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Found 79 results

  1. my Poweramp updated recently, within the past week or so, and now i can't find where i would select repeat and shuffle options. used to be right on the player, to the left and right of play/pause and all that. now?
  2. I accidently clicked shuffle and now I can't turn it off. Any help?
  3. Hi, What a great app! The thing that I really miss the most in my iPod nano is the ability to randomly choose an album and play its songs in-order. I think it should be fairly easy to implement because you already implement your own folder/album library so you don't have to depend much on android's api. In order to achieve this functionality in the current state I change shuffle mode to shuffle-all, then click on next song, then change shuffle mode to shuffle-off, then go back a folder and next a folder and the result is I get a random album playing from the beginning in-order. This mode of operation includes many clicks on the shuffle button which brings up some more issues: It's hard to understand which shuffle mode is currently on, especially when driving, because the button is almost the the same for all modes and you have to read the toast in order to understand which shuffle is on. so a different icon for different shuffle types could also be useful. And also a checkboxes in the settings to select which shuffle modes to be included in the cycle when clicking on the shuffle button would make life easier for me, because I don't use the shuffle songs within folder type, so it's an extra click each time I want to move from shuffle-all to shuffle-off. I hope that you take these feature requests and issues seriously... if this is hard to implement I can offer my programming services , but it seems that you DO know what you are doing... Thanks, J EDIT: I see that RC 2.0 has that feature!! yey!!
  4. Hi, I have just started using Poweramp and love it. I am however confused regarding the different kinds of Shuffle modes. I do understand the use of having different kinds of Repeat modes (off, repeat song, repeat artist/folder, repeat all), but in addition these are also suboptions on Shuffle? Repeat Current Folder + Shuffle All, does not make sense to me... and neither does a lot of other combinations. Shouldn't shuffle just be On/Off? What use is different kind of Shuffles?
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