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Found 14 results

  1. So, hello everyone. I'm writing to suggest some features that I really miss from other players (I still don't use those, my love is for the one and only Poweramp), but I would LOVE to see them as new PA features. I'm talking about some sort of Play Now Page in alternative to the Library page. This will be an actual library page but with the addition of a Playlists row, recent albums, favorites songs, ecc which will play on single tap and open on long tap. This just to make the library page more used (as per my tastes). Then I'd love to see a Current Queue feature, different from the
  2. The Artists folder has the option to sort by number of tracks, the Album Artists folder does not
  3. Noise Sharpening is one of the best DSPs in general, and both average users and audiophiles could greatly benefit from having a slider for this in the app. Neutron Music Player uses this and it's a big reason for people to use that music player over others like Poweramp. (most google play reviews mention the sound quality there and some directly mention noise sharpening) Here's a famous foobar2000 component for this DSP, for example: http://foosion.foobar2000.org/components/?id=delta
  4. I recently discovered Poweramp in Play Store and I bought the full version instantly. It's the most complete music player on Android, it has a lot of features and I like the UI design a lot. The only thing I miss is a more detailed waveform Seekbar in order to differentiate parts of a song clearly, like in my previous player Mezzo. It would be nice to have it as an option in the Seekbar Style section, for example waveform HD, so anyone can choose.
  5. I love this player and have been a paying customer for years. That said the recent UI change has me really missing the option to swipe left and right for track changes and up and down for list changes. I always just put my player in random track and random list mode, select and artist and hit play, then I could swipe up or down until I hit an artist I wanted to listen to, then swipe left and right to go randomly through the tracks by that artist. That simple navigation option is what sold me on this player and kept me using it for years. Now that I can no longer swipe up-down to navigate t
  6. Dear Poweamp Support, This is list of my expectations for Poweramp dev sorted by the priority: 1. Playback via network/cloud storage (SMB/NFS, FTP, DLNA/upnp, GoogleDrive/OneDrive/DropBox...) ---> most wanted 2. Support playback more audio formats, such as: DTS/Dolby audio --> for full audio format 3. Internal hires support ---> want but not need 4. UI/UX ---> have to good, not Okay Poweramp essentially was a very very good player for audio quality and UI/UX, no more priority for improvement about these aspects. Only need to focus to the items 1. and 2
  7. For years Poweramp users have been requesting certain features but there seemed to be little or no movement in the development of them. So when Maxmp suddenly announced the release of a new version, my expectations rose. However, it soon became clear that most of the work would be dedicated to the new music engine. I was initially disappointed that lots of requested features would not be included and sceptical that we would only get a marginal improvement in sound quality. However, the improvement in sound quality is so amazing that I feel compelled to write this post. My music has taken on a
  8. Poweramp has been recommended to me several times with varying degrees of enthuasim. So I had a closer look recently.. and quickly went from being impressed to finding it an enormous disappointment. It's readily apparent that Poweramp is a well designed, even polished music player. Certainly it has a few bugs, omissions & odd design choices, but it is obviously quite a bit better than most music players. It practically oozes decent design and easy (if not quite intuitive) operation. So much so that I was actually looking for the purchase page when I was surprised to find a glaring design f
  9. BAck, Play/pause, Forward.......and lyrics showing when phone is turned off with either a galaxy s6 edge or a note edge.
  10. For the next version of Poweramp, would be great, if the player will have got this features: THEME like ICS/JB styleWIDGET for JB lockscreenSHARE/LIKE on FB, Twitter, G+ (Sharing a post with link to a song on Gracenote for ex.)INFO/TAGS auto-downloading (from Gracenote for ex.)PLAYING from home sites... from others devices (NAS, PC, Mobiles, PS3 on home wi-fi)NFC sharing (files/playlists) and playing via wireless speakersand few customizations like... Vizualizations - Live Equalizer or any other live backgrounds under the AlbumArt.
  11. 1. Car/driving mode with no album art, but huge fonts and big buttons (Rev/Play-Pause/FF/Folder Change) plus few convinient gestures for changing tracks. 2. Can you make an override for Samsungs volume decrease during headphones connection (mine Note 2 decreasing volume for my safety (to avoid hearing impairment)) и по-русски 1. Авто режим без обложек файлов но с гигантским шрифтом (можно бегущей строкой пускать, если не умещается) и большими кнопками (особенно важны кнопки смены треков), также можно включить удобные жесты, типа правый и левый свайп для смены, тап для воспроизведения/паузы
  12. It looks like some projects are using something called UserVoice for tracking feature requests (at least Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher are using it), It looks like it is free for basic stuff, lets users vote and comment on features, lets you mark when features are done or when they will be done, etc. It might be easier to manage than the forum. I don't know anything about how it works behind the scenes, but at least from the perspective of someone submitting feature suggestions it seems good. Nova launcher looks like they are hosting it themselves while apex launcher seems to be hosting
  13. Hello guys! I have a few ideas I wanted to share. I FAVOR this app on my droidx2.. I recently bought a new pc, features are great! I have one small problem though, the onboard sound is crap.. So I went and bought THX trustudio and the other software that came with it. It's okay.. I wish it had the equalizer like Poweramp! -Windows 7 app? Any plans for it? -Video player? I bet you guys can provide us with a sick video player! Is there one? -Poweramp cloud? I could totally use this! Sure Mufin player works great but.... -5.1 channel tuners? Let me know what's up! I like Poweramp and its feature
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