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  1. Hi, Just bought Poweramp from Google Playstore. It is an amazing app! I do not know if this is already in the settings but I am unable to find it. I want all the songs that have already been played in a playlist to change color. This is helpful when you switch between playlists. All that is needed is if the play-head crosses from the end of 1 song to the next one in a playlist the previous song title changes color. This is already implemented in Queue! All the songs that have been played change color to dark grey. Is there some setting I need to switch-on to make this featu
  2. When I switched back and forth between those versions, I lost all the Most Played playlist, that's annoying. Is there any way to backup all of them? Thanks in advance,! and Happy New Year!
  3. Is there anyway for me to limit number of songs in recently added list? for example the default is 200 songs but I want 50. Also I use MusicBee to import songs, how do I sync playlist with it? thanks,
  4. When scrolling through a playlist with more songs on your device, you can scroll in alphabetical order, but some with the narrow limits it is impossible to click on the scroll line! You can make it a little more?
  5. I can best explain this by an example. You hear all your music in shuffle Mode but as the next song you want to hear your favorite one so you choose it to "play next" and then it will play after the current song ends (for example you are at song 35/500 and then you do this and your favorite song will play at 36/500). I really liked this feature in the google Play music app but since i only use Poweramp i would be glad if this would be added. With this you can also play the song you want as the next one without restarting the whole shuffle playlist ^^
  6. Hello. Is there some way to delete the whole que or do you have to delete each individual track? How do you play a playlist only? I selected the playlist I wanted but it keeps going back to the whole track list. Thanks!!!
  7. Hi, I am on 2.0.10 build 588-play Full Version. and on 3.0 beta! I accidently created a playlist of nearly 100.000 titles. I can not delete this list. When I push the "x" button PA waits a few seconds and goes then to the main screen. The Playlist is still there. No big deal, but still a bug. I could help myself if someone would tell me where and in what format PA stores playlists. Seems to be a mystery. I created a playlist and then looked for the name in my explorer, without success. My device is rooted.
  8. Is it possible to pin the last created playlist to the top so that we don't need to scroll the whole list when creating a new list. it's quite long winded when adding new songs and the list is low down on the alphabet.
  9. Hi It would be great to supply a mode for one-touch playlist management from the play-screen. Consider the following scenario: I have just purchased a new album. I set the straight playback and start driving my car while listening to the music.While I listen I like/dislike tracks. At this moment I can only react with stars which does not help me much. I do not really need the album cover at this moment. I would rather like to have a pair of huge buttons: up (like) and down (dislike). The result I would expect is an explicit playlist made of the tracks I "liked". One-touch is a m
  10. This isn't a feature vital to the listening experience, but it would be a great quality of life thing. For me, anyway. When I had a Galaxy S3 a few years back, the stock music player on the phone had this feature: You could assign an image to a playlist, in much the same way albums have album art. That way, when you scroll down your list of playlists, you'd see your custom icons next to the playlist names instead of just some generic placeholder icon. For example, I used a picture with a bunch of laser beams on it for an EDM playlist, and a picture of young Clint Eastwood for a playlist o
  11. When setting up my phone I had an existing music collection with playlists in m3u format on a memory card. Poweramp recognized them nicely and worked fine with them. Now I have added a new track by copying it from dropbox to the collection's folder on the memory card. I located that track in Poweramp's folder-view, long-pressed it, selected "add to playlist" and chose an existing playlist. After that the playlist had only one track, the one I had added. I retried that with a different playlist, same effect. Good that I still had the original m3u file somewhere else, so that I could
  12. That's a fairly simple thing I guess . A display of the total length of a playlist/queue on the list would be great. That would be very useful when making playlists for running or workout. For instance I do 45 minute sessions of running and it would be great to know if I have enough tracks for that period of time. Cheers
  13. I m a fan since many years now. When using Poweramp on a tablet and view the playlists it is a shame how much space is empty. It would be better to be able to chance it to a pattern view (2collumn or 3collumn) via list options like it is already there in the folder section. It would be espacially helpfull while using it in the car because the scrolling through the lists is very distractring. Thanks for considering it!
  14. When I try to add a song or songs to a playlist that hasn't been loaded, Poweramp would delete the current playlist content to add only the new ones. I have only tried it with File-based Playlists. You should add a feature to load the playlist prior adding new songs.
  15. Hi, before explain my issue: 1) Sorry if someone had already posted this, but I wasn't able to find it in this forum 2) I am using the Alpha version but the issue happens also with the stable one. What I noticed is that Poweramp doesn't bring in all the songs avaiable in a playlist. In my example, I have a playllist of #359 tracks, but Poweramp sees only #325 (see pics). few considerations: - I made a rescan and a full rescan - Other players (ie JetAudio) can read the whole playlist Model: Samsung Galaxy S6 OS: Android 6.0.1 Power
  16. Marshmallow 6.13.661.9 Htc one m8 Newest PA release since April 3 Ever since marshmallow upgrade, all playlists created previously in PA licensed, show up with zero songs. Songs still in same locations on SD, reselected folders, rescanned, imported, still zero songs. New playlists create fine, album playlists not created in PA from old folders still read and play fine. Please help so I don't have to rebuild all my old playlists.
  17. Poweramp Version: 2.0.10-build-588-play (Full Version) Sony Xperia Z3 Android version: Upgrading to Android 6.0.1 (dont know exact previous version) All my music is located on an SC card Upon using Poweramp for the first time after the Android update (a day or so later maybe) I discovered that: My scan or "watch" directories had been reset My playlists now show "0 songs" (and are 0 bytes in size). I foun this topic and while not all the variables are the same, it leads me to believe a similar thing has happened to me, as the playlist itself would be on internal
  18. Hi. I love Poweramp and currently is the best player for me, but it lack just one thing that the previous player I used has: live playlists. In Rocket Player I could make playlists setting up some conditions, for example: In this way, the player will add all the 5-stars musics from Metallica, Epica and Pentakill and dubstep musics. Only the "RATING IS 5" is marked as required rule. It's like if the music have 5 stars, then if the music contains "Metallica", or "Epica", or "Pentakill" as artist or "Dubstep" as genre, add to the list. If I delete or modify something, the play
  19. G'day, I've been using android since the first samsung galaxy came out and Poweramp is the only app that i have ever felt worthy of paying for, if it costs money i won't use it but Poweramp is just too good not to have full access to and now it is the only one that i have ever decided to comment on, it's a realy good app, congrats on that but i have two devices, my phone and a tablet and i use only Poweramp on both of them, i had several hundred songs on my phone when i got my tablet so i installed Poweramp and transferred all my songs to my tab, now almost two years later i have considerable
  20. I use Poweramp a lot - it is my favorite player - thanks. Sometimes I listen to Audio books - which by their nature are long. So I set Poweramp off playing the many tracks from a folder (or playlist). However sometimes I want a break and to listen to some music. What I would like to have is two (or more) play memories which I can switch between = one for remembering where I am in my Audio book and one for my music. I would then like to be able to switch between them so that when I switch back to the Audio book play memory, I resume where I last left off. The same for when I switch to the
  21. Dear developers and @admin! Now is's impossible to add "smart" playlist as widget on desktop. But i think, it can help a lot of people to listen musiс more comfortable. Especially, car drivers of all the world must like it!
  22. This applies to both, the stable and beta releases. First about my setup I'm on a Lg-g4 h811 I'm running cm13 nightly (built on 02/18/2016) Selinux is set to permissive Im using viper4android as a priv-app I have some xposed modules however none should effect Viper or Poweramp My Poweramp release chanel is beta/alpha my Poweramp version is alpha-build-703-play My request. Allow me to tell Poweramp to make file playlists, instead of Poweramp playlists. My reason. I share a Playlist between my volumio install, and my Poweramp on android, this way all
  23. I sync my music between Windows Media Player and my SD card (Sony Xperia Z2 phone), and listen on the phone with Poweramp. I have the unlocked paid version. At the start I was very happy with it, but at some point it stopped being able to find (and so also being able to update) my synced (so created in WMP) playlists. The only way I have been able to find playlists was to go through Settings > Folders and Library > Import System Playlists. Then it does find the playlists, so I know they're on the device and in the right folder. HOWEVER, going this path means that whenever I update p
  24. One thing that can be done is I-tunes is building playlists based on words in the comments. So I have the word "Explicit" in the comments of the appropriate songs and can use that to excludes songs in a playlist for my kids. I also have individual tracks I have bought that I like to have in a playlist by fiding the word "mix" in the comments. Thanks Scott
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