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Found 4 results

  1. The problem is described in the title. I have added an image to this post as a proof. When choosing "Image" option (vertically aligned dots -> Image) the following message appears "Data not available".
  2. Looking for images of user preset settings for hip hop/rap. Full walkthrough of settings would be greatly appreciated due to the fact that I am inexperienced with audio calibration. I believe this forum needs a guide to use all of these settings because people like me who lack skill with calibrating audio effects need guidance and wisdom. Any and all information is welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Mr_Tip$
  3. Hello Guys! I'm using Poweramp for quite some time, with no problems at all, despite some very small bugs. Since last update, v2.0.9 - build - 555, i have an error, quite strange. So, with some exceptions, including the default theme, in some themes the images are overlapped.. and strange.. not the cover art but the icons himself. For example, when i thouch the cover art to appear the options of eq/ton/rep/shuffle/ranking, the icons of rep/shuffle are doubled, with one in the back and another in the front... but even more strange is now appears six stars in the back and five in front!! I suppose this is a theme error, not from Poweramp, because it only appears in some of ikorolkov's themes. Somebody out there have the some weird problem? Thanks
  4. I've recently bought this program and I was wondering is there's the possibility when filtering by artist to have instead of a list, a gallery like Albums with images of the artists. Thanks
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