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Found 5 results

  1. Whenever you you move a song from one folder to another in the same device, the song loses its play count and position in most played tracks. The moved audio file is treated as new song. In technical terms, whenever the path of a file is changed, the database entry is NOT updated with new path, instead a new entry is created in database of Poweramp which treats the audio file as new song. It would be awesome if this could be prevented, and the play count is linked to the name of song and artist rather than file path, I know its said easier than done, but it would be cool af. Everyone would
  2. Hello, I have a folder hierarchy and want to shuffle through all of it. This works fine by going to the root folder I want to suffle and pressing the shuffle button while there. The problem which I face is that if I stop listening and close Poweramp (swipe it away), the next time I open Poweramp back again it will switch by itself from shuffling all songs and folders to playing the current song's folder only. It is like it forgets the shuffle list and just plays the current folder. To go in more detail, say I have Folder A which contains 3 folders B,C,D which each contain 10 s
  3. I have a problem on 1 phone(or Poweramp installation)only..that after each new track my current "equalizer preset" changes back to another preset i have not choose n. What have i done, wow can i prevent this? without reinstalling the app
  4. Hi, I'm new in this page, I've searched for an answer to my question, I couldn't find it, so tha's why I'm posting.... My questions are 1. If I do a factory reset in my phone, do I have to buy it again? (license) 2. if I get the upgrades, do I lose my buyed license? Thank you all in advance Regards
  5. It'd be nice if there was an option to keep all of the songs in the queue but make it so they all can play(make them all un-grayed out)
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