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Found 80 results

  1. I bet its possible to use the preamp equalizer feature for stepless volume adjustment. Theory: You turn the volume wheel and PreAmp increases until the normal step begins and resets. Over and Over... If you know what I mean. (I`m not english)
  2. Hello there, new user. I just started using Poweramp after coming to Android from iOS, so far I think it's a tremendous app, tons of great options and customizability, but the one problem like many Android apps seem to have is no volume slider on the main screen. I know there is a volume knob in the EQ settings but I think adding a knob or slider on the main player screen would be great for those of us who don't want to press the hardware buttons all the time, it would not be difficult to implement as an option. Also, perhaps the ability to slide up and down on the album art to increase the volume and decrease. Anyway, great app aside from that so far, I will probably be buying the full version! Thanks.
  3. Sometimes the volume is set full when last heard the headphones but when it is reinserted during "auto resuming on headset are connected" is ON the sudden rise in volume can be injurious to ears so please set low volume when headphones are connected
  4. * Poweramp version 2.0.10 build 571 play (full version). * Device: Samsung GT-I9195. * Android version rooted 4.4.2 stock. Firmware: TMZ I9195XXUCNK5. * Earphones: Philips TX2 (1 button), Sony MDR-EX220LPB (no button). I have auto play selected on Poweramp for when earphones plugged in. It would most of the time play for 25 - 36 seconds then volume goes all the way down to pretty much silent. Sometimes it will stutter before completely gone, sometimes it can play longer, sometimes shorter, sometimes it will stutter again after about 5 minutes then silent again. 2 versions before this one it used to always play for 25 - 36 seconds, now it's more random. Usually, when I hit the Home button and screen lights up, it will continue to play until the screen turns off and 25 - 36 seconds lapsed. Only happens when earphone plugged in and screen is off. I used to have to kill the micro service then rerun. Now I can't see micro service, and killing it doesn't work as a temporary fix. Though, sometimes I can "fix" it by: pausing Poweramp in notification panel, hit X, unplug plug earphones, rerun from app drawer or let auto play. The problem comes back every time I plug in the earphones. Problem happens for both pairs of earphones. Also happened on rooted 4.4.2 stock XEF I9195XXUCNH5 firmware. Have tried turning off auto play, DVC, disabling other apps that might cause a conflict: Headset Button Controller, IVONA TTS. Stock music player has no problem whatsoever, other than teeny sound. Moon Reader will only have the same problem (TTS goes silent) after Poweramp had been run after rebooting, even once; but not before. Then I will need to fix it by fixing Poweramp. No games are affected.
  5. I like this feature where the player automatically plays music when the headphones are connected. My problem is however, that the volume goes to maximum which, 1. Damages my expensive earphones. 2. Damages my ears. Is there a way to make the player automatically play music at medium volume rather than maximum?
  6. After volume drops to a very low level I must reboot to recover sound. Other apps don't seem to have the same problem, then again power Amp is my only audio player and for the other things I usually have the screen on. Also thought it could be a hardware issue since I do like volume. My hardware is a Samsung tab 4 7" note the 10" is different hardware. Here is my cpu identify info: Device identified: samsung SM-T230NU (PXA1L88) E:7758- Inches:5.83-0.0 1)samsung 2)degaswifiue 3)degaswifiue 4)SM-T230NU Build machine:SWDD5810 Creator:dpi A) ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l) Board:PXA1L88_ <> Speed:312000 - 1183000 States:4 detection2: detection1: (IA:) Version Mem1319 Adaptation: <PXA1088> 30 false 4831Mb 31.0C 4.4.2 KitKat, 312 624 1066 1183
  7. If I'm playing a song and then unplug my earphones, when I plug them in again and resume, the volume is much reduced, and only returns to normal if I force close the app. This is with both of two new pairs of earphones, one of which is the same model as the earphones I've been using for ages where I don't have this problem. Doing the same in another music player doesn't have the issue. This is on a Galaxy S2 with Cyanogenmod 11, Snapshot M11
  8. I really only want media volume with this app. I mute my volume everywhere else. Alarm seems to have its own volume control, it is the only other app I really care to hear things from. I have an app that watches for bluetooth and ups the media volume when connected. It works ok but sometimes fails. I would like 2 different volume settings one for bluetooth and one for without bluetooth. Then when I close Poweramp or pause I would like to have a choice to set the volume off or back to previous volume before starting the app.
  9. I have an S3 with the latest updates, I noticed when I play music the volume is really low, I would have to turn up my car stereo/desktop speakers way too high to get it to sound right. I messed with the settings in Poweramp and when I went to: Settings Audio Advanced Tweaks Direct Volume Control I clicked this on and noticed a huge improvement. However, when I start playing music after shutting off Poweramp, this setting is still checked, but the volume is low again. I have to go back into the setting, uncheck it, then re-check it and the volume goes back to normal (volume increases as it should). For some reason it seems this setting doesn't actually stay on if you stop playback, even though it stays checked, you have to reset the setting to get it to work again. -Peter
  10. just got the 4.4.2 update for my galaxy s3 today and now there is an audio bug. For whatever reason during the start of a new song, the volume will go waaay down. So low that it sounds like All the equalizer bars are at their lowest setting(but of course, they're not). Ive messed with all audio priority settings and tried to figure out if another app might be the cause or maybe a new setting is to blame. But nothing works and i cant make the problem happen on demand. It just randomly happens. The bugged audio will persist untill i stop the music for a while and play a different audio (usually a YouTube vid) and come back to Poweramp and hit play and audio is back to normal This has been a frustrating experience. Does anyone have a solution?
  11. 2.0.9-build-558-play Full Version Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T Android 4.4.2 After my last update any song I play is at a much lower volume whether connected to Bluetooth or not. any other music player such as Xbox Music, the stock Samsung player etc still has full volume capabilities. Is there a settign that was changed in the update as I would hate to have to ditch Poweramp as my main audio player.
  12. Apologies if this has been asked before but I checked pretty far back and saw no similar topics. I got a Galaxy S3 last month and installed Poweramp onto it. Previously I used Poweramp on a Galaxy Player 4.0 with no issues. For a couple of weeks I had no issue with the S3 either but now it seems like occasionally when switching to a new song either automatically or manually the volume will lower significantly. It's specific to Poweramp because other music players and other sounds from the device retain their normal volume. Poweramp will go back to normal volume after closing the process and waiting a few seconds. There are a few tracks that seem to almost always make this event occur, so it's not entirely random. They're a series of podcasts with a much lower frequency and bitrate. That said the issue is not specific to those tracks and it can happen randomly for other tracks as well. Anyone have any idea? Thanks.
  13. The volume on the songs keeps going up and down, depends on the instruments being played on the song (for example, if it's only vocals, the volume keeps down, so, when the drums begin on the song, the volume suddenly rises). I have already disabled the DVC, so, how can i fix that, to the volume keeps stable?
  14. The volume on the songs keeps going up and down, depends on the instruments being played on the song (for example, if it's only vocals, the volume keeps down, so, when the drums begin on the song, the volume suddenly rises). I have already disabled the DVC, so, how can i fix that, to the volume keeps stable? Sorry for the english, not native.
  15. Hi @ all, I've used the search function, but it seems nobody requested it before . I'd like to control the maximum volume available for the music playback and the volume buttons on the phone, with varying levels for each interface (BT, headphone Jack). I don't want to kill my eardrums, because the Headphones I use with the BT headset (UE Superfi 5 Pro) have a very high efficiency and the lowest volume of Android, as well as the volume increment, are much to high... The other problem, which I guess everybody knows, is the volume buttons going off while the phone is in your pocket. The headphones (Sony MDR-7506) I use with the headphone jack don't have the problem. I hope this is possible and since you guys helped me so much before , I'm hoping my luck hasn't run out. Regards Bobsofa
  16. (Sorry for my english ). It would be great to integrate into the player built-in smooth volume control. Because it is very bad when turn up the volume on one step, the volume added very sharp. I really hope you solve this major problem . I'm using LG Optimus L1 II on Android 4.1.2.
  17. Would be nice if the last used volume level could be saved. That way you would just need to plug in your head phones to continue to listen. By the way, this would also be a solution for the "Lock option for volume" topic (August 16th).
  18. Think about this... It's not hard to change volume manually by going into the EQ settings or holding down the rockers, but wouldn't it be easier to do it from the screen itself? This is just a quick concept, but I think it would be neat to have an option to change the volume by sliding up and down along the album art.
  19. Folks; just a short question as I am evaluating Poweramp to replace the stock music player on my Xperia WT19i, mainly lacking a faciliity to skip tracks in locked mode without having to operate the touch display. Played with the headphone key settings in Poweramp, activated most of the "headphone keys" related items but somehow it doesn't seem to do as I want, still operating headphone keys just affects playback volume. So to ask: Does anyone know whether this feature works with the volume keys on the WT19i? TIA and all the best, Kristian
  20. I feature I really liked from iTunes was the "Sound Check" option so that I never had to adjust the sound for individual quieter or louder songs, because iTunes would do it for you. Now I'm back to always adjusting the volume. Can you please add a similar feature to Poweramp please?
  21. Hey Max. Quick UI tweak request: Can you include an option to prevent the screen from turning on when using the phone's volume control or when using BT headset to play/pause/advance/reverse tracks? I use the lockscreen widget, and I like keeping my screen off when it's in my pocket (reduce battery use, avoid accidentally skipping tracks, etc.) but whenever I change the volume on the phone or use the headset, the screen turns on. Hoping for a way to override this. Thanks, Zeff
  22. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (ICS) and the full version of Poweramp. Volume adjustment works just fine within the Poweramp app, but when the screen is off and I adjust the volume via the rocker switch, the volume makes a goofy fade to very low then back up to the adjusted level. I don't know if this is a Poweramp issue or some setting in ICS that I'm not aware of.
  23. Hi, I have purchased Poweramp, the first time I have encountered a media player that costs money and is actually worth the outlay. I am extremely impressed with the application, and being able to set things just right for my headphones is just brilliant. Howevere, I am finding myself with a perennial problem that the forum doesn't appear to have answered. I can't be the only person who uses their phone to create playlists right? What I am trying to do is move a playlist I created in app to my PC (Windows 7, for use with Windows Media Player 12). I have used the export feature which has created a .m3u8 file. My googling reveals that this should be supported by WMP and iTunes et al. Only thing is, it doesn't appear to work. I have moved the directories my music is stored in to the Music library on my PC, but neither WMP, iTunes, WinAmp and the venerable Foobar2000 all seem to want nothing to do with this file. I can only presume that I am missing some key thing and look to this forum for assistance with this, so please help me if you can! :-) My second issue, and completely different is the phone behaviour when using the volume rocker. Each time I use it, it powers the screen on, albeit to the lock, but when this is in your pocket you end up accidentally hitting the forward and back buttons as well as start and pause. Is there an option I've failed to check. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 UK on Orange UK. I have updated it to ICS from Gingerbread, but the phone is not rooted. How can I prevent using the rocker from turning on the screen, as I usually use it in my pocket. Thank you for your replies in advance. Borgmeister
  24. Hi there, does anyone know how to change the volume increments on Poweramp? I find the increments between each volume change to be huge. Mobo player, which I use for video has very fine increments of 1 step per button press. example: Poweramp scale |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__| Mobo scale |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| Perhaps this could be considered a feature request, but after searching, I haven't seen any other topics relating to this. I'm using an Xperia Play, rooted stock firmware, 2.3.4, R800i, Poweramp.
  25. Hello, sorry if this has been posted before. I have been using Poweramp for several months now and I am very pleased with the app as a whole. As updates come out, functionality is improved. There is however, one little thing that I would like to see in a future update. Playback is possible during calls, which to me is extremely vital. I am constantly on the phone at work and like to have music too. Everything works well but I think to make things just a little bit better would be the ability to have some settings implemented: • Ability to toggle Poweramp to NOT pause/play with incoming or ended calls: if music is playing, it will continue to play regardless of call activity, until I actually pause it. • Ability to toggle Poweramp to NOT have different playback volumes for on-a-call vs not-on-a-call: as of now playback is louder while on a call and softer when not, causing me to have to adjust the volume fairly often. To implement these two things would make an enormous amount of difference, and while some users may actually prefer the settings status quo, I feel that having the ability to adjust the settings will make the app more customizable and attractive to a wider audience.
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