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Found 219 results

  1. Dear developers and @admin! Now is's impossible to add "smart" playlist as widget on desktop. But i think, it can help a lot of people to listen musiс more comfortable. Especially, car drivers of all the world must like it!
  2. This applies to both, the stable and beta releases. First about my setup I'm on a Lg-g4 h811 I'm running cm13 nightly (built on 02/18/2016) Selinux is set to permissive Im using viper4android as a priv-app I have some xposed modules however none should effect Viper or Poweramp My Poweramp release chanel is beta/alpha my Poweramp version is alpha-build-703-play My request. Allow me to tell Poweramp to make file playlists, instead of Poweramp playlists. My reason. I share a Playlist between my volumio install, and my Poweramp on android, this way all my changes are mirrored, the only change I make is to the root of my music, via find and replace.
  3. I sync my music between Windows Media Player and my SD card (Sony Xperia Z2 phone), and listen on the phone with Poweramp. I have the unlocked paid version. At the start I was very happy with it, but at some point it stopped being able to find (and so also being able to update) my synced (so created in WMP) playlists. The only way I have been able to find playlists was to go through Settings > Folders and Library > Import System Playlists. Then it does find the playlists, so I know they're on the device and in the right folder. HOWEVER, going this path means that whenever I update playlists or create new ones on my computer in WMP, I have to re-import, and then I have all the playlists double, and have to manually delete their older versions, and it's getting on my last nerve; this is also such bad functionality that I just think this can't be right. But I've really tried everything I can think of (checked file paths, scan settings; this morning I deleted everything off my SD card and did a fresh re-sync), and I don't know why Poweramp cannot find my playlists in the regular scan. Does anyone have pointers what else I might be doing wrong, or is this a bug? (I googled playlists and Poweramp, but didn't see anything indicating that this was a common problem.)
  4. One thing that can be done is I-tunes is building playlists based on words in the comments. So I have the word "Explicit" in the comments of the appropriate songs and can use that to excludes songs in a playlist for my kids. I also have individual tracks I have bought that I like to have in a playlist by fiding the word "mix" in the comments. Thanks Scott
  5. Great app but could use some playlist love. Would love to see some auto generated playlists. Decades Genres Most Played etc.. Playlist resolver This might be a bit more esoteric, but it would be great if you could import existing playlists from your computer and have the app try to resolve matching items. It would save lots of time trying to either hand edit or recreating from scratch. There are some good apps out there that do this on the PC already like listfix. Anyway, it would certainly set this app apart. Playlists Backup? I am sensitive to this right now since I just lost everything on my phone when my provider upgraded my phone to Marshmallow. I've seen some app solutions for backing up your playlists, but it would be even better to have it integrated into the app. I doubt you want to deal with cloud hosting, but maybe plugins for existing cloud services? There may be a better solution but I'd love to see something that addresses this issue built right in. Keep up the great work!
  6. Since I have switched to Poweramp, after doing a scan on my Galaxy S3, it found a lot of double entries. One entry with m3u and the other with m3u8. Why is this happening and also which one should I keep? Thanks
  7. Hi, first of all many thanks for this amazing app, i bought it within 10 mins of trying the demo - it was already he best audio player I've ever tried on android! So I spent about 8 hours rating 4000~ of my songs last night, only to find out the top rated playlist for some reason lists ALL rated songs! This means I can not play the list on shuffle, and its pretty pointless having a top rated playlist filled with songs of all ratings. OK they are sorted highest rating first but you can do that already in any playlist. My suggestion is to add an option in the config to only allow songs on the playlist that have a rating of X stars or higher.
  8. Hi I have android 5.1 device and Poweramp 2.0.10-build-585-play. It seems that since upgrading to this version i can no more handle playlists : i cant create new ones or add a song to an existing playlist. When trying to do it the menu "add to existing playlist" is grey. .. Thanks for your help
  9. Hello! First off, thank you for a great app! Been using it since version 1! I have a question for you about a feature to add. I can delete my music files directly off the sdcard from the folder mode and the album mode. However, in playlist mode, I can only remove the song from the playlist. Is it possible to be able to delete files from the sdcard, directly selected from the playlist? Thanks!
  10. I've been reading up tonight on how to save playlists and, call me stupid, but only just 10 minutes ago discovered that i have to create the playlist first and then add to it in order to save them. This seems very backwards to me. I should be able to create a queue first and then save that as a playlist afterwards if i like it. I've been using Poweramp for years and was just about to go back to Winamp because of this. I'm told that most people use the "Queue" function for a quick fix of music and that it's only meant to be used as a temporary short term thing, but to me the word queue basically means playlist and it's the core of any music playback software to me. When i build a queue up i'm making a playlist. I'm a guy who knows exactly what i want to listen to for each track and i guide the queue in moods and swings all preplanned according to my current mood. Anyway, my point really is that i feel it's far more intuitive to simply build a queue up and then, if i like it, i can click somewhere and save that queue as a playlist, that's what Winamp allows. I can't be sure when i start out if i want to save every queue that i make but i'd love to have the option to do so after i've listened to it. Some of these queues take a fair bit of time and thought to make and the current system (that i've only just discovered) forces me to save them before i even start building them. Also it's much easier to build a queue than a playlist since a single click can add each track to the queue without leaving the ftrack list. So build the queue/playlist, then "Save as playlist" feels to me much more intuitive and faster. It's function following need in proper order. If that's too much to ask for then at least i'd like to see the queue system changed so that it doesn't delete the current list after it's been played--there's already a "Clear Q" function for that--forcing me to rebuild it all over again for some inexplicable reason and making me swear loudly every single time.
  11. Hi there, I just bought the full version and I am getting to know the player. What is the best way to: 1)- create 2)- backup, 3)- store and 4)- sync my playlists. Is there a way to do it on the computer and import them? Thank you for any help! Keep smiling Stefano
  12. Hi, first of all sorry for my English. I have the full version from google play store. In the past I was able to put a icon/shortcut to a playlist in the desktop. Here is a screenshot: I have made a factory reset, and now, I am not able to do it again, I do not remember how I made it the first time. Anyone knows how to do it? Thanks in advance
  13. Please tell me how to get Poweramp to play only the playlist(s) that I have enqueued. Here's what I've done: 1. In >FoldersAndLibrary>FoldersSelection> I unclicked all folder hierarchies except the one containing the music from which I intend to create playlists. 2. In >FoldersAndLibrary>Folders/LibraryScanner>, I unchecked all options (ie: "AutoScan" is UNCHECKED). 3. In >FoldersAndLibrary>Queue> I unchecked all options. 4. I created a playlist with about 20 songs. ...but still, when I enqueue a playlist, Poweramp goes through and plays ALL songs instead of playing just the songs from the playlist I have enqueued. Please tell me what's wrong.
  14. Hello! I have a big playlist that was created by AIMP3 in m3u format. The Poweramp shows that there is only 1522 tracks, but it contains 1526. The string in title was taken from logcat. How can I investigate the problem further an locate not resolvin entries?
  15. My phone has a lot of music on it. I have tons of 3 star songs I typically don't listen to, and should probably just delete off my sd card, but that's a lot of work. On the other hand, Poweramp gave me the ability to rate songs. I diligently rated all the music on my device (took a few days, and a lot of skipping) and was horrified to find that I couldn't enqueue only 5 stars, or only 4 stars, etc. Is there a way to filter by only 5 star/4 star/etc. that I may have missed? My solution was to export ALL music as a playlist after it was sorted by "Highest rating" and manually delete all the unwanted entries, then import the playlist back into Poweramp so that I have only a 4 and 5 star playlist. That's a lot of work for something you'd think would be built in with the rating system? Did I miss something here? I appreciate any assistance!
  16. AS I understand there are 2 types of playlists: 1) poweramps own "internal" PL 2) file based PL My questions: Where are the internal PL saved? I cannot find the PL titles when I am screening my file library using a file manager app. Are they hidden/encrypted in a file? What happens to a file based PL when I am adding a new song to it? When I am checking this file after changing the PL the file date has not changed. Are the changes saved in the internal PL file?The options of importing/exporting PL are good, but in everydays use of the App I would prefer having only one type of PL, the "internal" Poweramp type. Two I find confusing. That would mean: The imported file-PL becomes a "internal" PL. Exporting the playlist (=saving) creates a file, which can be reimported later in case of damage or transferred to another smartphone. I am not sure if I missing somewhat or whether this post should be sent in Suggestions. Thx gol
  17. Last week my phone got stolen and with it went my playlists... It would be nice if you could add one song to multiple playlists at once (like the function in YouTube)
  18. Hello, This sounds easy enough to implement and I think it would be super handy! The problem: when playing back playlists some songs are louder and some are quieter. Which means every time I'm listening to a certain playlist I'm often fiddling with the volume rocker in between songs to adjust the volume for the next song to sound exactly how I like it. It would be great! if I had a way to do this operation once and for all. The solution: a menu item called "Playlist Volume Adjuster". Tap on it and you're taken to a list view of the playlist with a little slider next to every song. The slider range could be [-10,+10] and by default the indicator is set in the middle position at '0'. Changing the position of the indicator means that the volume of the song is always decreased/incremented accordingly when the song is played from the playlist. Thanks for considering implementing this feature. I purchased the app almost 4 years ago and I'm still very happy with it - this is the first time I've felt the need to request a feature. Cheers!
  19. Does anyone know of a PC application that allows you to create a playlist on your pc and then transfer to your phone as a recognized playlist? Creating a 50-100+ song playlist on your phone is not efficient.
  20. This is ridiculous. You think so, I think so. It's been over 2 years since users have been requesting better handling playlists, for smart playlists, and we still don't get a solution. Most users using the app have bought it; we have spent money on this, because we like the app, but also to support the developers. Support for them to try and give us the best experience we can get out of the app, right? So what do we do? They won't ever listen to us when they have a steady income thanks to the high rating the app has. 4,5 average from 537,220 ratings. I say we edit our past ratings and give them 1 star, in both trial and paid version. If their standing in the store is being affected maybe then they'll realize paying attention to customers matter. Especially in topics so highly demanded. I would suggest massively asking for refunds, but since Google changed how that's handled very recently it wouldn't affect them directly, and that's what the point is, for them to notice this isn't a bunch of idiots complaining that is raining when it's winter. Such a shame, Poweramp, you are one step from being the greatest music app, but are still rooted in place, been there for years now. And just so it's clear, it doesn't matter if better playlists are implemented directly or as 3rd party, hell, right now no one would care as long as it gets done. I would pay another 5 bucks for that 3rd party, god. Let's do this, guys. It doesn't take more than 2 minutes to get it done.
  21. I think it would be great if we were to have the ability to enable, disable or select any of the different types of suffle modes, on a per playlist basis instead of a global setting.
  22. I'd suggest a bookmark or 'last played' feature in a playlist that would allow a user to continue playing a previously played playlist exactly where the user left off the last time the playlist was last played (that's a tongue twist for ya). Example: Imagine I have two playlists. Playlist A with songs 1, 2, and 3. Playlist B with songs 4, 5, and 6. I start listening to Playlist A song 1. I stop listening to Playlist A song 1 half way because I changed my mind and I want to listen to Playlist B. I start listening to Playlist B song 4. I stop listening to song 4 half way because I want to go back and continue to listen to Playlist A. I believe it would be awesome for me to be able (or at least to have the option) to start playing Playlist A exactly where I stopped listening to it (where I left off, in the middle of song 1 Playlist A). Thanks for considering.
  23. I have three playlists. Each playlist has 10 songs. What is happening is that when I reach the end one one playlist, Poweramp starts to play the next playlist and so on. How do I stop that from happenning? I'd like for Poweramp, at the end of a playlist to either stop playing songs or start playing the same playlist again, but not to jump to the next playlist... Please advise. Thank you for your time.
  24. I only have 3 playlists. One of these playlists are the audio of the Bible. I listen to one Bible chapter everyday on my commute to work. So I open my playlist, select the mp3 that corresponds to the chapter that I want to listen to. What is happening is that once that file ends playing, Poweramp jumps to another playlist all together... shouldn't it continue playing the next file inside the playlist I'm currently in? How do I fix that? Thanks for your time.
  25. An issue - am changing old smartphone to new one. There was a Poweramp internal filelist (very importan and thoroughly composed) in old phone, which I want to move to new smartphone. How this procedure can be done, plz? Couldn't find any export to file or similar functions (( ps. app is legal, latest version
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