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Found 52 results

  1. Hallo, is it possible to show permanently the folder list with all titles, after I select a song to play? If I play a song, it automaticly shows the title-view of this one song. But I want to keep the list-view! I would be so happy, if this will be possible :-) Daniel
  2. As much as I love Poweramp, the one thing that bugs me is the fact that two albums by the same artist with the same release year always get sorted alphabetically. For instance, I have the albums "High Voltage" and "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by AC/DC, which both came out in the same year. However, HV was released first, but DDDDC appears first in the sorting under AC/DC's page of albums. Is there a way to fix this, or perhaps a certain way I should be labeling these albums in Windows Explorer? It's only a minor annoyance, but I think it's worth posting about. Thanks for the help.
  3. When i create lists they are just fine, but after a few days the program erases songs from those lists by itself, so i have to create the lists again, this happens over and over again. I have a htc one m8. Android. 5.0.1 Poweramp aplha build 703 play Im not extracting the sd card. not pugging the phone to the pc. accually not doing nothing at all. the same music. all the same. this shouldnt happen. When i create the list i put in the name the number of tracks it has, so i can know if the list is just as i created. for example in the image the first list has changed by itself, 40 songs erased. how? no idea. the second list is just fine. for now. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys. I love Poweramp and have been using it for years. It has truly transformed my phone into a modern day walkman. I have a feature request to ask you to take into consideration: For a while now, there's been a disconnect between my intuition and how Poweramp behaves. My problem is with the Queue. Usually, I listen to music using custom playlists on repeat. But I often find myself wanting to sprinkle the playback with single plays of one or more tracks. These tracks I will put in the Queue, only to encounter the issue discussed here: What I request is an option to treat the queue differently from other lists. An "Auto-Advance from Queue - And I mean It!" setting, so to speak -Only play through the queue once, then resume playback of the previous list - regardless of the repeat/advance list setting, which I don't expect to apply to the queue. -It would also be nice the have the queue auto-cleared once it's done. Regards, Martin
  5. I m a fan since many years now. When using Poweramp on a tablet and view the playlists it is a shame how much space is empty. It would be better to be able to chance it to a pattern view (2collumn or 3collumn) via list options like it is already there in the folder section. It would be espacially helpfull while using it in the car because the scrolling through the lists is very distractring. Thanks for considering it!
  6. Is it possible to add a new option that lets you sort your songs according to date modified? For those who switch to a new phone or reinstalled Poweramp, the date added would be all the same so there isn't any sort of sorting done but the date modified would be able to check which song was last added to the SD card so the user would not have any problem finding which song was last added. oh wait... Poweramp already have this option inside folders and library > Lists
  7. There are three very big problems wih Poweramp that make me search for an alternative. 1. Next song I open my playlist, select a song and play it. I listen to a few songs, then comes the song I don't like. I move forward a few songs until I find the song I like. It says the next song is AAA, and I don't like it, so i change the shuffle a few times, until I find the next song I like. However, when the current song ends, the next song is totally random, and not the one I chose as next song. And it happens almost everytime when I change songs with shuffle. Why does it happen, why don't you fix it? If it says the next song is AAA then play AAA. 2. Shuffle some stuff, some other stuff in order WTF is with this options? If I am in the playlist, I want to shuffle that playlist. If I choose an artist, I want to shuffle that artist. Why the hell is there a million shuffle options? At least give a choice in settings to select if we want all these complicated shuffles or just a simple shuffle to shuffle only where I am currently. I have been using Poweramp for more then a month and still have no idea what is the difference between shuffles (and I don't care honestly, I want just one simple shuffle) 3. Most played Song gets a +1 even if just scroll through it. So I go through ten songs until I find one that I want to listen, and all ten songs are marked as if I listened to them. Make a song marked as listened only if I listened 90% of it, or something like that
  8. I don't know, am I taking about a bug at all, but here I go... Poweramp info: 2.0.10-build-575-play Device model: Google Nexus 5 Android version: 5.1 No idea of a custom Rom, just read about what it means. --- Because of reasons in ripping Audiobook parts (file naming system), I have all my parts within an Audiobook named by a number in front of the book's name. Since every track is only few minutes in length, I have easily 100-400 parts within one book. My problem is the following: My files are named "Number - Audiobook's name", and Poweramp fails to order the listing correctly, because my numbers go from 01 to 100+. Instead of the app listing them like 09, 10, 11... and continuing like that (this is how I want it), the app lists them like 09, 10, 100...109, 11, 110 etc. I have gone through the folder and file options and read few forum articles which were close to my problem, but I haven't yet found a way to make this "right" I haven't been messing at all with filters and shuffle options. Is there a way to set this right or am I forced to rename the beginning files from 01 to 001 and so on?
  9. When selecting to browse by "Genre", the only option is to browse by Genre Album. My request is to be able to simply list all the tracks. In a day and age where albums are becoming less and less prominent and most of my tracks are either singles or I just have one or two songs from each album, only having the option to list by album, most of which only contain one track and most of which I don't even recognize because I don't think of tracks in terms of albums anymore, seems quite outdated. The sort by artist/name/date added feature should obviously also be available when listing by Genre Track. Thanks for a great app!
  10. Apparently Poweramp used fixed number of rows in grid mode. While this is looked okay in phones, this is a realy big waste of screen when used in tablet. To illustrate my point, here is a screenshot of Poweramp in my tablet (Xiaomi Mipad, 4:3 1536x2048) It would be nice if this behavior is changed in tablet. You can also make user to be able to control the number of rows used in grid mode.
  11. It is a little inconvenient when, after performing a search and scrolling through music, that I have to scroll to the top to get back to the search bar or do click on the three dots to get back to the search function. It would be nice if I could just swipe left to bring up the search box or go to a search screen and filter results, or do a new search. This way I don't have to aim for the three buttons or do a bunch of scrolling.
  12. So I'm thinking of buying Poweramp but there's one thing that is really bugging me. I often listen to wholes albums back to back, but when I try to listen to all songs by an artist, it can't get the songs in order. Even if I list all the songs by album, it will play the songs from the albums in a random order. What it needs is sorting by multiple options, so it could group by album then track number. Is there a way to do this? I really hate not being able to listen to the albums in order when I want to listen to all songs by an artist,
  13. I only recently discovered I can exclude / include list items in my library screen. So when I press Library I am given a choice of Artists, Albums, Genres, etc... And I've gone and pressed menu, then gone into List Options. It would be very cool if we could also re-order these items. That's my suggestion.
  14. Hi, I was looking for a good music player for my android and in the end decided to buy power amp, I am generally satisfied with it, especially with the deep tweakable settings. Now one thing that I am really missing is a songs in the album list. For example when I am playing a certain album the only way I go through songs is by sliding the screen or skipping songs, there is no obvious way to just view all the songs in the album, unless I tap the icon on top go to Albums, find the album and first then can I select songs to play in that patricular album. Now my qustion is if there is in fact such a feature to just flip the cover like on Iphone and be presented wit the song list for that album, or some other way, or is the mentioned way the only way?
  15. Is it possible to show all tracks by an artist? [ Library > Artist > All ] I often don't care about the albums and just want to hear all songs by an artist. I thought this feature used to exist, but maybe I'm confused with the iPod player. Please let me know if this is currently possible. Thanks
  16. I've been using Poweramp for a few days (on an android tablet) and am puzzled about how people use it (I'm basically very happy, but still feel I'm missing something obvious): The main function I want is to compose and play a list of music/songs. How does everyone else do this? 1) It seems I can go and clear the queue, then search thorough my albums/somgs and put them in the queue and then go and play the queue. This is possible, but seems a little trickier than it should be (even if I set it to "add to queue" with one button push). 2) I can just select an album to play and it will play. But it seems to then be impossible to add something else to play after this album. In other words the "current playlist" is separate from the "queue" and I don't see how to edit the "current playlist" directly... 3) I can write a playlist specially and play that (i.e. there are 3 separate types of lists: playlists, the current playlist, and the queue), but that is not very simple either... Am I missing something here? Is there an easier way? [i guess I am comparing it to what I am used to on a squeezebox, where one can "add to current playlist", and "play song next"---are there analogues of these functions on Poweramp?]
  17. How do you get the player buttons (play/pause, last, next) to show continuously on song and artist lists across the bottom of the screen?
  18. Show player buttons (play/pause, last, next) across the bottom of song, artist and playlists screens.
  19. Hey, I would really appreciate if it would be possible the arrange the tracks in your list in order to their lenghts. Quite silly with music, I know, but it really helps me tho choose the podcast I want to listen to. Thx & Regards!
  20. Feature Request: Add an extra option under "Settings/Folders and Library/Lists/LIst Item Click Action" that disables single click while browsing track titles. Reason: Prevent accidental selection of a track. Good for browsing while walking or on public transport, anywhere you might want to disable accidental selection of a song. If hand your precious to someone else to choose a song they can't accidentally start a new song or add 50 songs to your Queue. Proposed addition: The "List Item Click Action" menu would gain a fourth option, the four options would be as follows, :Play and go to Main UI :Play and stay in the list :Enqueue and stay in the list :Disable Click action* I think this is a natural addition to the "List Item Click Action" menu, all the options needed for a selected track are already present in the long click menu. The option is buried in the settings so it doesn't require any changes to the main interface, if you don't go looking for it you wouldn't even notice the change. I look forward to some feedback.
  21. Currently when you want to view your songs you have two panels "Folders" and "Library" at the bottom of the screen. The "Folders" panel is configured by selecting which folders are scanned for audio files. It would be usefull if I was given the ability to dynamically create and delete different folder sets to replace, augment, or categorize what I wish to listen to by folder locations. This solves a set of user stories directly tied to have audio files that are not music such as ebooks and podcasts. While using playlists does work around such issues, it is slow to work with more than a few files and adds overhead when aquiring new audio files of any type. For example, consider that I have the following directories - /sdcard/music/ - /extsdcard/amazonmp3/ - /sdcard/ebooks/ - /sdcard/podcasts -/extsdcard/BeyondPod/ It would be nice if I could define three different folder sets: "Music", "eBooks", and "Pod Casts". The Music set would incude the first two directorys /music/ and /amazonmp3/. The other two categories would follow the same pattern. The use case to manage folder sets could be something along these lines: User: Open Poweramp (Existing) User: Tap Menu Button (Existing) User: Tap Settings (Existing) User: Tap Folders and Library (Existing) User: Tap Folder Sets (Existing item is Music Folders) System: Display a list of Folder Sets (Default is just 1 Folder Set named "Folder") User: Taps the 'X' next to the default "Folder" System: Promps user to delete the folder set User: Taps Ok System: deletes the folder set User: Taps create new folder set System: Prompts for new folder set name User: enters new folder set name & presses ok System: Creates new folder set User: Taps new folder set System: shows something similar to the current folder selector User: Checks/Unchecks various folders User: Clicks ok/save System: Saves new folder set and scans if needed Then you can activate a Folder Set similar to a play list and have everything from that set of folders play during random/shuffle.
  22. The 'tap on a song' rules should be differentiated for the play queue and lists. If I have it set up to add a song from a list/the library to the play queue when I tap it, it is highly unlikely that when I tap the song in the play queue that I want to add it to the play queue again. The play queue should act as a current playlist, where a tap = play now, not a list of songs.
  23. Hi, I have a question. Why All songs from library don't have artist or album in list options?
  24. Hello, I have been using Poweramp for a few days and saw that there is an option to swipe up and down to change lists. What does this function do? And how do I use it? I have it on, but can only swipe left and right to change songs. I turned that option off, but it still won't work. I am running the Poweramp 2.0.5-build-488 trial ATT Samsung captivate CyanogenMod 7.1 Thanks in advance, ihavnoclue
  25. Hi all, I ever use Poweramp in "All shuffle" mode. I searched a lot in settings but I can'find if there's a way to show next songs list when the player is in shuffle mode. In fact, if the player is in shuffle mode, when I tap library->list options, it shows all songs in order like A-Z, track number, year etc. but not the songs that will be played after in shuffle mode. Is there a way? Sorry for my English...I hope you understood my question. Thanks in advance. Bye!
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