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Found 2 results

  1. There's a listing mode that looks to appear only on the alpha build 790, that we don't even know it's name because on the 790 some menus weren't working yet. It was available for both folders and audio files inside folders, as an independent config. It's something very simple and it's not a super essential feature at all, but I do really miss that listing mode and I think some other people might miss it too. One of the main reasons for me to miss so much this mode is, I have some albums with long names, and I am also used to throw some info on the folder names, like the year of release, the quality if it's not a standard 16bit files, the event where some of them were released... And despite it cutting the pictures, I think that's a very good looking list mode. Here's a sample picture of that.
  2. Hi. I rip my large CD collection to play on my phone. I want to see my CD's from Artist, then Albums, then Songs, very standard usage. The problem is that when songs have different artists or co-artists like in a compilation, then the artists names are all over the place and not together in the album. That can be solved by using the Folders view instead of Library. But the bad effect is the artist list is bulky with an ugly empty folder icon for all. That's a quick and unambitious solution for a large app like Poweramp. I can't be the only one ripping CD's wanting to see the albums correctly without having to move Artist->Comment AlbumArtist->Artist. The right solution is an option to have the Library view list by "Album Artist" instead of "Artist". This is very easy to implement ... please! NB: Please explain why I feel alone in the world with this wish - no player I have tried have solved the issue properly, some can't even grasp the problem when asked. I'm sure you can §:o)
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