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Found 20 results

  1. Hi! Now I have the following issue: when I add album to my SD-card it is incorrectly indexed by Poweramp media library. Poweramp doesn't split file into tracks but treat it as a one single big track. Therefore the question is: does it Poweramp bug or simply CUE-file is incorrectly has incorrect markup? Here is this CUE
  2. On my .CUE-based FLAC albums, Poweramp skips the last few seconds of each track. Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note9 Android: v8.1.0 Powerbamp build: v3-build-820-play (Full Version)
  3. This bug is 100% reproducible by trying the following steps. import an album which is cuesheet.(we mark this as Album A) add some music of other album into a playlist(or create a new playlist), we mark this playlist as Playlist A add one of any track (mark as Track S) of the Album A into Playlist A. Play Playlist A from the beginning or the Track S Make sure your play mode is repeat off and shuffle off. After Track S completes, the track after the Track S in Album A will be played not the track after Track S in PlayList A. And the Player UI just not stops the ending position of Track S, not updates current playing track information. Expectation: After Track S completes, Player should play the track after Track S in Playlist A not Album A.
  4. Hi, i have simple problem = .cue files are not detected on usb otg pendrive. I have selected the folder in Poweramp, but nothing happens. If i move the file into internal memory, everything is ok. Could you look into the issue? Thanks. Device - Xiaomi Mi4 (Cancro), root, Xiaomi.eu MIUI 8.3 dev, Android 6.0.1.
  5. Poweramp alpha-build-703-play [MIUI 8 7.1.20][Android 6.0.1][Xiaomi 4] It is a cue track problem. When one song finished, the next song start playing, all information on the main screen still remains the last song, and does not change even another song comes. Remind that I turned on shuffle music. And I had add cue files to my playlist. Please fix this as soon as possible!
  6. When I placed a album art image, cover.jpg for example, in a folder with multiple mp3 or other audio files, I can see the image in Library>Albums list. But if only cue + single audio file, like wav, flac, ape, etc. in that folder, the image is not showed up. Can you have that image displayed?
  7. Hi guys, Some of you have noticed that your (cover.jpg) album art is not displayed while browsing your .cue based album files. The problem is that normally the tags within your music file (.m4a/.mp3/.flac) would be blank because that information is set within the .cue file. The trick to getting Poweramp to show your art is to edit your music file "Artist" and "Album" tags to match the tags within your .cue file. Once you do this, the cover art should be recognized while browsing your albums. Folder structure Music file tags (.m4a file, not the .cue) Cue file Note- The album art will show up only in "Library" view, not in "Folder" view. Another tip: If you place multiple disc albums into the same folder as I have above, go into "List Options" in "Artist Album Songs" / "Album" view and select "By filename" to prevent the CDs from mixing CD1 TRK 1, CD2 TRK 1 etc. If anyone tries this, let me know if it works for you or not.
  8. Fairly new Poweramp user here, but I'm loving it so far. I have a question about the extent to which Poweramp supports the various functions of cue files. I haven't noticed any issues with TRACK, FILE, or INDEX, but I don't know if Poweramp supports some of the more obscure functions. Does Poweramp process cd subcode included in a cue file, like FLAGS PRE? I have a number of cds that I've ripped to flac/cue format that include things like pre-emphasis and level adjustment, and I want to know if Poweramp properly executes cd subcode, or if I need to find a different method for listening to certain recordings on-the-go. I hope this hasn't been asked/answered before; I did some searching but I only found a few posts related to syntax, but nothing specifically related to depth of support of cue commands.
  9. I just noticed a playback problem with cue files which contain multiple indexes per track. This causes Poweramp to list track times incorrectly and to repeat playback of songs when listening to the whole album. Here is an example of an affected cue. I have found a workaround where you simply delete "INDEX 02", "INDEX 03" etc. Incompatible CUE Fixed CUE
  10. When there are mutiple *.flac files in the album folder along with Cue sheet, the Cue sheet is being ignored, despite the fact, that Cue standard allows multiple files described inside Cue sheet. Please fix it, so that the Cue sheet will have the highest priority.
  11. Hello, I don't know if this is a bug, maybe just unexpected behaviour but: when a cue file is being played Poweramp shows the cover art of any image that is located in the folder of the file and not the one saved in the mp3's tag. If there is no image present Poweramp doesn't depict any cover art although the mp3 file that is used in the cue file has an image in its mp3 tag. And the cue folder in the library isn't showing any image at all. I think the best behaviour also for library and for playback would be to use the cover art of the playing mp3 and if there is no cover art in the tag available, show the image that is located in the folder. Greetings Gary
  12. Hi, I've just submitted my bug report using the google form. I'm opening this thread because this discussion might help other people or lead to a better characterisation of the problem. My data, copied from the google form: Phone: Samsung Galaxy S III, Android 4.3 Poweramp build: 2.0.9-build-554-play (Full Version) Kernel details: Kernel 3.0.31-2168382 se.infra@R0301-02 #1 28 Nov 2013 Issue:I've noticed that Poweramp doesn't parse certain cuesheets that I use in combination with FLAC or AAC files. Here is an example, ripped directly from my original CD; I can play the AAC file separately, and it's name is exactly what appears on the cuesheet: TITLE "Live At Wembley Stadium (1/2)”PERFORMER "Queen"CATALOG 0724359044224REM GENRE "Rock"REM DATE "2003"REM DISCID C10E2A0DFILE “live1.m4a" WAVE TRACK 01 AUDIO TITLE "One Vision" ISRC GBCEE9200011 INDEX 01 00:00:00 TRACK 02 AUDIO TITLE "Tie Your Mother Down" ISRC GBCEE9200012 INDEX 01 05:49:55 TRACK 03 AUDIO TITLE "In The Lap Of The Gods" ISRC GBCEE9200013 INDEX 01 09:55:58 TRACK 04 AUDIO TITLE "Seven Seas Of Rhye" ISRC GBCEE9200004 INDEX 01 12:25:20 TRACK 05 AUDIO TITLE "Tear It Up" ISRC GBCEE9200014 INDEX 01 13:43:53 TRACK 06 AUDIO TITLE "A Kind Of Magic" ISRC GBCEE9200015 INDEX 01 15:55:70 TRACK 07 AUDIO TITLE "Under Pressure" ISRC GBCEE9200016 INDEX 01 24:37:23 TRACK 08 AUDIO TITLE "Another One Bites The Dust" ISRC GBCEE9200017 INDEX 01 28:18:23 TRACK 09 AUDIO TITLE "Who Wants To Live Forever" ISRC GBCEE9200018 INDEX 01 34:17:18 TRACK 10 AUDIO TITLE "I Want To Break Free" ISRC GBCEE9200019 INDEX 01 38:24:60 TRACK 11 AUDIO TITLE "Impromptu" ISRC GBCEE9200020 INDEX 01 41:59:00 TRACK 12 AUDIO TITLE "Brighton Rock Solo" ISRC GBCEE9200021 INDEX 01 44:55:68 TRACK 13 AUDIO TITLE "Now I'm Here" ISRC GBCEE9200022 INDEX 01 54:06:55 Thanks! Jonesie
  13. I'm testing some .m4a/.cue albums I've ripped. The first thing I've noticed is that embedded art doesn't seem to work at all for these albums. So I placed a .jpg image in this format: artist - album.cue artist - album.m4a artist - album.jpg This does work to display art while listing to each track of the album, however - no artwork is shown in the album/library selection screen. Is this a bug that can be fixed, or is there a way that I'm overlooking? Thanks.
  14. Hi, Does anybody have any tips or tricks to getting cuesheets to display a thumbnail in the Folder view? I have Folder.jpg image files in each folder along with the *.cue file and the *.mp3, and have also tried Cover.jpg and AlbumArt.jpg filenames for the image. The image is picked up fine by the main player screen, but is not used in the folder listing. Normal albums (folders containing *.mp3 files & a Folder.jpg) display a thumbnail as I would expect. The end result is quite untidy - some folders have thumbnails, some don't. I'm positive this used to work in an older version of Poweramp. I'm currently using version 2.0.10-build-571-play (Full Version) of Poweramp on Android 4.4.4 on a HTC Desire Eye.
  15. hi there, I have purchased Poweramp. WOW, This is a great player. Excellent sound quality. but, I hope the Poweramp is more outstanding. Maybe Poweramp Will support play the DTS and CUE in the future? there is a music player called TTPOD in China and already can play DTS and CUE.
  16. So here is what came to my mind when I wanted to replay a 1hr long track from a certain point. That reminded me of the good old cue points I used to deal with back in time when Flash programming was fashionable The idea is to have - a UI control, which when pressed will register the time point (cue point) of currently playing track, and - makes another UI control available to seek to that exact time again when pressed - would be cool to be able to create a stack of cue points (not just one) Would be fairly easy to implement since this is purely UI enhancement that virtually requires 0 effort of new functions for the backend engine. What do you think Poweramp-ers?
  17. Hi, I manages to use my created .CUE files alongside the album files successfully. I just want to know what files format should I use if I want to make use of the EMBEDDED CUE sheets? Regards, B
  18. I recently put some mp3 VBR files and corresponding cue files in my phone and wish the Poweramp would play well. But no. Some of the mp3 files are cut very imprecisely. Once I thought it was the bad cue files' problem. But when it came to that I use "mp3splt" tool in my PC to cut the mp3 files using the exact cue files i put in my phone before, the separated tracks all have a very precise ending. It made me wonder if the Poweramp can't support the cue file as well as I expected. Hope that will be corrected soon.
  19. How should I organize my music using Poweramp for Android? I have a music collection in FLAC that I'd like to put on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3). I would like convert the format to either .wma or .mp3. But how should I organize the folders and files? And should I include a CUE or m3u files? I tried putting the flac to my external SD card. And I have the music organized in folders like this... The Beatles / The Beatles - Rubber Soul - (1965) / 01 - Song Name.mp3(or .flac) Inside the "The Beatles - Rubber Soul - (1965)" folder (which contains the songs) what tags need to be in there? Currently everything is showing up as Unknown Artist. Also if I'm going to convert my FLAC's to mp3 and go through all this I'd want to have this organization and tagging work in any mp3 player.
  20. As they say, matches are made in heaven; and they are right! For months I was considering to buy ipod for its near hi-fi sound. Because Android phones are also good at audio (some are very), my friends suggested to get an Android of choice, and a very capable and worthy piece of software (you guys surely know that). The recipe worked so fine that I never thought of ipod again, and that with nearly the same price! For one, Poweramp solves the issue of playing and managing clutter of album tracks by using cue sheet embedded in formats like FLAC. And how do you combine bunch of tracks into single file along with cue sheet? Here comes the very handy Windows utility, the Foobar 2000. So I greatly appreciate Poweramp team for making it all possible for music lovers (audiophiles too) at Android! My loves grows ever for Poweramp!
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