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  1. Requesting support for showing lyrics with Line Time Tags from [LYRICS / SYNCEDLYRICS / UNSYNCEDLYRICS] tags. Poweramp can show the lyrics with line time tags, (first image) but does not support recognizing them, unlike the one from Blackplayer for example (second image) where the lyrics are synced and shown accordingly, which is the only feature stopping me from using Poweramp aside from Android Auto support.
  2. There is a project that allows a user to 'normalize' their headphones based on industry standard measurements, see : https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq/blob/master/README.md with a list of supported headphones at : https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq/blob/master/results/README.md Could you, like for instance the wavelet app, enable a function to load these settings based on a headphone selection to be loaded as eq settings for normalization and then allow a second eq to color the music style ?
  3. I would like to see this option present in the PA, show the remaining time of the track instead of the total duration. Note: Black Player image. Thanks
  4. it will be great if Poweramp have this feature, to prevent our playlist of musics keep playing when we're fall asleep and we can set the timer as needed, "custom" https://community.spotify.com/t5/Android/Sleep-Timer-for-music-on-Android/td-p/4757154 https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/spotifys-sleep-timer-on-android-lets-you-doze-to-your-favorite-songs/
  5. The Artists folder has the option to sort by number of tracks, the Album Artists folder does not
  6. Noise Sharpening is one of the best DSPs in general, and both average users and audiophiles could greatly benefit from having a slider for this in the app. Neutron Music Player uses this and it's a big reason for people to use that music player over others like Poweramp. (most google play reviews mention the sound quality there and some directly mention noise sharpening) Here's a famous foobar2000 component for this DSP, for example: http://foosion.foobar2000.org/components/?id=delta
  7. Hi there. Currently Poweramp allows the app to follow the system's day/night theme and the selected skin will follow suit if it supports it. It would be nice if this can be taken further by allowing users to assign different skins as either a 'Day Skin' or 'Night Skin', then Poweramp will automatically change the skin depending on the system's theme. Kindly consider this feature request, please. Thank you for your time :)
  8. It would be aesthetically great if the Skin and Theme changed from Dark to Light and vice versa depending on time or using Android's dark theme. Just a small idea, I thought I should share. Not really needed.
  9. Hi, as aforementioned, I'd love to get a recording function for Internet streams (thanks for the unexpected addition of streams!). As you click on the button, the recording starts, click back and it stops. I'd love it to be as simple as that. Keep up the great work!
  10. So a new version of Poweramp has rolled out, which added a +10/-10 rewind buttons, and I really love it. However, one thing that I would really appreciate is the ability to customize how long the rewind is, like 5 seconds or 15 seconds etc. Also, kudos to the dev for implementing this much needed feature.
  11. I recently discovered Poweramp in Play Store and I bought the full version instantly. It's the most complete music player on Android, it has a lot of features and I like the UI design a lot. The only thing I miss is a more detailed waveform Seekbar in order to differentiate parts of a song clearly, like in my previous player Mezzo. It would be nice to have it as an option in the Seekbar Style section, for example waveform HD, so anyone can choose.
  12. I know this has been asked alot, but never ever solved. Please this is a needed feature to organise once music library speacially if it is large enough like mine. So please add the feature, where we can add multiple artist in the file tag and it understands each artist and shows the song under each one of them. you can use the standard format (i.e. // ; , ) or any other if you like, but please be specific.
  13. Hello there, I'm still using this app exclusively for my audio needs. However, updates came and went, and a simple (I think) feature is being ignored. Please add an A-Z scrollbar in the folder hierarchy view. It has already been implemented for almost every other view, but not for the folder hierarchy view, which is the view that would benefit the most from it (don't you think so?). Anyway, this is a great app, nothing else comes even close, mainly because of the folder hierarchy view (which i use exclusively) but these little things are annoying more than they should
  14. I'd love for Poweramp to be able to connect to an MPD server like many dedicated apps such as M.A.L.P. - MPD Client already on google play, as it enables for all my Hi-Res music to be on a hard drive connected to an always-on server / raspberry-pi or what have you, and be able to listen on a complete sound system, or even just your average PC speakers, instead of streaming it over bluetooth, which reduces quality heavily, not to mension interference. Or it even enables me to control my (MPD client-based) music player GIU on my linux system, such as cantata.
  15. Hi! Could you please add native support for scrobbling for last.fm using the last.fm API? I know we can use the official app and simple.fm app for the same, but they almost never work. It would be amazing to have native support for scrobbling, as it'd help track the music we are listening to and the music we love. Thanks!
  16. Please add as a new feature an "Up Next" list that can be easily accessed from the player interface to allow the user to view which songs are queued up next and allow the user to reorder the list of songs playing next.
  17. so there a new view for the queue called compact list (see image) this so far is the best view option in the new ui what i dont understand is why is it exclusive to the queue list please add this option tothe other list options p.s. DO NOT EXCLUDE FOLDER HIERARCHY FROM THIS OPTION i know how you guys ignore/hate folder hierarchy list, please dont and thanks for the hard work, bugs are getting fixed and requests are being met
  18. So, finally, an A-Z scroll bar was implemented, good job team, much appreciated ? but, its implemented to every list option except folder hierarchy. ? That's the only list option I use. I have no idea why it's that why, but please add it to hierarchy view. Thank you. Also, maybe increase the size of the scroll bar a little? Thanks again.
  19. So, in the main player UI you can access shortcuts to the currently played tracks (see image). This is an extremely helpful feature, which can save me a lot of time. But, again, there are multiple shortcut except for folder hierarchy. There is a shortcut for folders though, but its almost useless to me. Why do you guys hate folder hierarchy so much? Can you guys add it to the shortcut? Please, the main reason I use Poweramp is the folder hierarchy view. Thank you. edit: as of version build 796, the features have benn implemented, thank you devs, stay aw
  20. Hi Max. I think it's better to separate the artist and genre tags by the delimiter characters ";" and "/". For example Artists Tags:Artist 1; Artist 2 Shown as "Artist 1 Artist 2" with the current method but should shown separate. So if you search by Artist 1 to find all the track that he has and not the "Artist 1 Artist 2" tracks. The same for the genres. I edit all my tracks (over 7000) one by one with all the tags organized with MusicBee Music Player on PC. If you want you can try it to see what I mean with the tags separately recognized. Also is the default s
  21. Hi Max. I think it's better to separate the artist and genre tags by the delimiter characters ";" and "/". For example Artists Tags:Artist 1; Artist 2 Shown as "Artist 1 Artist 2" with the current method but should shown separate. So if you search by Artist 1 to find all the track that he has and not the "Artist 1 Artist 2" tracks. The same for the genres. I edit all my tracks (over 7000) one by one with all the tags organized with MusicBee Music Player on PC. If you want you can try it to see what I mean with the tags separately recognized. Also is the default separatio
  22. It will perfect if the next update come with the new Android N notification style, its one of the loved ones, i hope the team can do that for us.
  23. I'm not quite sure if I can post a feature request here, but since this forum is about the new version of Poweramp, I hope you don't mind. I know that it's possible to use the convolver in V4A, but only if you have a rooted phone. I'd like to have a solution for the plain, boring, non-rooted Android. Also, I like Poweramp too much to even look around and see if a different player can do it. I don't know a lot about the technical details of convolution, but as far as I know, it shouldn't be difficult to find a way to add it as a feature. We just need a switch to enable it, and
  24. Hello, this has been already many times asked in this Forum. I'm talking about 'Short Audio Focus' and Poweramp. Actually the only way that Poweramp handles 'Short Audio Focus' is pausing the song. This is actually nice if you have headphones connected and you don't want to listen to your song on the external loudspeaker when a message or whatever arrives. Ok, till there everything is fine. But it's not the same while connected via Bluetooth to your car head unit. So in combination with a Navigation app (Let's say TomTom for example) + Poweramp, every time the navigation says you should turn
  25. Poweramp needs OPUS support as soon as possible! As described in RFC: 6716 OPUS audio compression just became an INTERNET STANDARD os Poweramp desperately needs OPUS codec support to stay RELEVANT . . . Please add OPUS support as soon as possible. Other than this, Poweramp is a great app! PS. MXplayer, VLC and other players offer OPUS support on android already.
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