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Found 25 results

  1. It sounds like @maxmp will give lyrics a bit of attention in one of the coming bigger releases, so please consider the following. The current Lyrics display window has a "SEARCH" button, which could be improved, as of today if I hit "SEARCH", I'm presented with "Mi Browser" and "More". Hitting "More" will add "Google". What I would propose is to replace "SEARCH" by "SWITCH" and this would pop up a list of available lyrics providers such as: Embedded unsynced lyrics Embedded synced lyrics .lrc file Google search ...
  2. I am a die hard user of this app, since 5 years, I am using the black player also, since it lacks the audio control feature and the ability to play high res formats. I want a native lyrics player like this app. many songs do not have the lyrics embeded into it. if i select music match or quick lyrics they post tons of add, which spoils the listening experience. I am a language learner , i listen songs in my targeted language and i repeat them many times to practice vocabulary. A native lyrics player is very useful for many like me. the option is like copy pasting the lyrics into a song. it no needs to be synched. i also provide a link at the bottom which other apps do. please make this option developed, it will be so useful. thanks, expecting an positive feedback. http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-28218-1-1.html please visit the link , and make an option like this
  3. Requesting support for showing lyrics with Line Time Tags from [LYRICS / SYNCEDLYRICS / UNSYNCEDLYRICS] tags. Poweramp can show the lyrics with line time tags, (first image) but does not support recognizing them, unlike the one from Blackplayer for example (second image) where the lyrics are synced and shown accordingly, which is the only feature stopping me from using Poweramp aside from Android Auto support.
  4. Hello, developer Poweramp has been used for a long time. There is no doubt that it is an excellent music player. But in the use of the process, or will encounter some inconvenience, especially when sharing songs with people need to view the lyrics. After observing and experiencing the operation logic of the software, I think we can make another Lyric playing interface. Slide the picture from the play interface to enter and start. This can simplify the operation logic of viewing lyrics, and it would be even better if it could support synchronized scrolling of lyrics. I sincerely hope you can consider it.
  5. The Poweramp doesn't support sorting songs by Chinese pinyin until now, so that all Chinese songs are classified in # and are random, which makes Chinese users difficult to find a song. Therefore, could you please make Poweramp have the option to sort by Chinese? Thanks! What's more, I think if the LRC lyrics can scroll automatically, it will be better than view as a text. Could you please improve the experience of viewing lyrics?
  6. Most of my music in my libraries are either embedded or having an LRC file, I hope the developers can implement changes for lyrics to be displayed... The current design is fantastic but lyrics, I just want to see lyrics
  7. When a song is playing, you touch the 3-dots button and go to "lyrics" (attached image), you're redirected to a Google search for the lyrics, so, why not adding a setting to modify where the lyrics will be searched, like DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yandex, lyrics.com or even custom provider? It's easy specially for lyrics.com since their links are like this: "https://www.lyrics.com/lyrics/[song game, it can have spaces]", for example: https://www.lyrics.com/lyrics/We don't talk anymore
  8. Use foobar2000: https://www.foobar2000.org/ Download this plugin: https://www.foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_uie_lyrics3 Too download this plugin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IJ509Gy0XPLitF5oStNmcVdCN2JlUUSZ/view Application, lyrics search and more sources to search. Config: 1. 2. You have two options, save the .lrc (synced) or .txt (unsynced) on the tag the file or save on the same folder that the MP3 (I prefer this) 3. Ctrl+A, rigth click, "Download lyrics" 4. Click on "Search" (I have already all .lrc downloaded)
  9. I want power amp that support floating lyrics (.lrc files) which are in same location as the mp3 song with same name as mp3. And to download floating lyrics, mini lyrics is an excellent platform for .lrc database in which user can make and upload its .lrc file...There are lyrics for every song that i have.. Link : http://www.crintsoft.com/minilyrics_download_android.htm I want power amp to integrate this must have functionality. Its better than having other extension which is forcibly running in background consuming large amount of ram.
  10. Poweramp lacks LRC support which is a huge let down for me since I prefer offline LRC files to online lyrics providers such as Musixmatch. The app also lacks timed lyrics support as well as font size adjustment for lyrics. I would have used Musixmatch but here are the key points which are keeping me on the LRC team. - No need for internet - No need for song recognition since we're only loading text from files located somewhere in the storage. Also, song recognition fails for most non-english songs or the lyrics just aren't there on the server, and here LRC files are a huge savior. - Also solves language issues Currently I'm using Retro Music Player which has a great LRC support(though it lacks font size adjustment). It should serve as a good example for implementing this feature. I like Poweramp but the lack of LRC support is keeping me from changing my music player. I would switch to Poweramp as soon as this feature is implemented.
  11. Hi, I am a very die hard fan of Poweramp. I use it everyday. One of my favourite feature which i love is Audio Streaming/ Radio stations. I have a huge collection of various radio station links which i save separately as playlist and listen to them everyday. The album art fetching from internet is so wonderful I have a small request to make. I use MusixMatch app for pop up lyrics which sync the song with the song played on radio/ music player . My suggestion is that during a continuous audio stream it would be better to reset the timer for every song change. If every music tag change the timer can go 0:00 and so on the lyrics will be synced Then MusixaMatch can detect the song beginning and end and can show synchronised lyrics. I request this as a feature as experiment which i can enable/disable Another suggestion i have is a history of songs played on the radio stations Kindly consider as the timer reset would be helpful for so many fans like us to listen radio with proper synchronisation
  12. When downloading music from the bandcamp service, the lyrics are stored in the "unsyncedlyrics" tag for all formats. Poweramp normally displays the text for "mp3" and "m4a" files, but when trying to view the text for "flac", the player opens the browser with a search for the song name Here is an example file: https://disk.yandex.com/d/l0m6ETIxyQu20g Poweramp build 911, Galaxy A10, Android 10
  13. Hi guys.. I have some feature requests, which I think would make Poweramp even better. 1) Artist Biography- It would be very useful if Poweramp could fetch artist biography. Nowadays every Music player out there in the play store has this feature. I've edited a picture for reference. 2)Dedicated Lyrics button in the player screen (look at the edited picture below) 3)ability to hide album name in the player screen and lists (I even contacted some skin devs and they said they couldn't do it) I would be really happy if any of the single Features from this list be implemented in Poweramp. Thank you.
  14. It seems that Poweramp by default closes the pop-up window that shows a song's lyrics during playback whenever the user's screen turns off or the user switches apps. I am wondering if there is any way to make this menu stay open until the user tells it to close or if perhaps such a feature may be considered? Thanks for all the work and dedication that goes into Poweramp. It is definitely the best of the many similar apps I've tried and version 3 is a clear improvement over 2.
  15. Hi. @maxmp I think it would be really cool if you could implement lyrics icon or tag in library lists. Lyrics icon will be really useful to know which song has embedded lyrics. I've included screenshot to show you what I mean. Basically what I'm asking for is a lyrics icon which shows whether the song has lyrics or not. Thank you.
  16. Are there plans for synced lyrics support? That'd he a great addition as many mp's have them nowadays. (You know, the floating lyrics that move as the song progresses)
  17. the player doesn't scroll the lyrics. Nowadays most players have this function. As a user, I think it is necessary to add this function to it.
  18. The one thing that I really miss from a few other players I've used is the ability to easily view lyrics while listening to songs. Right now, reading lyrics takes 2 taps, and the lyrics pop up doesn't persist between songs so I have to pull up lyrics for each song manually. Being able to pinch or swipe up on the album art, or even just have a toggle for lyrics display (like how there is for visualizations), would be incredibly helpful. The lyrics could display over the album art so it doesn't obstruct the playback controls. I know the album art area is a bit smaller in Poweramp than it is for Rocket Player, but it should have enough room for scrolling the lyrics embedded in the song. I'm not sure if it's better to reply to older requests that are similar to mine, or to make a new one, but I wanted to make this request. I'm really loving the interface and gestures of Poweramp and want to use it to reverse sync with MusicBee, but the amount of effort to pull up lyrics for each song adds up. Thanks!
  19. I would love it if Poweramp had LRC support (synchronized texts), but it doesn't support them. I think it can be added cause, even if they're not very useful for Karaoke, they're just nice to see them while listening a song. Best Regards Francesco 🇮🇹👋 (The email I used to publish the request isn't what I used to buy Poweramp lmao)
  20. Font of lyrics (from ID3 tag) has become bigger and I wonder it is meant to be or a kind of bug as I can't find this on update list. At first it looks so weird but now has become comfortable to read so it's fine Btw when lyrics have many blanks or lines scroll gets toooo long lol Or option for setting font size added soon? Wdk v3-build-870-arm64-play / Samsung Galaxy S8+ / Android 9
  21. I know that Poweramp can redirect and find lyrics to any song on the internet. But how to read the lyrics inside of the app? And here I mean not "adding them manually to each song separately". I have a song and its text next to it. It has ".lrc" format. How can I realize this file and use it in Poweramp, so I can read the words out of it?Thank you!
  22. Of late, have not been able to get MusicMatch to work. It used to. (V3, Build 853). Am I doing something wrong perhaps or is there a bug? I saw in a post that it supposedly still works with MusicMatch (a program I find rather annoying, to be honest). I am looking for that type of experience where it shells out to the lyrics rather than me having to insert lyrics as tags. Any advice? Samsung S9+
  23. The option Lyrics App could also work on lyrics search, it looks like search uses only google. I appreciate the return
  24. In the opinion of Poweramp lacks the reading of LRC FILE as the composite image below.
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