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  1. Poweramp doesn't back to playlist after playing queue. When queue ends player stop playing.
  2. The queue seems to have a few issues that need to be looked at. I can make one just fine and it starts playing as it should when my current song ends. But after updating to the newest version (build 702) I can no longer swipe on the album art to change song when the queue is playing. It doesn't seem to make any difference what songs are in it, how many are in it or where it currently is in the queue. I can only change by clicking the buttons. As soon as the queue ends swiping works as normal. Another issue is that album arts aren't displayed correctly in the queue. It displays one al
  3. Hello! First off, thank you for a great app! Been using it since version 1! I have a question for you about a feature to add. I can delete my music files directly off the sdcard from the folder mode and the album mode. However, in playlist mode, I can only remove the song from the playlist. Is it possible to be able to delete files from the sdcard, directly selected from the playlist? Thanks!
  4. I've been reading up tonight on how to save playlists and, call me stupid, but only just 10 minutes ago discovered that i have to create the playlist first and then add to it in order to save them. This seems very backwards to me. I should be able to create a queue first and then save that as a playlist afterwards if i like it. I've been using Poweramp for years and was just about to go back to Winamp because of this. I'm told that most people use the "Queue" function for a quick fix of music and that it's only meant to be used as a temporary short term thing, but to me the word queue basica
  5. Hi, First I would like to thank you for a great app and using the Poweramp app (paid) version great. I would like to know whether this could be made as a feature: I have a folder containing 1000 tracks that is actively monitored by Poweramp. I have added a subset of tracks that match a criteria (genres or artist = 100 tracks) and add it to the queue which now contains 100 tracks. I sync up my android folder and then 10 new tracks are added, music folder contains 1010 tracks (auto updated to Poweramp library). If all the recently added media (10 tracks) matches my queue, I would like to aut
  6. Hello Poweramp-Forum, nice that I have found this forum! I try Poweramp since a few days and I must say: the app is very useful. But I have a little problem with playing my searched songs in the queue. Is there any option that can remove automaticly the played songs from this queue-list? thats very important for me! a lot of other (windows)-dj-programs, e.g. traktor, virtual-dj or digijay.at work on this way. I fill my queue with my songs and the program kill them from this list, if they are ready played. Another problem is: How can I move the songs inside the queue-list, e.g. f
  7. Inconsistent album Play / Enqueue behaviour. To Reproduce:Open app and clear queue.Enqueue an album to queue by long-press in the Library-Albums screen. (album1)Play another album by long-press in Library-Albums screen. (album2)Advance to next track. Expected:I expected it would play every track from album2.album2-t1album2-t2album2-t3... Actual:Instead it will play album2-t1 then advance to album1-t1 and continue playing the queue:album2-t1album1-t1album1-t2... Summary:If this is the designed behaviour, I find it confusing and distracting. It is worse when I launch the app, play an album and
  8. Hi, guys. Can you add an option just like the title says? Is quite annoying when you add a song to queue just to hear it from between your other songs and it keeps playing forever when "repeat list" is on. Thank you. I simply love Poweramp. Best player out there!
  9. Hello, Queue song sequence is changed unexpectedly when a song is added to a playlist. To reproduce: * add playlist to queue (e.g. 20 songs) * go to queue and select random play * let some songs of queue play, .e.g. until song AAA at queue position 5/20 * go back to song BBB at queue position 3/20 * add song BBB at queue position 3/20 via menu to another playlist Queue song sequence gets changed unexpectedly. Song BBB is now at position 5/20. Song AAA is now at position 3/20. Impact: if you go forward and backward through a queue and add songs to playlist the sequence is heavily changed so
  10. If you search your library right now you can add individual tracks to the queue by long pressing, then selecting "Enqueue". However, what I am looking for is an easy way to search and then add all of the search results to the queue. The use case is this: I am assembling a queue, generally fairly long, for a working session. A number of the albums I have purchased have extremely large track counts. "99 Essential ...", "50 greatest...", etc. Very frequently, these have large subsections that could have formed a whole on their own. This is especially true with classical music where multiple dis
  11. Hi, If I have some files queued (with enqueue) and am playing though them, then I enqueue some more, that works as expected as long as the original queue has not been fully played. If the queue has been fully played, powerapp empties the queue and replaces it with the new files I have just enqueued (plus the 1 file from the old queue thats currently playing). Is this intended behaviour? If so, its bizarre. I would expect the queue to keep queueing files until I tell it otherwise by manually clearing the Q. Anyway of turning this behaviour off? Thanks .
  12. Power amp is great and has potential to be the best. I usually end up playing DJ via bluetooth and found this app called party player that allows for sms song requests to come in play and start a que. I like the app but I think if it were already integrated into power amp itself it might flow easier. I know itunes had something similar like party shuffle or something like that but Id love to see it here since I have no use for apple and its products anymore. This option would allow more users to take part in the music being played only thru power amp.
  13. Here's the device details: Poweramp v2.0.9 build 554 Nexus 7 2013 32gb Android 4.4.2 Stock ROM I have a weird issue where I put a song in a Que (Hold and then tap "Enqueue") and after being played, the song sounds terrible and the pitch and time have changed. It's happened to every song I've tried and I tried playing the same song files on computer and in other players and seems that the song file is permanently changed. I find this a little bit odd and was wondering if anyone can help. Thanks, DD
  14. Hi, this problem is very poisonous. Very often I'm listening audiobooks, but sometimes, I want to listen some music. In this case I had to write down actual track and track's position of audiobook to continue in future. Can you do something like "Save listening" feature, please?
  15. I like a lot this music player. Definitely it's one of the best music players I could find in Playstore. But, I would definitely love to see a Smart Shuffle Playlist function. Used to play my music in an iOS app called Shuffle Better. It led me to shuffle all my music library, in a sort of On the go playlist, in random order. Then, I could add the song I wanted to play after the one I was listening. I could also lock the songs in the playlist by swiping my finger to the right (AND to the left it deleted the tracks I didn't want to listen) so I could RE-shuffle the playlist again but maintaning
  16. Hiii! Everytime I go for a run, I queue a playlist. So I can listen to my favourite songs. The thing is... if I would like to hear them egain another day, i have to clear the queue and add the songs again. I'd be very nice to have a "restart queue" button, so the already listened songs reset themselves! Thanks!
  17. I've been using Poweramp for a few days (on an android tablet) and am puzzled about how people use it (I'm basically very happy, but still feel I'm missing something obvious): The main function I want is to compose and play a list of music/songs. How does everyone else do this? 1) It seems I can go and clear the queue, then search thorough my albums/somgs and put them in the queue and then go and play the queue. This is possible, but seems a little trickier than it should be (even if I set it to "add to queue" with one button push). 2) I can just select an album to play and it will play.
  18. It'd be nice if there was an option to keep all of the songs in the queue but make it so they all can play(make them all un-grayed out)
  19. Hello. First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum for such questions. But anyway, here's an example: I have a playlist which I made and the filenames are 01. asda 02. gsd 03. hagsdf, etc. Poweramp plays them by tags and not by filename. How to make it play the tracks in filename order? I have the trial version. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Hi, I would like the queue not to remove any songs ever except when I explicitly command it to. This what I experience these days: I build a playlist in the queue using the songs I would like to listen to in the near future. I start to play the playlist. Then I poke around in the phone in other apps. Maybe I stop listening to music for some time, but the issue does happen even if I don't sto. When next time I want to add a song to the queue from the artist view by long pressing on a song and pressing enqueue, I would like it to be appended to the existing playlist. Instead, it removes all the
  21. Is there a way to get around this small queue problem I have encountered: Once all queued tracks are played, then while during being played a second time (lets say half way through the overall queue), if I add new tracks to the queue, the queue is sort of killed and a new one has been taken it's place (this new queue consists of the current track that was being played (from the original queue) and the freshly queued tracks). This has only happened to me a few times, but it is frustrating.
  22. I love Poweramp. I bought it long ago (not when it was on sale) and use it on a daily basis for hours on end. However, I have a couple small gripes... First off the bat, I often have problems regarding queued tracks and track that are currently playing. I've posted about this in the past but either it flies over most people's heads, or no one gives a toss. Hopefully I get some feedback this time. I like to queue up a good two or three hours worth of albums and then let it play while I work at my day job. Often I will browse for an artist in the Library, go into an album, and then select the
  23. Hello, Is there a chance that you can add an option to Ignore Repeat to queues (similar to the Ignore Shuffle option)? I often listen to a mix of a couple hundred or so songs on both shuffle and repeat, but if I ever want to use the queue, it only loops the queue and never returns to the original playlist.
  24. While my playlist is on "repeat list" and "Shuffle Songs, Lists in order" I want to add songs to the queue. After the queue has been played I want the player to go back to the playlist. Instead it repeats the queue because it's still on "repeat list". I am used to this by foobar and winamp on my computer. If it is not possbile yet -> move to feature request
  25. Hi, Can you (please) add a feature to add a song to the currently playing list (or the queue) by swiping on it (swipe left to play next, swipe right to play last) while browsing the library? Thanks!
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