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Found 42 results

  1. It would be nice if there was an option to either display Poweramp's lockscreen when the player is open but paused, or alternatively just display it all the time as a complete lockscreen replacement. Thanks.
  2. Hi @ all, would it be possible to include an option to further customize the lockscreen and notification (like the widget menu)? I checked the search function, didn't get any hits. Since I've begun to rate my music via Poweramp (and porting it into the files when home) while commuting, I would really appreciate to modify the lockscreen and/or notification screen. Especially the lockscreen would be awesome. Some ideas: - hide randomize/loop buttons (I totally don't need these and often press them accidentally) - hide player buttons (gestures work really well, would just need a tap for play/pause) - small clock/battery indicator in upper corners Since the newer OS versions support lockscreen widgets, this request is maybe obsolete. Just an idea . Thank you for the great app and continuous support.
  3. http://imgur.com/UogvCF9 It would be really appreciated if we could make the album art fit to our lockscreen. Or maybe an square option for the top of the screen, having the bottom part covered by the keyboard? Otherwise password users only get to see a blurry cut-out.
  4. Title says it, is it some kind of ad? Or I messed with something. And how do I fix it.(my normal lockscreen's wallpaper hasn't changed)
  5. Even though I assign a high-res picture as cover art, it is displayed with low res in the lockscreen Neither Play Music or PlayerPro have this problem I have a Nexus 5 with stock android 4.4.2
  6. Hello, im using the Poweramp on my Nexus 4 for quite a while now and since the beginning i have a bug with the Poweramp-lockscreen. I've enabled the Poweramp-lockscreen in the settings but it's not working properly. Everytime i lock the device and power on the display; the lockscreen is flashing up and then instantly disappears. If i lock the device again and power on the display again, the lockscreen is showing up correctly. I tested this with my Nexus 4 (4.2.2 and 4.3 tested) and with a Samsung I9000 running Cyanogenmod (4.2.2). Is there any fix for this, or am i the only one who has thi this error? Many thanks in advance, Wolfgang
  7. I have an issue with the lockscreen widget Every time i use the start or the pause button, the widget resets my lockscreen and returns to the main widget that is seen when i'm in the lockscreen. Also, every time that happens, my ringtone mode resets from whatever to sound + vibrating. It's really annoying sometimes that i have to set it straight again every time and have to swipe to the widget again when pausing a song. I have the 2.0.9-build-534 version of Poweramp, a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G Android Version is 4.3 and I have the Cyanogenmod 10.2 rom from 06.10.2013 (october) Thanks in advance ^^
  8. If I am missing something and this is already possible in Poweramp, PLEASE point me to where and how. Q1: With the enabled Android Lock Screen (4.2/3) with Album Art disabled, the lock screen widget has a grayed background behind the white text. In an update, widget pack, theme or somewhere, could Dev please include an option for a settings value or a transparency slider to change lock screen widget background to clear? Please. Q2: Speaking of clear, is there any way to provide a similar transparency option for the main player screen in Poweramp (not a widget), so that the user's wallpaper background can been seen through the app. This could be done by the combination of setting a transparency value or slider of the Album Art (nice), and also transparency value or slider of the app's default player background. Especially evident in landscape mode when there is opaque space on either side of the album art. A transparency setting for the two aspects would allow the user to customize the Look, and I think many would love this. Admittedly personally liking clear apps, I am NOT suggesting a completely "Clear" app, but I could not find any Poweramp setting or available Themes that allow transparency settings of the main Play screen (somewhat like is done with some of the larger Poweramp widget options). If I am missing something and this is already possible with either, PLEASE point me to where and how. Thanks
  9. hello it will be awsome to have widgets on JB 4.2 Lockscreen specialy on CM 10.1 thanks
  10. I know this has been asked before but would it be possible to get a landscape or horizontal version of the lockscreen? Like I'm sure is the case with many others, my phone doubles as my GPS and is nearly always in landscape mode on my dock. Makes it difficult to utilize the gestures, etc. when the lockscreen widget only displays in portrait mode. Thanks!
  11. Can u consider adding the option to set the lockscreen as the default lockscreen? The amp lockscreen looks awesome but is only there when I play music, even then it doesn't show up sometimes... it sometimes disappear after I pause the music. I would love it if it can be always there so I don't have to unlock the screen and type in the pins number in when I want to play the music.
  12. Hi folks, I don't know If it's only me but sometimes the lock-screen just like to troll me: I noticed that when it's in my pocket, some button get pressed or even some new SMS arrive and the lock-screen appears, then all of the sudden the music changes or something annoy happens. I'm not sure if this is possible to be made but, can the lock-screen first check if the front-phone is away from something? It does have a distance sensor to detect when near to face or in pocket and just turn-off screen (during a call). Thanks in advance, Moura
  13. Hey I think would be good to add a simple sound icon somewhere on the lockscreen for quick volume change. This will be useful on the tablets and big phones, instead of using the hardware buttons. You can add option to enable/disable quick volume change from the lockscreen. This is just a sample of my idea.
  14. About 80% of my phone use is in my car, and most of that is using Poweramp. I place my phone on the holder horizontally an have noticed that there is no horizontal orientation for the lockscreen in Powramp. It may be just for esthetics since the app is still functional sideways...but it would still be great if this were available. This would merit the app an A+ just for that
  15. Simple thing: When I skip a track my thumb tends to be covering where it names the current track. I reckon it would work better if the track were named at the top of the screen rather than the bottom.
  16. Can the ICS lockscreen capability be updated to cooperate with security functions (e.g. a PIN input)? I realize there are many lockscreen security functions to consider (PIN, pattern, face unlock), but I was wondering if the devs are considering this at all. Great product! Thanks for being so responsive in the forum. It has been money well spent. [VZW Galaxy Nexus]
  17. Hi, I'm quite satisfied with using Poweramp, but I think there's quite big issue on lockscreen. It's possible to disable lockscreen gestures, what is good feature, but not as important as disabling some lockscreen buttons - it isn't too probable to do swipe gesture accidentally, however some button is pressed quite often by mistake, when carrying phone in pocket. And hardly anything can disappoint me as much, as skipped track, or, even more, whole skipped list.
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