo-listfeatures-in-progress/page-8 Posted 14 October 2013 - 09:02 AM A little updated on current Poweramp development state of things. Currently I'm finishing with the new audio engine development. Key features: - 32bit floating point audio pipeline from decoding to output - 64bit floating point high resolution DSP - multichannel processing - internal high quality resampling, configurable output dithering - improved buffering and reduced latency - completely open API for pluging-in: decoders, DSPs, visual FXs, resamplers, outputs. Any 3rd party will be able to add new audio stuff into Poweramp via separate APKs (similar to how skins are done now) The best thing is that battery performance of the new audio engine despite much higher accuracy is the same or better than Powermap v2. The new audio engine was built with the high accuracy approach, there is no intermediate format conversions, this is basically a studio grade audio processing. There will be intermediate alpha release with the new audio engine and old UI. The new audio engine (and the following new releases of Poweramp) will allow quite easy additions to Poweramp without touching the core app by just releasing plugins. Also plugins for playlists (all those 3rd party cloud services and radios, or local networking), better skinning, improved tablet UI is coming with the UI update phase. Thanks! Look at the dates on those posts. Since the first post there has been five minor updates to Poweramp. That would make five updates in two years, and still no streaming or visualizations, two features you have been telling people will be in Poweramp now for at least four years. It's been a year since the second post and still nothing. I emailed you when I first bought Poweramp in 2010 asking about these features and you said they would be added. I no longer use your app, and have not for many years as Google decided SD cards should be removed from Android and most devices sold today do not have that option nor do they have enough space to loaed up several gigs of MP3's. I laugh every time you add a new lossless format as its useless due to the amount of space those files take up. Are you still working on 3.0 or have you decided to lie to your customers and run with our money? The only reason I bought the app all those years ago is because you said in an email streaming would be added. It's been over four years now, I don't think you can tell someone a feature will be added and expect them to wait over four years without calling you on you a liar. No one can reasonably say that when you tell someone the option is coming, they should expect it not to be added in four years. At this point I am calling you a liar about 3.0, I am calling it vaporware, and anyone reading this should not trust a word this dev says. I would NOT buy Poweramp based on the lies alone. There has been NO update on the status of 3.0 in over two years. Your updates have been total crap and rarely add anything useful to 90% of the people who use this app. There is NO WAY your five updates have taken two years to make and its apparent nothing is being done to work on this app anymore. Do not buy Poweramp if you expect streaming or any further support. So far there has been nothing but lies, misinformation, noinformation, excuses, redirects, ignoring people on the forums, and promises not kept. There is no reason 3.0 should have taken this many years and its apparent you are not doing anything to get it released. I have stated on the forums several times streaming could have been added with a single line of code, which has been pointed out on XDA as well, but it seems you are too lazy to add a single line of code or do not wish streaming to be added at all. I wish you would have just told the public the truth years ago and I would have bought Neutron Player instead. See you next year to remind you you are a liar, like I have done for the past few years. You can delete my posts all you want, it doesn't change the fact you have lied to people and lead them on thinking the 3.0 release would be right around the corner now for years. Are you sure you didn't make Launcher Pro? That dev also pretended a new release would come and did so for about four years before they went dark leaving people with a broken app that doesn't work with any new version of Android. You are doing the same thing by pretending 3.0 is real, when the reality is that taking four years is a joke and its apparent you have not been trying hard enough to finish the update. With the millions of paid downloads and an app price of $5, my guess is you are sitting back a multi millionaire spending our money and being lazy. There is NO other reasonable explanation. Don't tell people something is being added when you don't plan on doing it at all. I have bought this app under false pretenses like many others, due to your lies. You know its a lie too, or you would have updated the blog with something over the past two years.
  14. Does anyone know if there are any plans to be able to stream music from this app? Bought a chromecast audio yesterday, would be nice to be able to stream from this appapp.
  15. Like the dozens of enthusiastic people asking for DLNA support, I want to stream from a portable device (a tablet I purchased solely to be a Poweramp dedicated mp3 player) to my stereo. It is possible that Bluetooth, not DLNA, is the answer. As interested readers know, DLNA is a wireless standard capable of the transmission of audio from portable devices to WiFi receivers at CD levels of fidelity. Poweramp does not support DLNA, but some people have succeeded in connecting it to Audio Cast via BubbleUPnP in a rooted phone. (I have succeeded in doing that with an HP Touchpad running Cyanogenmod and Android KitKat, but this setup does not work acceptably for me because, even without wireless transmission, Poweramp stops playing every few hours, which does not meet my needs. And, yes, I have turned off all the likely features causing this such as gapless processing and fading.) I want to make a system that works on a Dell tablet with Android/KitKat. To use Poweramp in this case requires rooting the tablet. This I have been unable to do, and do not want to do because it is not sustainable through OS updates. Also, my WiFi seems to occasionally cause another trial system I am using (n7player using Toaster Cast) to stop playing every few hours or less, despite careful reconfiguration of the channel used by the WiFi router to avoid interference with the DLNA machine that is configured as another network. So I am anxious to try the Bluetooth alternative. Bluetooth has an available bit rate well in excess of the bit rate of any mp3 files--it is about 1 MB/s, while mp3s usually go no higher than 320 kb/s. So if the transmitter (Poweramp and the Dell tablet) is willing to send the mp3 files, and the receiver is willing to receive them, Bluetooth should be good. What we need is 1) a Bluetooth standard that supports this concept, 2) a Bluetooth receiver that supports it, and 3) Poweramp, combined with my tablet, that supports it. Bluetooth does support it. I am pretty sure that most $20 Bluetooth receivers do not, but I have found at least two that do: Nyrius Songo HiFi Wireless Bluetooth aptX Music Receiver ($50) and Audioengine B1 ($190). There is an article that addresses the issue but suggests that Poweramp and my tablet will not do their part in this coordination: You may be familiar with prolific and well-respected audio journalist Brett Butterworth. He wrote, "If both the source device (your phone, tablet or computer) and the destination device (the wireless receiver or speaker) support a certain codec, then material encoded using that codec does not have to have the extra layer of data compression added. Thus, if you're listening to, say, a 128 kbps MP3 file or audio stream, and your destination device accepts MP3, Bluetooth does not have to add an extra layer of compression, and ideally results in zero loss of quality. However, manufacturers tell me that in almost every case, incoming audio is transcoded into SBC, or into aptX or AAC if the source device and the destination device are aptX or AAC compatible." You can find the whole article here: Comparing AirPlay, Bluetooth, DLNA, Play-Fi, Sonos and More Comparing AirPlay, Bluetooth, DLNA, Play-Fi, Sonos and M... A comparison of AirPlay, Bluetooth, DLNA, Play-Fi and Sonos wireless audio technologies View on stereos.about.com Preview by Yahoo The reasons why include adding beeps for your phone, and using the volume control on the phone or tablet...to say nothing of the equalizer available in Poweramp. In Poweramp promotional material here: http://powerampapp.com/features/ ...is the inference that the audio can stay in mp3 form even as Poweramp runs its equalizer. Under the "Equalizer and Tone" heading is this: "works for any supported format and for bluetooth A2DP headset" (A2DP is the transmission standards that deal with negotiating format between the transmitter and the receiver). So, my questions are: 1. Is the transmission of Bluetooth signals a function of the operating system or the app or both? 2. Can, or does, Poweramp act to allow direct transmission of mp3 files from the player via Bluetooth to a compatible receiver?
  16. Hi, Poweramp. I use Poweramp well. Would like to suggest the one feature. Please Streaming playback features using the FTP. like ES File Explorer. (ES File Explorer can play streaming music files. Through FTP Explorer with built-in ES Player.) ( ES File Explorer: http://www.estrongs.com/products/es-file-explorer.html ) Poweramp is a .cue(external cue) and embeded cue that also supports a variety of file formats, as well as a good player. Poweramp there is no limit to the file format support from streaming play if possible, will be a more powerful player. It does not matter. Not care how long it takes. Me and we could wait. waiting for the good news. Post ends. # This article was written by a translator. There may be errors, but I hope you can understand. ============================================================================================ 안녕하세요. 저는 PowerAMP를 잘 사용하고 있습니다. 기능을 하나 제안하고 싶습니다. FTP를 이용한 스트리밍 플레이백이 되었으면 합니다. ES File Explorer 처럼 말이죠. (ES File Explorer는 FTP 탐색기를 통해 내장된 ES Player로 음악 파일을 스트리밍 재생할 수 있습니다.) ( ES File Explorer: http://www.estrongs.com/products/es-file-explorer.html ) PowerAMP는 다양한 포멧의 파일은 물론, .cue(외장 cue)와 내장 cue를 지원하는 좋은 플레이어입니다. 제한없는 파일 포멧을 지원하는 스트리밍 플레이가 가능해진다면, PowerAMP는 보다 강력한 플레이어가 될 것입니다. 시간이 오래 걸려도 상관 없습니다. 나 그리고 우리는 기다릴 수 있습니다. 좋은 소식을 기다리겠습니다. 글을 마칩니다. # 이 문서는 번역기를 통하여 작성되었습니다. 따라서 오류가 있을 수 있습니다. 양해를 바랍니다.
  17. Is there a way to make Poweramp stream mp3 from a m3u list like http://sound.xpt.de/sound.xpt.de.m3u from the Sound Expert? -p-
  18. Was wondering if you guys can implement a feature so car stereos that connect through BT can show the Song playing on it. I know if you use play the music through the default android music app it will show the song playing on the car stereo and I think that would be an awesome feature to have on this music app........it would be the first one I could find that would do it. Thanks
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