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Found 213 results

  1. I am running 2.0.10-build-575-play the full version, on Samsung Galaxy S5 and it will no longer read the new playlists once i have synced them. it used too, but now that i am back on a windows 8.1 system, with mediaplayer it will no longer see the new playlist, and if i import, it creates duplicates.
  2. Hi I had a galaxy s4 on which i created a playlist in Poweramp. The display of the galaxy s4 suddenly broke and buyed a new phone. I looked for the playlist on my old phone by connecting it to a computer and looking through the folders. But I couldn't find my Poweramp playlist. Where are the playlists saved, when i didn't export them? Is there a posibillity of exporting the playlist without using the display of the device? Thanks Office-R
  3. Recently I have been trying to sort my collection of songs into many playlists based on mood/energy/situations. As I have been doing this, most songs have been needed to be put in more than one playlist and it is not very efficient to add them to only one playlist at a time. Would it be possible to allow the Add To Playlist command to highlight multiple playlists that I want to put a song into?
  4. If I am playing a playlist, and a song comes on that I want to then navigate to either the song's artist or album, are there any ways to do that other than navigating all the way back out to the main screen and then drilling down into the album or artist list? I used to use a feature like this often on my iPod, but I haven't any way to accomplish it in the Poweramp Player. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Hello, Queue song sequence is changed unexpectedly when a song is added to a playlist. To reproduce: * add playlist to queue (e.g. 20 songs) * go to queue and select random play * let some songs of queue play, .e.g. until song AAA at queue position 5/20 * go back to song BBB at queue position 3/20 * add song BBB at queue position 3/20 via menu to another playlist Queue song sequence gets changed unexpectedly. Song BBB is now at position 5/20. Song AAA is now at position 3/20. Impact: if you go forward and backward through a queue and add songs to playlist the sequence is heavily changed so you get missed some songs since they move to the already played part. Reiner
  6. Hi, I have noticed that this seems to be a pretty common issue on the forums but have yet to actually find a thread where the advice helped me. My problem, for those yet unfamiliar with this issue, is that my playlists aren't being properly imported into Poweramp when I sync my phone music with windows media player. The playlist shows up, but the player says that there are 0 songs in it. Here is a list of all the things I have tried to remedy this situation so far, along with descriptions of how I tried to implement them: 1. Saving the playlist in different places -In wmp (or rather, in my computer), I have all my song files in a folder called 'Music', with no separation by sub-folders. The only subfolder in 'Music' is a folder called 'Playlists' where wmp saves my playlist file in .wpl format. -I created a folder called Playlists inside the music folder on my android where wmp is sending all the synced songs, and put my playlist directly into there. Still no luck, Poweramp is entirely clueless that this playlist even exists. Possible problems with this fix: -When I sync songs to my android, windows media player puts them in the android's music folder, however it separates them into subfolder within the music folder by artists. For example \MyAndroid\Music\blink-182\FirstDate.mp3 as opposed to \MyComputer\Music\FirstDate.mp3 so it could be that the playlist file expects the song files to be one folder above it, only to discover that they aren't there since wmp saves them into subfolders within the android music folder. 2. Convering the playlist to .m3u format -I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing this, I assumed that simply changing the extension on the file from .wpl to .m3u would do the trick but it doesn't seem to have, Poweramp remains cluesless as to what's going on. Is there anything I can do about this short of paying more money for a different app? Additional info: -I religiously made sure that all the relevant folders were checked via settings in Poweramp, so the problem isn't that Poweramp isn't looking where I want it to look. Neither a rescan not a restart seems to give it a hint. -The song files in the playlist still show up in my library. Poweramp has no problem recognizing the mp3 and wma files that I am importing, only playlists.
  7. Hi, First or all, of course, I just love this application. You guys did a great job! I copied a bunch of songs to my phone, and I'm going through them, assigning songs to various playlists. The one thing that I would like is to know is if a song is already assigned to a playlist. Or, possibly a system maintained playlist of songs that aren't on any other playlist. Kind regards, Bill
  8. Hi, I'm trying to play specific track in playlist, by calling API like below. startService(new Intent(PowerampAPI.ACTION_API_COMMAND) .putExtra(PowerampAPI.COMMAND, PowerampAPI.Commands.OPEN_TO_PLAY) .setData(uridata.build())); where uridata is content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/playlists/#/files/# When I specify track id at end, it doesn't work (player does nothing). It works fine with albums, folders, artists. When I specify index number (starting with 1), some of them work but some doesn't. Is specifying track for playlist differ from others? What number should I add after files/ path?
  9. repoflor

    Playlist based on bpm

    It would be great if Poweramp could create an automatic playlist based on the bpm which you select ~when you don't wanna choose a song, neither use the random mode PS.: sorry my english, I'm learning!
  10. Hello, I'm currently using Poweramp (2.0.9 on Android 4.3 on a Sony Xperia Z1). This may not be seen as a full new feature but rather a good improvement in ease of use (here it is playlist creation speed). What I want to do is quicky create the playlist I want. I would like and equivalent way of doing like on linux or windows explorer combined with vlc : quick search in my music folder to find my song and then only one click to add to the playlist I create. So it would be a combination of two existing features of Poweramp : - when in any playlist, I can press : menu > add to a playlist and then each time I click on a song it is added (the most perfect fonctionning would be that it adds the songs in the order I click them and not by alphabetic order, but maybe it is wishable only if it does not complicate the code of the app too much) - I can also press : menu > search and it brings me to the music search screen. Once I type in the beginning of the name of the music it shows me the results I wanted, then I have to hold the music I want to add to the playlist, then press add to a playlist, the select the playlist in the list. Which takes so much time. Whereas if these to features were combined, I would just have to do something like : menu > search > add to a playlist or menu > search & add to a playlist then I would type in the beginning of my song's name and the results would be shown just as like as the search feature, and then I would click on the chosen song and it would be added, and then I could search for my next song and add it just by typing in again the name I want. This would be so much time saving and most would enjoy so much more their music experience with that already great music player ! Some will find that I am to picky in requesting that functionning, but I think those who are constantly creating playlists like me will understand.
  11. You should be able to view playlists by Album, in the same manner you would navigate the "Albums". Example: https://i.imgur.com/v22IvHH.png Similar to iTunes: http://imgur.com/1v2Kay3 If you have a playlist of say, your favorite Albums this would make playing them much easier to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. It's a feature I've always wanted on my phone, and I yet to see anyone implement it on a mobile music player.
  12. I've looked through a bunch of forum topics to find a solution but didn't find a fix, so if someone can help me out here that would be appreciated. I'm not the most tech-savvy and I'm not a programmer, by the way. The closest thread I found was (http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6258-Poweramp-database-missing-song/) but I still couldn't find the solution to my problem. The problem I'm having, in summary, is: Poweramp is missing songs from playlists. Basic info: * Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 3, unrooted * Computer: MacBook Pro, Retina * I've used the full unlocked version of Poweramp for years. Had similar problem with missing songs before, that I thought I solved by creating all my mp3 files and playlists exactly the same way. Maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to notice it after a while, but recently I noticed some of my newly transferred songs weren't playing, only to realize they weren't appearing on the Poweramp playlist. To make things uniform I treat all my music files the same way as follows: 1. All of my music files are opened in an audio editor (Goldwave) and resaved as mp3 files at the same bit rate. 2. All the mp3 files are then tagged using mp3tag. 3. All the mp3 files are then opened in iTunes and added to the appropriate playlists in iTunes. 4. Fresh m3u playlists are exported from iTunes, and the .m3u files are then copied to a "Playlists" folder on my Note 3's external SD card. 5. All the mp3 files are copied to my Note 3's external SD card. All music folders on the external SD card are exactly the same as on my computer/hard drive. 6. In Poweramp's Folders and Library menu I click "Music Folders" and then I select exactly, and only, two things (both on the "/storage/extSdCard"): a. "/Music" This is my main music folder. In it are dozens of sub-folders named by artist, in which are the mp3 files. The folder structure and names, etc., are exactly the same as on my computer and hard drive. b. "/Playlists" This is the folder where I put my m3u playlist files. 7. Poweramp performs a Full Rescan. 8. Note that I repeated these steps as freshly as I could, such as after going into Application Manager for Poweramp and clicking "Clear data" and "Clear cache". I also uninstalled Poweramp and Poweramp Full Version Unlocker, then reinstalled them. THE PROBLEM(S): 1. The main problem is that in Poweramp, the newly-imported playlists are missing songs. For example, my main playlist ("0 My Music Library.m3u") has 2125 songs in iTunes, but in Poweramp it shows only 2105 songs. This is the problem I REALLY want to have solved. * Note that if I go into Poweramp's "Artists" menu, the songs are there, and if I click on them there, they will play. The songs just don't show up in the .m3u playlists themselves. 2. A secondary (perhaps minor) problem is that when I scan in Poweramp (as noted above in steps 1-7/8), some playlists appear twice. For instance, I have playlists called "00 Favorites" and "000" and they both show up at least twice in the playlists menu of Poweramp. Again, please note that I'm not a programmer and not the most tech-savvy (I get the basics). If someone has a solution to my problem, that would be wonderful if you could share it and help me solve these problems. Thanks.
  13. I have some Albums that I really like to listen to regularly, however I don't like having to dig through all my albums just to find one. Is there currently a way to set a playlist so it is viewed as a list of Albums (as if you chose "Albums" instead of "Playlists")?
  14. I want to do what the subject says. When it gets done playing it stops with the message "List Finished". I kind of what it random to the point it plays some songs twice before playing others. Like random random.
  15. I want to export a my 91 song playlist over to another musicplayer but I can't because nothing reads .m3u8 and I just searched dthe internet for a .m3u8 to .m3u converter and amazingly (at lest to me) nothing of substance came up.
  16. 222days


    Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to disable/hide second line under the song name. I simply want it to show only song name. I have lots of song(+800), it would be cool to shorten the playlist I attached a link to show as an example. Hope you can help, thank you.
  17. Hi all. I am the owner of a HTC M8 and have been using Poweramp for ages. Recently I am experiencing FC issues with Poweramp. Whenever I try to edit, create or do anything with a playlist, the app force closes. When I press the shuffle button, the app force closes. It is getting to a point that Poweramp is virtually impossible to manage. I mostly listen to FLAC an am currently on ARHD 11.1 as my ROM. HAs anyone experienced similar issues or does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Tried reverting to old version, tried uninstalling and reinstalling and clearing all the caches countless times, all with similar results. Any input on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.....
  18. When I play a song from the Recently Added playlist, the next song played will be from the All Songs playlist instead of staying within the Recently Added list. Device: LG G2 No custom ROM Android 4.2.2 running Poweramp 2.0.9 build 548
  19. Hey there, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section (newcomer here). I've been having playlist syncing issues for quite some time now. I use iSyncr to sync all my music to an external sd card. If I create a new playlist on iTunes and sync that to my device, iSyncr gives the playlist a .m3u extension. After a rescan, Poweramp will detect the new .m3u playlist and add that in. Now, if I make a change/update to an existing playlist (add new songs, change song order etc.), and sync that, iSyncr renames the playlist's extension from .m3u to .plb. Poweramp's scanner doesn't detect this .plb playlist. I'm having to manually re-rename the extension back to .m3u in order for Poweramp to scan it through. Any help/suggestions? I've emailed the guys at iSyncr about this as well. Also other issues: Rescanned File-based playlists always say not loaded yet, even though all the songs are in there. Only when I go into a playlist will the number of songs show.Any way to stop file-based playlists from showing their extensions (.m3u)? It has quite an unpolished, messy look. I would love it if file-based playlists were displayed the same way as system playlists.Importing System Library Playlists is quite buggy. After a fresh sync, the number of playlists imported can vary from 20 to 111. It's difficult to get an import that imports all the playlists.
  20. woric

    Starting a m3u playlist?

    Is it possible to start playing an m3u playlist using the API? I have tried using the example code and it skips to the next track in the current playlist, woric PS: Opening an m3u file from any other external application (which Poweramp claims to handle) also does the same thing.
  21. stonefox

    Playlist - Easy creating

    Hi I there any way I can create playlist on my laptop, and after copy the to my device for playing the with "Poweramp" ? Or any easy way to do I ?
  22. I'm a good fan of Poweramp from Sri Lanka & so I bought this app. Its got really cool features. But it would be a great app if below mentioned modifications can be applied to this app regarding Syncing/importing playlist. I'm using win Media player to sync playlists with my nexus 4. Lets Imagine that I have 10-12 playlists and I need to add new one from my pc to Poweramp playlists. The basic steps are PC-->nexus 4 system --->import system playlists from Poweramp settings. But when you do this,all of the old play lists also imported & auto renamed again with the new one. Then we need to delete old playlists one by one (even without multi select) Dear developer, This is my problem now. So pls make Poweramp import play list setting more user friendly to overcome above mentioned user difficulties. Thank you
  23. I reported this defect via the bug tracking page mentioned in the first topic in this Bugs forum. I thought I'd also post it here in case anyone else is running into problems where songs are missing from playlists. File based playlists are not correctly imported if file path contains accented characters. The playlist is partially imported, minus the tracks with the characters. The tracks show up in other areas, such as the Songs list, and play without issue. 2 specific examples:The Tool album Ænima name starts with an A-E ligature. None of the songs on that album appear in the Poweramp playlist.A Perfect Circle has a song entitled Breña and the lowercase n has a tilde accent. This song does not make it to the playlist. I used the 920 Text Editor to view the .m3u file in question and the characters are properly displayed. I used a file browser to look that the file paths and that information is displayed correctly as well. This defect breaks my custom playlists that my syncing software uses to move files on/off my device and to also create "Radio Station" playlists. I never get to hear the songs because they don't make it into the playlists and I'm not warned about it.
  24. First, I'd like to say Poweramp is by far the best music player I have come across. What I'd like to request (unless it's already a feature, in which case, someone please enlighten me) is the ability to select a track in my library and see what playlists I have added it to. Thanks.
  25. Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy SIII and Poweramp 2.0.9 build 558-play (Full Version). Everytime I add music to my external Sd card (I switch the phone off, I add music from a PC and restart the phone) if I try to listen to a single Disc or a Playlist (even the "last added" playlist) it ignores me, plays the first song (the one i clicked on) and it goes on playing the whole library ignoring my choice (so instead of 1/12 on the low right corner i find 1/2644). This is frustrating. The only way to fix is to "DELETE DATA AND CACHE" in the Phone /Settings but in this case I lose all my rating, playlists and so on. It also happens on my wife's phone (same SIII, same Android Version and same Poweramp version). Some suggestion?