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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Poweramp / Mods I have just signed up and created this account on this forum to contact you and request that you add 432Hz, I have bought your full App version back in Aug 2016, I never suggested or made any requests since, but the only thing I'd love to see in your App is to have a 432Hz tuner, I have been checking through this forum and on your recent updates on the app store and have not seen it anywhere being mentioned, also checked the settings, everywhere can't find it. There are apps that has 432hz tuner or standalone apps which does that only, if Poweramp adds this feature, it will make it much engaging and attractive to us users and potential customers alike who'd buy the full version. Can you please kindly take my request and inform me if you are adding 432hz anytime soon, if this is being worked on, can you please push it so it's added soon on the next update. please let me know. Thank you. A,M
  2. Turning the treble tone dial... Which frequencies are effecting?
  3. How many years has it been since its been requested to allow a simple hz change feature to be added. Now you have these generic apps that only provide that one feature (or more) with a download rate total of over 20 million and growing (oppotunity cost). Of course, there is difference between download rate and use rate but the same argument could be used against you. You want customers to listen to the artists music as faithful as possible? Who do you serve then? The artists that make music or the people that pay for your app to listen to music. Only one of the two put food on your table. Just add the ability to allow customers to be able to change frequencies (415, 420, 432, 440, 452) of the music they listen to already. Its been 7ish years since the first request for ___ sakes. sincerely, paid user for 5 years.
  4. Hi! I'm wondering what the frequency knob in the compressor page does to the played back audio. Is it a high pass filter for the compressor detector or anything else? Because it seems to me like it boosts a certain frequency that's set on the knob, but not sure what it's actually doing. Can anyone help me figure it out? Any response is appreciated!
  5. 1. Reverb 2. Option to delete unlike milkdrop presets. 3. Please fix the android/_com.maxmpz.equalizer folder. 4. The other compressor knob is on main screen. 5. Parametric frequency values from 5hz to 20khz. 6. More milkdrop presets. 7. Button to unlock equalizer presets. 8. Another app for visualization, the Poweramp visualizer. We now have Poweramp Audioplayer, Poweramp Equalizer, why not Poweramp Visualizer. 😁 That's all, still the best equalizer in the world.
  6. Hi there! Been loving the premium version of the eq for over a year now. I never really messed the compressor settings to much because I'm not quite sure how to properly use them. Wondering if there's a quick guide to what they all do. Like attack, delay, release, frequency etc. If I knew I would volunteer to write up a guide for you. Alas, I don't. Any help you can provide would be awesome. Thanks in advance and for great software! Cheers! JP
  7. Здравствуйте. Кто пользуется хромкастом, скажите, у всех в настройках частоты дискретизации выхода на хромкаст, три варианта: Авто, 48, 96 и при зтом, там нет варианта 44.1? Если у всех, то вопрос к разработчику.... собственно... почему там нет 44.1? Не знаю как с этим обстоят дела на Chromcast-ах с HDMI интерфейсом, но в Chromecast Audio, частота 44.1кГц нативно присутствует. Помимо теоретической потери качества звучания, имеем лишнюю работу для процессора.... Спасибо.
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