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Found 29 results

  1. I would like to request that when viewing an album that is composed of 2 or more discs that all songs are properly tagged (in iTunes) with disc 1 of n, 2 of n, 3 of n, etc. That the songs when sorted by track number also take into account the disc number So instead of the songs being sorted 1. Disc 1 - Song 1 1. Disc 2 - Song 1 1. Disc 3 - Song 1 2. Disc 1 - Song 2 2. Disc 2 - Song 2 2. Disc 3 - Song 2 3. Disc 1 - Song 3 3. Disc 2 - Song 3 3. Disc 3 - Song 3 they sort properly as 1. Disc 1 - Song 1 2. Disc 1 - Song 2 3. Disc 1 - Song 3 1. Disc 2 - Song 1 2. Disc 2 - Song 2 3. Disc 2 - Song 3 1. Disc 3 - Song 1 2. Disc 3 - Song 2 3. Disc 3 - Song 3 Thank you if this would be possible for the next major release
  2. Hey, I recently switched to Android from Apple and one of the things I missed was the great music player Apple had. Thankfully Poweramp has provided another great way to listen to my music. I'm trying to customize it just like (or better) than Apple's player and one of the things I wish we can tweak is more sorting options for the "All Songs" list. Specifically it would be better if the words "A" and "The" can be skipped when sorting songs by alphabetical order. I think that's important because I find it easier to remember a song without the common "A" or "The" in front. Also can you please add an option to put numbered songs after "Z" on the list at the bottom. This is mostly a preference after being used to Apple, but it would be appreciated if I didn't have to adjust myself and just adjust my songs ahah Thanks!
  3. I would very much like to manually sort songs in each of my playlists. There are lots of auto sorting modes but not one that puts the songs in the order I want. I am a simple guy, in each playlist I would like my favorite song as the first one, at top of list, my second favorite song as the second one.....etc... and be able to move any song to a new spot in list manually. If there is already a way to do this I have missed it. I have PA 2.0.5 488 full I like PA, being able to manually sort my songs is my main request. Thanks
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this feature has been lost at some point. In "Library ==> Artists ==> <an artist> ==> All Artist Songs", I wish to have the list sorted/seperated by albums first, and then by track number within those albums. I think this used to be the default behaviour? I just changed to a new phone and I can't work out how to set it like that anymore. The closest I can seem to get is to sort by year (not ideal, sorts alphabetically after year), or to play individual albums with Poweramp set to advance through lists (also not ideal since I then can't loop just the list I want). Anyway thanks for listening, please correct me if I've just missed a setting somewhere! Apologies if this has already been mentioned somewhere!
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