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Found 5 results

  1. 以下情况下报告此错误: 使用了“还原网站购买” 选项或安装了网站解锁器版本 我们没有针对 <your_device_account@gmail.com> 注册订单,如错误中所指定 或在“已经购买”对话框中输入的“订单 ID”不正确 要解决此问题: 确保您仅通过 PayPro Global Poweramp v2 在 Poweramp 网站上购买 Poweramp:将来自 PayPro Global 的订单确认电子邮件添加为 Google 帐号或电子邮件帐户,方法为:在 Android 设备的“设置”=>“Poweramp 设置中的帐号”=>“已经购买?”=>“网站”中,输入正确的帐号/电子邮件地址和订单 ID。
  2. This error is reported when: Restore Website Purchase option used or website Unlocker version is installed we don't have order registered for <your_device_account@gmail.com> which is specified in the error or Order ID entered in Already Purchased dialog is incorrect To resolve this issue: ensure you actually purchased Poweramp on Poweramp website via PayPro Global Poweramp v2 only: add the email from order confirmation email from PayPro Global as Google Account or Email Account in your device Android Settings => Accounts
  3. Эта ошибка происходит, когда: использовалась опция "Восстановить покупку" для покупки с сайта успешной покупки аккаунта <your_device_account@gmail.com> (который указан в тексте ошибке) не существует или неверно введен Order ID / Номер заказа Для исправления: убедитесь, что вы ранее купили Poweramp именно на сайте Poweramp через PayPro Global (только Poweramp v2) добавьте email, как указано в письме-подтверждении покупки от PayPro Global (confirmation email). Email должен быть добавлен как Google или Email в настройках Андроида => Добавить уч. запис
  4. I have bought Poweramp through website purchase, but when trying to license it I'm constantly getting the error "APM response - 500 NO_ORDER_FOR_ACT". I verified there is no problem present mentioned in the troubleshooting message. I also contacted support and I'm getting no replies (except automatic ones) from them. Any suggestion? 10x
  5. Since there is literally no way for me to contact Poweramp as the in-app contact us is throwing me a "There was an error connecting to UserVoice", I'm going to post my problem here. I have purchased Poweramp a few years ago (2012) and recently after updating told me that I it couldn't verify my license. After checking the support threads, it told me I needed to download the 553 build for web purchases which I did. When I launched the updated Poweramp it's telling me that I did not purchased it for the account I bought it with ("my email" with the order ID being ******-***-***) Why is it throwi
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