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Found 46 results

  1. It is a little inconvenient when, after performing a search and scrolling through music, that I have to scroll to the top to get back to the search bar or do click on the three dots to get back to the search function. It would be nice if I could just swipe left to bring up the search box or go to a search screen and filter results, or do a new search. This way I don't have to aim for the three buttons or do a bunch of scrolling.
  2. When I search for "o", should match artist with "ò "or "õ" or "ö" or "ó", etc, in the name... Very important. I have many tracks with foreign names and lots of accents and other types of diacritic / diacritical mark characters. Please add this type of loose/fuzzy search as default. Thanks!!!!
  3. Device specifications: ● Android 4.4.2 ● TouchWiz 19505XXUFNC4 ● Galaxy S4 19505 (rooted) Poweramp specifications: ● 2.0.10-build-571-play (Full Version) Whenever I hold down the album art display, search for a new picture using the in app search feature and select one I want to display, nothing happens. All that is displayed is the stock "Poweramp" picture. The same thing happens if I try choosing from the "Pick From Gallery" option. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or is it a bug? Thanks.
  4. If you search your library right now you can add individual tracks to the queue by long pressing, then selecting "Enqueue". However, what I am looking for is an easy way to search and then add all of the search results to the queue. The use case is this: I am assembling a queue, generally fairly long, for a working session. A number of the albums I have purchased have extremely large track counts. "99 Essential ...", "50 greatest...", etc. Very frequently, these have large subsections that could have formed a whole on their own. This is especially true with classical music where multiple distinct works are mixed onto one "album" and I want to select a single work. So, I search for the name of the work and the selection of tracks come up and I want to grab the whole set and append them to the queue without grabbing each track manually or putting the entire album onto the queue.
  5. Poweramp Version: 2.0.2 build-458 (Full version) Device: VZW HTC Thunderbolt Android Version: 2.3.4 Custom ROM: No. Just as the topic proclaims: the filter feature has not worked for me since I upgraded to version 2.0. The feature for searching works (the all encompassing search feature where I have the press the spyglass button on the phone), but the filter feature (accessed by touching underneath, say, a folder directory) shows me 0 displayed results on typing in anything at all, even a single letter. The old school version of the filter feature (which, if I recall, was accessed via the spyglass button) worked fine for me in 1.4. I find it hard to believe that this is a problem unique to me, but maybe it is. I really miss the filter feature; it was fantastic because I have several folders with 300+ songs in them and want to search within that folder without having to type in more letters than necessary while, say, driving. It may be worth noting that I'm sorting things within folders by file name title in Poweramp, but if I recall the feature still wasn't working even before I fiddled with those settings. Any help or bug fixes you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. - C.J.
  6. Здравствуйте, отличный плеер, спасибо! Хотелось бы, чтобы он стал еще лучше. Вот, заметил пару багов с обложками, когда вручную выбираешь обложку, она применяется только если перейти в другой альбом\ папку и снова вернуться. (При автоматическом скачивании все ОК) При случайном порядке воспроизведения обложки перепутываются и не соответствуют песням. Не отображаются обложки, находящиеся внутри файлов .ogg И одно предложение: сделайте пожалуйста поиск регистронезависимым, не вижу смысла в поиске с учетом регистра, а неудобства при использовании поиска добавляется, невозможно упомнить в каких регистрах набраны теги во всех композициях. Спасибо. Извините, что на русском, Version 209 build 558 uni PS. Нашел раздел форума для русскоязычных, скопирую туда.
  7. Half the time when Download an album art it isn't the one I want and there isn't a way to earch manually. In N7 player you can do a custom Google Image search for album arts. This feature and it's creative UI are really the only thnigs N7player has over Poweramp.
  8. I bought this app today and I must say that this is probably the best android music player there is. Great job . At the moment im adding all the missing album art to my music collection. The built in search for album art works pretty good and I can get like 50-60% of the missing album art, which is great as most of my collection is pretty unknown. What I miss is an option to browse through google images and pick one manually. So what I would like to see is a small built in browser to search through google images so that you can pick images manually, if the suggested album art doesnt match. The option to edit the search terms for the album would be great too. Would love to see something like this in a future update!
  9. Hey I saw a topic similar to this in August, and a moderator acknowledged the suggestion, but I was wondering on the status of this: When you voice search (using Voice Actions / Google Now) Poweramp will respond as an optional intent to "Listen to..". However, Poweramp will pull up a list of results as if you had used the search function in the app. I'd like to further suggest that if one result is found (aka - high confidence), Poweramp should automatically enqueue the song and start playing it immediately. As nice as it would be to tap into the Voice Actions API, I know it is not possible to add custom voice actions such as "enqueue <song>" vs "play <song>". Some pseudocode: private void VoiceSearch(string[] VoiceToTextResult) { if (VoiceToTextResult.length == 1) { if (GetResultType(VoiceToTextResult[0]) == ResultType.Song) PlaySong(VoiceToTextResult[0]); else if (GetResultType(VoiceToTextResult[0]) == ResultType.Artist) PlayArtist(VoiceToTextResult[0]); else if (GetResultType(VoiceToTextResult[0]) == ResultType.Album) PlayAlbum(VoiceToTextResult[0]) } private ResultType GetResultType(string text) { ResultType result; //Logic return result; } public enum ResultType { Song, Artist, Album } Then add additional options toggling auto-play or whether to enqueue the result array or add it to the current playlist. Google Music does something like this, and I'm sure the fine devs of Poweramp are just as capable This is one of the minor things holding me back from getting the full version unlocker, as I use this feature a lot while driving. I'd provide more code but of course I have no access to the source so I'm not sure how PowerAmps functions work.
  10. Hey guys, since many new Android phones are missing the search button, please add a search button to the main screen and liberary screen. The Play Music App has this button and it is really helpfull. This is how it looks like on the play music app.
  11. Dear Poweramp developers, I came to your player and found it really comfortable to use, powerful, in a slick and wide design. In the end I was convinced by it's vast audio file format support and bought my licence. I only would like to make one small suggestion which would enhance my daily use enormously. I would love to have a kind of "one song play" within the search function. The reason is simple. Usually I pick my songs I would like to listen to one after another. So, basically after each song, I start to type the next song in the search box. Having searched, Poweramp plays all the songs which were found throughout the search after my song. That is somewhat annoying because it forces me to pause the list manually. Adding songs to a playlist never worked for me in this case, it is too strict. If I want to listen to more songs though, I put them together in a list. I think, this feature could be easily integrated. For example, a single file play button could be added just within the context menu which appears when you press long onto a song in the search results list. I hope this is possible, I would be very thankful. Regards teme
  12. I am alway interested to read more info about a particular band, album or track that I am listening to. One way to do this is via Wikipedia (or other music knowledge sites). I thought it would be cool, if say in the Info/Tags popup (menu -> Info/Tags), you could have a search icon next to the album, artist, and title - tapping one of those would quicky perform a search for that item in the Wikipedia app that I installed on my device. Alternatively it could open the list of registered search provider apps I have on my device, I select one, and then it searches for the item I have tapped on. MediaMonkey on PC has something similar - very powerful feature IMO. Viper21 PS. Interestingly, when I tap the Search button currently in the Info/Tags popup, it offers me Dolphin Browser, Internet, Music Player, Poweramp, Winamp, and YouTube, but not Wikipedia (which I have installed).
  13. Please make search easier to access. The only thing I miss about ios music player is the quick ability to search. Many of us ios converts with large libraries of music would greatly benefit from easier access to search. If there is one than I apologize I'm new to Android and this app but I love it. Alsi if you could extend search to widgets that too would be amazing.
  14. Hi, I am using a COWON Z2 which doesn't have a Search button. Even long pressing the menu button doesn't work. It just opens the menu when I leave the button. I've tried holding it for long enough. It would be great if the filter button is visible even when you have scrolled down the list. Not just at the start of the list. It will be a big relief for me and make the interface much more intuitive. I love everything about this app except this.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the early versions of Poweramp have the option to insert/edit comments or "tags" in a song? What I want to achieve is this. Just how there is an option for "topic tags" on this thread. I want to do the same for songs. It is kind of the reverse of adding a song to a playlist, except that song tags would be embedded in the ID3 tags of a song To make it simpler for you: if in Poweramp you could just enable the ability to edit the "comments" on songs. I could work wonders with that as well Cheers
  16. I have spent the better part of a day looking for a way to open a music file in Poweramp from Android's "Quick Search" function on both Gingerbread and ICS. From what I can tell, it is not currently possible as the players that do give results (such as Google Play Music and Player Pro) seem to be passing along their own internal search results rather than actually opening a file in an external application (although I'm no dev so I could have that all wrong). Please consider adding the functionality to add Poweramp as a "searchable item" from Quick Search. Thanks so much for a great app, I've been using it daily for a year and a half!
  17. Hi, I would like to be able to search songs according to what's in their id3 tags. In particular, I use the comments field in id3 tags (which is not editable in Poweramp v2.0, by the way) to store my own tags and create (dynamically autogenerate on my pc, manually maintain on Poweramp so far) playlists based on them. Being able to filter on strings contained in comment field of id3 tags would be very useful to me. Thanks, Fabrizio
  18. Hi, Okay, since this is off topic (as this board is intended for topics regarding the app only) I'm somewhat anxious, but hope I won't get banned for asking this. Would it be possible to reduce the minimal word length for the search function from 4 to 3 letters? The reason being: If I want to search the boards for topics that relate to certain file formats ... those mostly consist of three letters. Regards
  19. Hi ! I'd like to be able to change the keywords used to search for the album cover, or allow to search for more results. Sometimes, it doesn't correctly select the cover of the current playing song, so a long press on the cover starts searching for other covers. In most cases it works quite well. But sometimes it fails : - for custom/rare compilations where the "album" field of the MP3 tag is not the official album of the song but a different name. - The band / album is not well known or looks like an existing name more popupar (the french band "Dolly" always give me Dolly Parton covers) - The album name contains a lot of information (year, volume number, etc.) that I think might prevent the search to return correct results. So it would be nice if a long press on the search keywords (usually band - album name) in the search screen could allow the user to alter them in order to improve the accuracy of the search. Another good solution would be to allow the user to search for more covers. Today the search returns only a few results. At the bottom of the screen, a "more" button could help to find an appropriate cover. Thanks !
  20. Long presssing menu key presents a keyboard and it you type anything on it nothing happens. what about a feature that when you start pressing on it or when you long press keyboard search starts. Its very helpful for mobile phones without search key . What say?
  21. I'd love it if I were able to search for a song from the lock screen that would be so awesome! Please try to make it happen as with my job it would be so much easier than having to unlock it every time I wanted to search for a specific song.
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