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Found 8 results

  1. добрый день! такой вопрос возник: имею телефон xiaomi mi5, и на нём только встроенная память, 32Gb. для музыки маловато, поэтому приобрёл внешнюю флешку с разъёмом USB Type-C. к сожалению, при сканировании плеер этих папок на видит. при запуске через OTG файловый менеджер музыкальный файл не предлагает выбрать Poweramp в качестве плеера для воспроизведения (в отличие от AIMP, который там появляется). являюсь давнишним поклонником Вашего плеера, поэтому хочу спросить - ребят, будет возможность запускать музыку в таких ситуациях? очень на это рассчитываю!
  2. Hi, i have simple problem = .cue files are not detected on usb otg pendrive. I have selected the folder in Poweramp, but nothing happens. If i move the file into internal memory, everything is ok. Could you look into the issue? Thanks. Device - Xiaomi Mi4 (Cancro), root, Xiaomi.eu MIUI 8.3 dev, Android 6.0.1.
  3. Hello everyone. Today I bought a SanDisk Ultra Dual USB-OTG Drive 3.0 64GB (exFAT), and used iSyncr to sync my iTunes 30GB (more than 6,300 tracks) music library onto it. Next, I plugged it inside my unrooted Nexus 5 with the latest Android updates, and started searching for a music player that could read the playlists from there. The first choice was Rocket Player - which is iSyncr's suggested player. It can read the music ranking (stars) and all other details that I created using iTunes if the files are synced onto the internal hard drive, but of course it can't read from a USB-OTG. I started trying random music players, and they all failed. Even the latest version of Poweramp couldn't do it. After searching the web for people with a similar problem, I found out that the latest alpha build of Poweramp should be able to do it! I installed Poweramp-alpha-build-703-uni.apk 703/704 build, and when I looked into which folders to tell it to read, an option popped up to "grant permission" for Poweramp to read my USB! After a full scan, the music files play perfectly (although I need to rescan the drive everytime I remove and reinsert it)! But for some reason it can't read the playlists. It SEES the playlists, but all of them have tags underneath that says: "not loaded yet". When I open one of them, it's empty - with 0 tracks in it. So I went on and tried to sync a playlist onto my Nexus 5 internal hard drive - and this time Poweramp could read and play the playlists just fine! At first I thought it was related to the .plb file extension that iSyncr uses to update its playlists, but the problem occurs only when Poweramp tries to read the playlists from an OTG-USB. I looked through the .m3u files on my PC using Notepad, and everything looks fine. Winamp plays them from the USB while it's connected to my PC with no problem. tl;dr Poweramp sees playlists created by iSyncr as empty - but only on the USB-OTG. If the playlists are on the Nexus 5 internal hard drive it reads them fine. In the meantime, I play my music based on Genres using that Poweramp alpha version, but of course I want to play my playlists (and hopefully see all other iTunes information that iSyncr creates, like track rankings). Did someone run into such a problem? Do you have any solution or something that I could try and didn't? Thank you. EDIT: OK! I did the following and found a temporary solution: I left all the synced files on the USB, but transferred the .m3u files only onto the internal hard drive of the Nexus 5, to another folder named syncr. I told Poweramp to grab files from both syncr folders, in the USB and on the Nexus 5, and for some reason now it works! It uses the the .m3u files on the internal hard drive to find the music files on the USB, which shouldn't work at all, but for some reason it does. So basically I now do the following everytime I want to sync my iTunes: 1. Sync the USB with iSyncr. 2. Copy the .m3u files from the USB syncr folder onto a hard drive syncr folder on my mobile. 3. Tell Poweramp to scan music in both folders. I still need to rescan the folders every time I insert the USB though. I hope this procedure will get easier in the future.
  4. I have a Nexus 5X, and a Lexar 128GB Thumbdrive formatted in FAT32. I'd love to use the flash drive to store and play my music, but the standard release Poweramp, and now the Alpha build 703 do not recognize the OTG drive. Nexus5X natively supports OTG and I can use the drive with the Nexus Media Importer, and even ES File Explorer without trouble. Yet when I got to Settings->Library, Poweramp shows no other drive. Anyone else have any ideas? I love Poweramp, but if it can't see my files.....
  5. First of all, HI! I want to say: Only use Poweramp on all my android devices to play music, simply the best one out there for me, awesome app LOVE IT! New guy here, wondering if i can ask questions, and mostly if you have answers... I hope i don't ask the same questions that were already asked, i just could not find anything like this on this forum. 1st question: So, i own a small USB OTG DAC amp. The amp model is the Topping NX2. http://www.tpdz.net/en/products/nx2/ Small, weak, but still worth it. I noticed that Poweramp stops playing when i pull the usb out while the music plays over OTG cable i built for my amp, it doesn't switch to loudspeakers, it stops. Is there a way to make Poweramp resume upon re-plugging the OTG usb cable in? like if it sees a usb dac, boom music resumes, pending the option being ticked in the settings page of course. That would be nice! 2nd question: I saw a FIIO USB DAC amp on ebay not so long ago, with media buttons directly on the body of the amp. on my XPERIA Z3 compact Will those buttons really control the music using Poweramp when plugged in the USB using an OTG cable? Is this kind of DAC device also considered as an HID keyboard or HID consumer device to control media with the integrated buttons? How well will Poweramp work with these controls? anybody ever tried this amp? FIIO KUNLUN E18 http://www.fiio.net/en/products/20 These buttons would make everything nicer! Last question: Now with all that in mind, I saw an External Playback Control Keypad on a DIY site where the guy had the "play/pause, next, prev" buttons in a usb format micro keyboard to clip on top of his normal pc keyboard. upon reading the comments, i saw that the microcontroller used would work over an OTG connection with a phone. NOW, WOULD THESE kind of OTG devices work with Poweramp considering i only currently have an amp that acts as a DAC?: If i use a USB hub, i am told i can plug up to three devices in my phone. I could plug the DAC amp for sound and a homemade Playback keypad to control the music remotely. Would those two work hand in hand with Poweramp to create the best combo possible for my needs? If i can't buy it, might as well build it, the buttons really would be practical! I Know I ask a lot, but any info you guys can give me would be usefull as i don't find much on the interwebernets being inexperienced in all of this. android OTG seems nice but not much is available as far as info on plugging two devices of this kind. i don't see anybody using a DAC amp and a media buttons in the same setup with their phone. Thanks in advance for the support and i will keep reading the forum to get more info until then. P.S. i do not recommend or tell people to buy any of the products mentioned in here i'm merely giving examples for the purpose of these questions as i don't know all the terms for all the items i need to complete my project. I really want to thank anybody that will take from their time to help me with any of this. I am willing to return the favor with anything i can do with any of your projects in the future. i mean it
  6. When I had "Serenade DSD" connect my android device(SONY Xperia L C2015), I let Poweramp play a song(FLAC, 44.1khz, 16bit), and then I could listen to music from "Serenade DSD". However, the music usually stopped in several minutes. The sound stopped but the track in Poweramp still played. P.S. "Serenade DSD" is a affordable and portable reference grade USB DAC.
  7. hi i recently bought a oppo ha 2 and i was sad to see that the app does not support otg detection there for not able to play trough the usb and get the full pcm capabilities of the dac it would be cool to see that this is fix otherwise im force to use other app like onkyo hf player but it just not the same
  8. I love that this app can access OTG attached storage. Is there a way it can store library info so that a rescan is not needed after the USB is removed and reattached?
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