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Found 69 results

  1. I have added further functionality to New Playlist Manager and It is now possible to apply a rating to a whole playlist in one go. If you for instance have a playlist you really like, simply select the "Rate Playlist" from its context menu in NPM, tap the number of stars you want to give and click OK. That's it.
  2. Могу ли я сделать так, что бы: 1) В плейлистах и в списке "все треки" рядом с каждым треком отображалась обложка его альбома (слева) 2) в списке "исполнители" скрывались исполнители, у которых найдено меньше 3х песен на устройстве 3) В "исполнители" отображать у найденныхв Last.fm исполнителей фотографию группы (вместо иконки микрофона) ?
  3. i am using Poweramp v2 build 588. Android ver Nougat 7.0 Stock Samsung rom rooted. I created my playlists in stock samsung music player and i tried to import them to Poweramp but Poweramp says imported playlists = 0 i also cleared Poweramp data and uninstall it but all in vain it still says 0 entries. What could be the problem.? Please Help
  4. I have had this music player for a few years now and granted it is the best music player on the market. For the life of me I can't figure out how to save playlists without exporting them, importing them and creating duplicates. If Poweramp could be a little more clear on how to achieve that, if it is already possible...or make the user interface a little more streamlined?
  5. I'm not sure if this feature/ability already exists, but I would find it very useful to be able to determine which playlists (if any) a certain song is on...or 'belongs to'. Perhaps in the 'Info/Tags' metadata for that particular song? For example, it would be useful if I needed to rename/re-title a song on my laptop, transfer it to my phone, and easily be able to 're-add' it to the same playlists as the previous version. As of now the only way I know how to determine this is to manually scan through each playlist. Thanks
  6. I have just started using PA and would like to know if there is a way to set Repeat and Shuffle options for all my 96 playlists in one go. I have found how to do them individually but a global setting would be great.
  7. FOR ANYONE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH SYNCHING PC PLAYLISTS WITH Poweramp Keeping mp3 files from my pc synched with my phone (via DriveAutoSync) works wonderfully. When I go into Poweramp, all the new songs are there. I also keep wpl playlists int the /music/playlist folder. They get synched and they play awesomely but some people might be misled by the fact that Poweramp lists them but shows them as "not loaded". Rest assured, when you select them, the songs will be there and will play!
  8. OK, so: anyone had success getting Poweramp to work on a Pixel Phone? I've managed to get everything transferred to it, and it MOSTLY works, but my playlist M3U files are showing as having zero songs listed in them. I've tried rewriting them with different file paths (never needed to before but figured it was worth a shot), and still nothing. I've also spoken to some incredibly unhelpful "support" people at Google, who claim that M3Us won't work on a Pixel phone, at all ... and when I ask if that's actually Pixel or ANY phone on Nougat get an answer that usually sounds like they are saying Pixel. Anyone? Ideas? HELLLLP!
  9. For many years, Poweramp users have been trying to backup their ratings but this functionality has so far not been developed by the Poweramp team. Over time, I have been adding more and more functionality to New Playlist Manager which integrates with Poweramp. Development of new functionality, focusing on backing up the Poweramp ratings and Times Played, has now completed and the latest release of my app now enables you to: > export and re- import your Poweramp "ratings" and "times played" > update your Poweramp "ratings" from the ID3V2 POPM tag of your music tracks > update the ID3V2 POPM tag of your music tracks using its Poweramp rating > show Poweramp and Android playlists > delete one or more Poweramp playlists > seamlessly launch Poweramp playlists > Export Poweramp playlists to android > Create a comma delimited text file containing your playlist's music details which you can upload to Soundcloud or other sites.
  10. I occasionally accidently knock my sim card (right next to the USB port) so that it disconnects, then reconnects ...and then Poweramp re-scans. (The sim contains all songs and playlists.) This has just happened for about the 5th time in the last month. When Poweramp re-scans all 67 of the playlists, they come in empty. I then re-can, And somehow I now have 193 playlists of which about 1/2 are empty duplicates. I can spend 1/2 hour, yet again, deleting all playlists individually and then re-scanning (which sometimes works). There must be an easier way to delete them all. This has gotten very tedious!!
  11. I have a ton of songs by different artists in one folder on my SD card and all in a folder-based playlist but they're seriously clogging up my Artists list. If I remove this folder from the folder scan it removes them from my Artist list but also clears out my playlist. I Don't need to see these songs anywhere other than in my playlist. Is there anything I can do about this?
  12. I love Poweramp, and it's currently my only way of reading music directly from a USB-OTG, but Poweramp can't read the iTunes data (stars, number of plays, etc) that iSyncr creates. The only player that I know of that can do that is Rocket Player. I would love it if Poweramp could read iTunes data created by iSyncr just like Rocket Player. Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone. Today I bought a SanDisk Ultra Dual USB-OTG Drive 3.0 64GB (exFAT), and used iSyncr to sync my iTunes 30GB (more than 6,300 tracks) music library onto it. Next, I plugged it inside my unrooted Nexus 5 with the latest Android updates, and started searching for a music player that could read the playlists from there. The first choice was Rocket Player - which is iSyncr's suggested player. It can read the music ranking (stars) and all other details that I created using iTunes if the files are synced onto the internal hard drive, but of course it can't read from a USB-OTG. I started trying random music players, and they all failed. Even the latest version of Poweramp couldn't do it. After searching the web for people with a similar problem, I found out that the latest alpha build of Poweramp should be able to do it! I installed Poweramp-alpha-build-703-uni.apk 703/704 build, and when I looked into which folders to tell it to read, an option popped up to "grant permission" for Poweramp to read my USB! After a full scan, the music files play perfectly (although I need to rescan the drive everytime I remove and reinsert it)! But for some reason it can't read the playlists. It SEES the playlists, but all of them have tags underneath that says: "not loaded yet". When I open one of them, it's empty - with 0 tracks in it. So I went on and tried to sync a playlist onto my Nexus 5 internal hard drive - and this time Poweramp could read and play the playlists just fine! At first I thought it was related to the .plb file extension that iSyncr uses to update its playlists, but the problem occurs only when Poweramp tries to read the playlists from an OTG-USB. I looked through the .m3u files on my PC using Notepad, and everything looks fine. Winamp plays them from the USB while it's connected to my PC with no problem. tl;dr Poweramp sees playlists created by iSyncr as empty - but only on the USB-OTG. If the playlists are on the Nexus 5 internal hard drive it reads them fine. In the meantime, I play my music based on Genres using that Poweramp alpha version, but of course I want to play my playlists (and hopefully see all other iTunes information that iSyncr creates, like track rankings). Did someone run into such a problem? Do you have any solution or something that I could try and didn't? Thank you. EDIT: OK! I did the following and found a temporary solution: I left all the synced files on the USB, but transferred the .m3u files only onto the internal hard drive of the Nexus 5, to another folder named syncr. I told Poweramp to grab files from both syncr folders, in the USB and on the Nexus 5, and for some reason now it works! It uses the the .m3u files on the internal hard drive to find the music files on the USB, which shouldn't work at all, but for some reason it does. So basically I now do the following everytime I want to sync my iTunes: 1. Sync the USB with iSyncr. 2. Copy the .m3u files from the USB syncr folder onto a hard drive syncr folder on my mobile. 3. Tell Poweramp to scan music in both folders. I still need to rescan the folders every time I insert the USB though. I hope this procedure will get easier in the future.
  14. I made my first Playlist and played it. However whenever I try to skip to the next song I get "list finished" and everything stops. Bit of a bummer. Any thoughts?
  15. Hi, Once again I have lost all music out of my playlists. I had a system update yesterday on my HTC One M8. This morning I go into Poweramp and am told I need to rescan folders. I do that and it turns out none of my folders with music in them on the SD card are selected any more. Also, playlists all contain ZERO music. These are 6 playlists with about 400 songs in each that have taken quite literally weeks to create one by one while listening. Why can we not get these playlists from somewhere?? Why does this keep happening randomly? Thank you.
  16. Saving (exporting) internal playlists is important in case of losing the playlists for different reasons or in order to change the mobile phone and re-install Poweramp using the old playlists. But then the former playlists become file-based playlist, which are not editable! The solution would be to change ("incorporate") the file based playlist into an internal playlist again with all the options for editing them. These new internal playlists can then again be saved for backup reasons and so on. So please make the file-based playlists, once imported, changeable to internal playlists. Thank you in advance.
  17. Hello, I am looking for some help building a music play list. I want to be able to take my new Motorola Android phone on the beach, and play music on my new bluetooth speaker, without streaming (because I do not want to use my data allotment). I want it kept local. I need help building the playlist on my desktop computer. What I would like to do is convert all of my YouTube songs I have in a desktop file folder to mp3 files (I think I want mp3 format - I would take suggestions for other format - also, if anyone can suggest a YouTube converter that is decent, I would welcome that recommendation.) Once I have playlist built, I need help on converting that playlist on the desktop, over to the Motorola Android phone, where I intend to purchase Poweramp. Thanks a million for any help. - Mark
  18. Hi, iTunes has a convenient feature which allows users to export their entire library info such as playlists, play counts, song genres, song ratings, etc. to a ".xml" (the feature can be found under: "File > Export Library"). There are not a lot of easy ways to sync iTunes with Android devices: "Easy Phone Tunes", "iSyncr", and "Double Twist" to name a few, but I want a solution which allows me to manage my music without downloading additional software. What I would like is this: let me copy my iTunes folder along with the Library.xml file to my device and have Poweramp recognize the .xml file and use it for library management to create my playlists, set song start/stop timing, etc. A lot of Android users still use iTunes to manage their music. I think that if Poweramp included this feature, it could get a lot of attention from those users who are looking for an awesome music player which is highly iTunes compatible! Thanks for considering the request,
  19. Poweramp requested that i renew my license or something. By the way, I did pay for the app on google play store, i did not pirate the app. After connecting to wifi, i tried to renew my license but it just said pending... and then failed. So i was forced to reinstall the application. This happened to work and my license got renewed but....my recently added playlists got deleted, my playlists made using the Poweramp app was missing, album art etc. I was able to recover the files because when i reinstalled the app, it made a new folder instead of replacing the old one. I copied and pasted the files into the new directory for the Poweramp app and i got all my album art and recently added playlist back. However, I did not get my mannually added playlists back. I used Poweramp to make those playlists, why can't i recover that playlists? I have over 600 songs organized into playlists and I am not going to do it again! Please tell me if i can still recover those files. I tried rescanning folders and lists in the Poweramp settings but i didn't get any of the playlists i made.
  20. New to Poweramp and to this forum. Imagine I have two playlists. Playlist A with songs 1, 2, and 3. Playlist B with songs 4, 5, and 6. I start listening to Playlist A song 1. I stop listening to Playlist A song 1 half way because I changed my mind and I want to listen to Playlist B. I start listening to Playlist B song 4. I stop listening to song 4 half way because I want to go back and continue to listen to Playlist A. My question: Is there a setting that would allow me to pick up exactly where I stopped listening on Playlist A (where I left off, in the middle of song 1 Playlist A)? Thank you for your time.
  21. I'd like to be able to place shortcuts to selected playlists on the home screen of my Galaxy S5. That is, I like to sort playlists into folders on the home screen, and I need shortcuts to do that. Thanks for the amazing Poweramp.
  22. Recently I have been trying to sort my collection of songs into many playlists based on mood/energy/situations. As I have been doing this, most songs have been needed to be put in more than one playlist and it is not very efficient to add them to only one playlist at a time. Would it be possible to allow the Add To Playlist command to highlight multiple playlists that I want to put a song into?
  23. I have metadata missing from some tracks and some tracks are missing from playlists. The data is correct on the device because it is available in Google's Play Music app as are the playlists. I have re-scanned the music folder multiple times, i have cleared data and i have uninstalled & re-installed the app but nothing works. Is there anything else you can suggest?
  24. I have synchronized my music on a Samsung Tablet with a memory card with Windows Media Player 12. All of my playlists appear in the Playlists folder on my tablet. However, all of them do not import when I click on "Import System Library Playlists." The Playlist folder is included in the music folders to be used in folders/library.
  25. I'm prolly overlooking something, but I can't add the currently playing song to a playlist. The menu item to do this is greyed out.
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