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Found 5 results

  1. I can't have Poweramp playing while playing games, using any social media, or browsing Google Chrome. Poweramp crashes if it's not the only thing open. I'm getting seriously aggravated. How do I fix this? I paid for this app and I'm regretting it at this point.
  2. Ever since I upgraded my note 8 to the latest Android oreo I can no longer launch Poweramp at all the screen changes to white then black and then nothing it freezes my phone for a few seconds then I must hit the home button a couple times and the back button a couple of times to get back to be able to use my phone... I have Uninstalled the app and restarted my phone then reinstalled the app but still get the same results when I try to launch the app...
  3. I have been having difficulty with my Android and Poweramp since this past Sunday. I discovered that whenever Poweramp attempts to scan the library, it gets stuck mid-scan, and ultimately the phone freezes and crashes, only to restart the phone and start the process all over again, resulting in a series of restarts and crashes. I was able to halt the auto-scanning. I tried deleting cache and data files. I tried unstalling and reinstalling both the Trial and Full Versions. If I don't do a scan of the library, Poweramp won't play any new downloaded files (which it needs to do). But at this point, I can't even get it to complete a scan because the scan gets stuck. At this point, I have a practically useless app. Help, please!
  4. Poweramp 2.0.9 build 561+ Note 3 n900 Android 5.0 Dr.ketan's rom(stock based, even tried using the stock but it still crashing.) I stayed on Poweramp 2.0.9 build 561 because it's the lasted version without crashing; every new update is crashing when browsing/scrolling my library this includes folders, playlist, etc...
  5. First and foremost: HTC One M8 Viperrom 2.2.0 Poweramp Build 2.0.9- build-561-play (full version) I noticed this issue last night and thought it was ROM related but flashed to a different ROM today and I am continuing to have the same results but with a more varied degree. Original occurrence began last night, playing a game and listening to music at the same time. Have been able to do this for months with Poweramp with no side effects. Poweramp began to Force Close. Stopped listening to music, and power cycled device, and same results. I tried playing just the music on internal memory in case it was a ext-SD card issue and same thing happened.I also unistalled and reinstalled, cleared cache/dalvick, and force stopping clearing app cache/data. no luck Today flashed VenomRom and was running the setup of the device and began to get Force-Closes without the app even playing. Randomly would get a force close issue when texting and or browsing settings. Decided to test out Poweramp with the same game (Pocket Mine) and listening to music, and Poweramp would force close. What is weird, is that after crashing, after a few moments, the app info would pop back up in the system status bar. Not sure what information you would need on top of this, but please let me know so we can get this issue resolved. EDIT: I believe the issue was a corrupt SD card. Will report after a full day use of the app
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