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Found 12 results

  1. There have been several requests for an improved Crossfade feature. It is described as a "Radio Fade" or "Segue" As the first song ends it fades out. During the fade out the next song starts at full or nearly full volume. This is the preferred method. When the second song fades in the first few bars of music is inaudible. This is especially disconcerting when the song begins with lyrics without musical introduction pryor to the vocals. The lyrics are lost. The attached photo is a screen shot from the SQR Crossfade pluggin for the old Winamp program. It has all the necessary options and controls to customize the Crossfade to perfection. It is my hope that you will alow such customization within the Crossfade portion of your app. Please consider my request.
  2. For a more dynamic listening experience, a crossfade option to let Poweramp analyze the current track to find where the song ends. Starting at that point to apply the crossfade in the desired lenght to the next one. But for the next one also analyze it to detect if there is any initial silence (gap), to remove it and start playing the song right there. WITHOUT THE FADE IN EFFCT. Just aplying the FADE out from the previous track. Both for manual and automatic track change.
  3. IF I set the sleep timer (+play last song til end) AND crossfade is set - let's say to 8 secs, THEN the sleep timer stops the last song 8 secs before end abrupt. I think it should play the last 8 secs fading out til end - because this is what a sleep timer should do, right? Best, Marinorama
  4. Hi, if the "cross fade on seek" option is added replacing fade on seek would be really good.
  5. It would be good to be able to have the option to Crossfade a particular album or playlist. The current 'blanket' option for all music files does not work with a lot of albums. But there are a few albums or personal playlists that would benefit from this option. Cheers, great app
  6. Not sure if this is not fully implemented or a known bug, so please delete this post if that is the case. Playing from playlists and all songs.Bluetooth.Toggled cross fade off and on.Quick fade on manual change works fine.Have stop/restarted appTweaked cross fade times. Verizon LG G3 (VS985) on Android 5.1.1 Other than that I have to say that V3 Alpha has worked overall far greater than previous builds.
  7. Hello. It is possible that someone give some advise on how and the best parameters to do with all the audio settings and the advance tweaks ,, please. Thanks H.
  8. Hi, first of all i want to congratulate you for making an incredible music player! It is truly awesome and my library of 5000 songs is easily managable. I just have two requests/ questions. First of all i have made a perfect sleep playlist of about 1000-800 songs that i have constantly perfected and fine-tuned within the player, over a long period of time. Its so good that i want to move it over to my ps3 to have in the backround. Problem is the files are spread over different folders on the device and external sd card and exporting an m3u file would be difficult. It would be do-able if the files were in the same directory as i would be able to edit the playlist to reference to the new folder. So request one is to be able to backup or move/copy all the files that are in a specific playlist to maybe a zip file? Request two is to be able to apply crossfade to certain playlists in the sameway you apply eq presets (crossfade is great for sleep playlists but not so good for faster music) . I understand this may sound insane but these two features would be great and they would make your ace player even better! Thanks in advance
  9. Hi there, really hoping somebody can give me a secret-sauce recipe to fix my problem. Samsung Galaxy S4, recently updated itself to kernel 4.3 When playing techno or Pink Floyd where the songs are intended to blend together, Poweramp inserts a brief "pause" command when switching from one track to the next. I know it's a "pause" command because my car stereo is showing the command and then it quickly disappears as Poweramp moves on to the next track. This behavior does NOT occur with headphones plugged in. Strangely, I have seen Poweramp not insert the pause on a couple of occasions where the next track came up, but then the next couple songs come along on the gapless album and the pauses just come right back. Having it avoid the pause is the rarity, the brief pause is the dominant behavior about 19 times out of 20 (or worse). I tried messing with various lock settings, BT metadata, and even tried uninstalling random apps that I thought might have some access to Bluetooth. The only thing that I know for certain is that this problem started immediately after my phone updated from 4.2x to 4.3. Wish I could go back... Help, please? Tom
  10. Hi there: I have the free version but thinking about buying the full version once I tested everything. I am a Winamp fun, so the fact that I am moving to Poweramp on my Android (Motorola Defy) is not simple decision to make. But the app is amazing, so congrats for that. I would like though, to see the crossfading options get better. The fade out and fade in of tracks A and B is not real crossfade. The ms that you can specify are working for the fade in and out but not for real crossfade. Some call it Radio Crossfade when a song fade out and the next one starts at normal volume. That would be nice. And there shoud be an icon on the main screen or the eq screen where we can configure that, so we don't have to enter the menu and do it more quickly. You coud think in a third window (eq, tone/vol, cross) where you can put the crossfade options (as a control like bass), the normalize options, the gapless items etc. Thanks for the attention and keep the good work!! Leonel.
  11. I love the crossfade feature when shuffling my playlist but NOT when listening to an album. Could you please add an option to crossfade when in shuffle mode? Just love your app by the way....I tried every player out there and nothing even comes close! Keep up the good work Cheers, Gary
  12. I'd like to see the ability adjust the crossfader control to do what I would actually call "crossplay" instead of actually fading the song prematurely in and out. I don't understand why software crossfaders on music apps work the way they do. Think about it... Listening to radio stations and the way DJ's start the next track, you never actually hear the song fade off prematurely. DJ's most always start the next track before the previous track has ended. If a song has an intentional abrupt ending or beginning, I don't want to hear it being faded. It just doesn't sound right. I think there should be a way for the software to calculate the actual end of the track vs. when the DB. level of the song starts to fade out and "crossplay" the next song based on that. That way songs that have abrupt ending don't get the next track starting prematurely before an abrupt ending of a song. That doesn't sound right either. I can partially do this with the PC software "Winamp" by selecting the time (in seconds) that the new song starts, before the previous track ends. 5sec, 3sec, etc. but actually turning the fader portion of the sofware off. so the songs "crossplay" without prematurely fading.
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