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Found 66 results

  1. I would like if the third option could be added to the selection "Settings / Library / Queue / On Queue End" "Stop playing, clear Queue" It would be nice if someone wants to listen one composition (three movements in three tracks from an album containing more compositions in many tracks) without playing anything else after finishing.
  2. Poweramp used to provide an option to start the queue after the current folder. For some reason, that's been removed, leaving only the options to start immediately or after the current song. That feature needs to be restored. The Queue is virtually useless to me without it. I use the queue when I'm in the middle of playing a folder and I'm about to get in the car for a drive. If I'll be driving longer than the remaining songs in the folder, then I queue up the next folder so I can continue to listen without having to pull over and manually start the music. I also use it when I'm doing a cardio workout at the gym. I don't want to have to interrupt my cardio session to manually restart the music, so I queue up the next folder before I begin the workout. I can do neither of these things with the new version. Please restore this feature.
  3. After adding file to queue while playing, display freezes after going to queue and trying to exit from queue. If I backspace out to close window and open PA everything displays as expected. PA keeps playing during all of this. This started several releases ago. I'm using V3 835 and android 6.0.1.
  4. TL;DR First of all, although my account is created almost a year ago, I'm very new to using the app , and I must say no other app excels at functional gapless playing and minute calibrations of audio. However, there's an issue I'm having: queues and "now playing". The app's behavior regarding this is very different from all other music players I've encountered, including Windows and Android. From here on out, let's refer to folders, albums, artist, playlist, etc as song groups. Please consider the following scenarios: Scenario 1: Queue is empty Action: play any 1 song/tap play button in a song group Expected result: queue is populated with the song group, and the now playing song is the one selected from the action. Actual result: the now playing song is the selected, but the queue remains empty?! Scenario 2: Queue not empty Action: play any 1 song/tap play button in a song group Expected result: replace (meaning clear, then add) queue with the song group, and the now playing song is the one selected from the action. Actual result: the now playing song is the selected, but the queue remains (e.g. previously playing 2/10, now 0/10)?! Scenario 3: Clearing queue (of course queue is not empty) Precondition: -When queue is empty, play a song/tap play button in a song group. Let's call this group 1. -Then "start a queue" by tapping "Queue" in a song group. Queue is now being played. Action: Go to library → Queue → Clear queue Expected result: Queue is cleared, there is no song in "now playing" Actual result: Queue is cleared, but group 1 resumes playing?! For me, this is a bug in a music player, especially if there isn't any setting you can tweak that can fix the said issues. Example of said players: (just installed most of these just now) 1. Windows Media Player 2. Groove Music 3. Winamp 4. Google Play Music 5. Spotify (I didn't find any "clear queue/now playing" action though) 6. Samsung Music Player 7. Shuttle+ 8. BlackPlayer EX 9. Retro Music Player 10. Musixmatch Please do tell if I need to provide anymore names of other music players (as I'm sure there is a lot, if not all) aside from the mentioned list, if these 10 players are not enough. I'm just curious why is this the design? That is, this behavior is very different from every other music player. I hope you can help me out on my issues with the app and what setting should fix this bugs. Thank you. Summary: 1. Queue should not be different from "now playing". 2. Playing a song/group should replace the queue, unless deliberately adding to queue which will then append it. 3. When clearing queue, there should of course be no more songs playing, hence the word clear. App version: v3-build-830-play
  5. Hello I use power amp to listen ppdcast, I have them ordered by folders or playlists. The problem is, when I change from one ppdcast program to another, I don't know how to resume the previous playlist because I don't know where I left listening that program. I think it could be nice adding a feature to the playlists to keep the position of last playback, by colouring listened items or something similar. This features are present in the queue so a solution could be adding the option to "save as" to the queue.
  6. Proposal : Rename the "Queue" to "TINQ" ( This Is No Queue ) Reason : A lot of new users think that the Poweramp queue is a queue in the general sense of "the queue that each and every music player uses to play songs".
  7. Please add a confirmation ('Are you sure you want to clear Queue?") when clearing queue. I keep accidentally pressing it, usually when using the scrollbar (I don't use alphabetical scroll), while selecting/rearranging tracks. Thank you.
  8. Hey. I'm new to Power amp and I quite enjoy it - though there are a few things that would make me enjoy it even more: 1)Disable shuffle - Sometimes I enjoy listening to songs on shuffle, and sometimes to full albums from beginning to end. The problem is that when, for example, I listen to "all songs" on shuffle, but then sometime later I want to listen to an albun in the correct order, the shuffle is still on. I personally would find it more comfortable if it would be disabled if I were to start playing a new album, instead of me having to switch it off manually. 2) Shuffle list - would it be possible to see the entire Playlist as it would be played after you switch on shuffle? And maybe even be able to alter it manually? Right now you only see the next track. 3) playing next/queue - Usually when I listen to an album, I choose it from the albums tab. And near the end (lets say 2 or 3tracks before the last one) , I would like to be able to choose the next album to play once this album is done. The way it is right now is that at best, the next album will be played immediately after the current song ends. 4) Once you choose to play an album, there seems to be a lot of redundant information on the track names (pic attatched). Not only do you see the album name and the artist at the top, but you also see it on each track. It would be simpler and easier on the eyes if the tracks only had the track names, without the artist and the album. At the top you'd still have the artist and album, so it wouldn't be missing. This may seem like a lot, but I really do enjoy the app and I make these suggestions/requests so it can be perfect, for me at least. Thanks for the good work!
  9. Hi again. I detect another queue issue I think. If I add a album to queue from folder section, the album's playback don't respect the track number. But if the album is added from other section like artist, album... the playback respect the order. Over 3.823 Cheers.
  10. Queue never clear completely, always there is some rest, some tines show a tracks, other times the list appears clear but the number indicator show something like 4/0, or 1/0, if you insist to clear the queue again, never more happens. Them you create a new queue, and always starts with the last song of previous queue, some times if you forward the song, start the new queue some times, other times start few song past the begin of the new queue, or continue with the songs of the old queue. Android 7.1.2 custom rom Lineage 14.1 Poweramp 2.x worked perfectly
  11. Im new to this app. And i was expecting it to have the queue list. Like all the other music player has?
  12. Well, the title pretty much sums it up. If you add a song to the queue, it starts playing immediately instead of after the currently playing song. If you want to allow users to play the song immediately, please either add an option to turn this behaviour off, or add a small popup with the option to play the queue immediately, but default to start it after the current song. Thank you.
  13. in the playback screen, when we pull down it shows where the music played (a playlist or album) but when we pull up nothing happens. I would like to give a function to this movement: when the screen is pulled up it could open the "touching now list" which would be a separate and different list of the queue as it would be a list that would show what is playing now and the songs that will come next, for example, if I put all my songs to play randomly I can not know what songs will come later and the list (because they are in random mode) it is only possible to know if I move the screen a little or change the music. How about a list that shows what is playing now and the rest of the list ? (without the need to create a queue) Would be perfect and would greatly improve the PA
  14. Hi all, one feature that was present in Poweramp v2 was the seekbar under the currently playing song in the queue. In combination with the option to stay in the queue after starting a song the playing position could be changed very quickly. This was great for examine new songs/albums. I would like to use this feature in Poweramp v3 as well. Regards
  15. Hello Poweramp, I am a fairly new user of the app and am already thoroughly enjoying it. It's powerful, functional, and very organized. However I have 2 issues that I feel would make the application unparalleled. First is a quick access queue from the now playing screen. When I am within a playlist I like to shuffle that list and remain within the playlist. When I play shuffle and look at the playing screen, the only way to see what's coming next seems to be to simply change to the next song. I often don't want to change songs but I would love to see what Poweramp has queued for me when shuffling my list. A simple upcoming queue should be implemented into the playing screen, all other music apps seem to have this. You could add it the now playing screen by dragging up on the album art for instance as that has no function the moment. Second is a small issue! I would love an option to alter the playlist thumbnails, it just makes the whole experience a lil more fun. Hope this is reviewed by the admin Cheers, friendly Poweramp user.
  16. When adding new songs to queue list, current song stops playing. Sometimes the current song remains playing but the display shows the next queued song information.
  17. First, I'd just like to say that Poweramp has long been a favorite app, well worth the purchase. I've probably recommended it more than any other single app. The new v3 release is, overall, a nice, fresh step forward and I appreciate all the effort that went into it. There is one area though that I feel merits some scrutiny and consideration for improvement. Queue functionality. My number one, by far, desired feature would be the ability to designate any list, album, artist, or song selection as "Play Next" or "Top of Queue". The selected item or items would effectively move to the top of the queue and play as soon as the current selection finishes. This could also effectively work as a "move to top" feature for selections made within the queue itself. Alternately, if it were possible to select songs within the queue and then press a "move to top" button, this would work almost as well. Second, it seems that the default queue behavior is to not repeat a track until all tracks have been played once. However, the memory often seems to reset arbitrarily. If there is a way to make the queue's memory more rigid, it would be excellent. More often than not, I play queue items on shuffle, so it's easy to lose track of what I've played already. Next, it would be great if it were possible to restrict duplicates in the queue. Often I add a few songs to the queue from a particular album or artist, and then come back later to add more. Of course the problem is that I don't always remember which ones I've added already. Similarly, it'd be convenient to be able to display/sort queue items alphabetically by artist or album name. Often I lose track of exactly what I've put in the queue and would like to do a quick scroll to review. Finally, is it possible to bring back the option to see the next track scheduled to be played? While information about the current song's format and compression is occasionally useful, I very much miss the ability to know what will play next, especially on shuffle.
  18. Tracks placed on queue cannot be played in shuffle order
  19. Could the "Queue" work as in Spotify? In Spotify you add the song in the queue and it starts after the one you are listening to at the moment and after the songs in the queue ends, automatically returns to the one you were listening to before. Could the next update include this? Everyone agrees with me?
  20. When I tap on a song in a search list, appears message 'added to a queue', but in fact, there're no changes in a queue.
  21. When a song in the Search results is long-pressed and 'Queue' is pressed at the bottom, then the song gets queued. But, if the 'List Item Click Action' option is set to "Enqueue and stay in the list", then pressing a song on the Search results doesn't queue it. However, it works elsewhere, for example at 'All Songs', 'Folders' pages etc. Screenrecorder-2018-11-04-21-36-35-364.mp4
  22. In queue section, shuffle button doesn't shuffle, it just restarts the queue since the first song...
  23. Hello, It would be great to have a feature for queues that let you (just like the option to enable 'Ignore Shuffle') be able to ignore the current repeat settings and let it move back to the previous list/playlist when it is complete. My use case for a feature like this is where I have a playlist I want to repeat forever, but I also want to add songs to the queue to be played next. I want it to: Start the queue on the next song Complete the queue Move back to the original playlist without looping the queue/changing the repeat settings Continue to infinitely loop the playlist. Thanks for reading
  24. Version: v3-build-802-play Note: I've already turned on "Auto-Advance From Queue". Problem: After one queue has finished on playing it's last track, Poweramp starts the queue again, and does not return to the playlist where I started from. Hypothesis: This issue is likely to be caused as Poweramp treats queues as playlists and uses the same Repeat & Shuffling settings from the previous playlist. Possible Solution: If possible, please let Poweramp remember those Repeat & Shuffling settings independently for queues. Thanks!
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