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Found 15 results

  1. After the last two updates (813 and 814) player (v3) stops playing randomly after switching to the next track or sometimes it switches to the next track but there's no sound. Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.
  2. Hi, last week when I received first update for new Poweramp still can record sound on whatsapp without lost sound music from Poweramp. In previous version working fine too. BUT, 3 days ago, with the last update, when I try to record sounds on whatsapp, the sound music from Poweramp stop. Already tried to change audio focus, sound engine, etc, but nothing works.
  3. Liebe Systemkenner, Ich suche eine ganz einfache Funktion: einen automatischen Stopp am Ende eines Titels - ohne Starten des folgenden. Es soll also nur ein Titel, nicht die ganze Liste / das ganze Album abgespielt werden. Was tun? Danke! alterfritz
  4. Hi Poweramp users, I'm using Poweramp with a bluetooth headset on build 703. Everything is fine except one thing: If I take my headset off, it has to stop playing music and resume it when I take back the headset. It works fine if I only take off the headset for 2 seconds, but longer causes the app to close (removing the notification) and I have to reopen it to press play manually. I have the option checked : "Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Resume On Bluetooth". Thanks for help
  5. I have a Samsung G900A with MM 6.0.1 and Poweramp v3 alpha. Recently I have been playing long relaxation music, some 2 hours long, some 8 hours. I notice PA stops playing randomly. I'm not sure if it's PA v3 or some power saving function. To be clear, I don't have any power saving features activated. Then there's Doze, a MM feature. Any input would be helpful. Edit: I'm suspecting Doze may be the problem. Sometimes I set the phone down and that's when it's been stopping. Might need help with Doze. Thanks.
  6. Bin neu bei Poweramp, Klasse tool, auch optisch schön! Vermisse aber einen Stop-Button (außer Play und Pause). In der Praxis muss ich oft einen Titel beenden, eine längere Pause einlegen, zu einer anderen Wiedergabeliste gehen usw. Gibt es diesen Standard-Button, den eigentlich jeder Player und jedes Hardware-Gerät hat? Ich kann keine entsprechende Einstellung finden. Danke im Voraus für die Hilfe Alterfritz
  7. Hi! Andre I would like to request to automatically STOP while playing other Media like watching YouTube or anything of that sort and retaining the notification bar in the panel.Lack of this feature is so frustrating.When headphone jack is removed i have to go to the player to start again which is very very annoying.I would love to see these features in the coming future.and i would like to see the lyrics over the album art not in a separate box.Please let me know if this is possible and finally please add Up next feature which helps a ton
  8. Is there any way to play a folder of music, but have playback stop automatically once the folder s completed? Whenever I play a folder of music, Poweramp just jumps to the next folder and keeps going until I manually stop playback, which is inconvenient if I just want to listen to an album and then let playback stop automatically. I know a playlist could accomplish this, but I don't want to have to stop down and create a playlist every time I simply want to listen to a small set of songs.
  9. Hi, I just installed Poweramp, and have it set to folder view > hierarchy. I would like to play (preferably shuffle) the contents of a single folder (or a folder containing other folders) and have playback stop when said contents have been played. Is this possible? (I have messed with settings as well as searched this site without finding what I'm looking for.) Currently, when I tell Poweramp to shuffle the contents of a folder, it does so, and then starts playing music from some other random folder. The only workaround(s) that I'm seeing is either to use the sleep
  10. Hi Everyone I don't know if this is Poweramp bug or device inheritance, anyway, when we connect the device to an audio amplifier via 3.5mm output, an unpleasant pop noise is heard after some delay whenever we stop or pause, and immediately when the list is finished. This noise can be harmful to speaker system if the amplifier volume is set high. Please use some muting techniques on the part of Poweramp to avoid this annoyance. This bug has persisted even with the latest version of Poweramp, 2.0.9-build-534. Thanks for any help. Device Info: Samsung GT-S6802 Android Ver. 2.3.6, Build GI
  11. Hello Is there any options to stop music when device goes sleep? I just want to stop music when screen goes off but found nothing.
  12. Currently there is an option to start music (if the player is already started) upon Bluetooth connection. This option should be extended to include 'Start Music and/or Open player on Bluetooth Connect' and also 'Stop Music and/or Close player on Bluetooth Disconnect'. I use the player 99% of the time while driving so as soon as I get into my vehicle the vehicle Bluetooth connects and it would be nice to have the player open by the time I am actually ready to hit the road and also when I shut off my car and the Bluetooth disconnects the player closes. That would create a few less task for me an
  13. Model: Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Rom: CM 11 Kikkat 4.4.2 Poweramp version: 2.09-build-554-play(Full) My problem: I start to listen something wia Poweramp, and i lock my phone still running Poweramp. After 5-10 min Poweramp stops! Also i am opening Poweramp after close, mp3 goes to old location (old time location). This happens for all my songs. And Sleep Timer is off. I will share my photos. 1st i open: 2nd it got closed. This ss after open screen lock. 3rd mp3 time goes back: U CAN LOOK THE TIME. After 6 min it stopped. I hate this. What should i do? Or if it is a bug please fix
  14. Hi there... Is there a way to actually make the application quit when sleep timer's countdown finishes? I don't wanna have the playback paused till morning, draining battery... Thank you for any help.
  15. Hi world, I'm curently testing Poweramp, it's really great, I was about to buy the unlocker but ... I have troubles with bluetooth streaming in my car ... here is the full story : << Sometimes, I only want to have GPS (google navigation) instructions and no music, so I put Poweramp in "pause" and navigation is running ... but each time navigation "talks", the music start/pause/stop ?!! ... very strange. >> Looks like notifications always start/stop music. Isn't it possible to pause/re-start music during notifications if ( and only if ) the muscic playback was enable before notifica
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