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Found 9 results

  1. First of all, this is my favorite music player for Android, very feature rich. The simple thing of being able to change folders/albums with a single button next to the track changer is awesome, also to start playing the next album/folder when the one playing ends. I've searched many players that can do this but to no avail. I have question. Can I change the license from Google Play to the e-mail license? I wanna use my phone without Google Play Services (LineageOS) but the only thing stopping me is the Poweramp license.
  2. For the majority of users, the verification process via Google Play might work like charm. But for those (including me) who have quit with google, this might be a bit harder. Fist of all, I've purchased Poweramp in the first instance from the google play store, years ago. But after a time, I've deleted my google acc, which wasn't a problem as Poweramp has been already registered. Some weeks ago, I had to restart my phone multiple times and after that, Poweramp requested a purchase verification to the google play services (which of course weren't able to verify the purchase).
  3. I have run into this frustrating problem. I have Poweramp v3 build 793 installed on my stock unrooted Samsung Galaxy S9+. The Google Play app is untouched and updated to the latest version. Poweramp still won't verify the licence and says I might have modified Google Play with Lucky Patcher. I have attached screenshots regarding this issue.
  4. Cómo dice el titulo, compré la versión full y no reconoce la licencia se Google play. Llevo tres meses y sin respuesta. Necesito que se resuelva el problema
  5. i have purchased Poweramp 19 days ago, but now, it can not verify the license, can someone help?
  6. hello, I'm trying to figure out why Power Amp will not find all of my music that I have purchased and downloaded from Google Play? I rescanned all folders on my device and it still will not find them? Any Ideas?
  7. I purchased Poweramp and when I tried to play my music it does not show anything about the track except a track number. I downloaded my music from Google play on my phone on my SD card. Everything shows correctly on Google Play. Is there anyway to correct this. I can't see my Albums, Album Art, or the Names of art and song. I am a newbie of Poweramp and only used Google play for music
  8. Poweramp fail to recognize my license, I can't use it anymore. I have the message error Google Play Response-License error #1. I unistalled and reinstalled both Poweramp and the unlocker. What can I do to make this app works, don't tell me I paid for nothing.
  9. not sure if this is a bug or a feature request my sdcard has a big second ext2 partition where i store my music and video files. this partition is mounted by link2sd app to /data/sdext2 The problem is that Poweramp does not see it.. The solution would be (like many other apps allow) to have a field where user can manually input the location of the folder that should be scanned for audio files, in this case "/data/sdext2/" other than this... i do not (wont) have Google Play... it is unclear to me whether the app will work after the trial period if i buy it.. i have bought some apps that do not
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