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Found 23 results

  1. Poweramp v3-build-830-play. Sony Xperia XZ1. Android 9. Chromecast 1st gen and Cromecast audio. When playing to chromecast, after a significant pause time (minutes rather than seconds), the playback fails. No sound is produced (after a short burst, sometimes) and the graphic plays forward a short amount and skips back. Have to disconnect and reconnect to resume. I had no instance of this with build 826. Added: IIRC there was an option in the chromecast output settings, something like "alternative chromecast handling", that I'd enabled and now seems to have disappeared? Not sure if that might be relevant.
  2. Hi, I filled out the bug report form for this - not sure if it's better to post here or both... 😕 Poweramp v3-build-826-play. Sony Xperia XZ1. Android 9. Chromecast (1st gen, I think) and Cromecast audio (exactly the same behaviour). When playing to chromecast, the last track to be played in a list (with no repeat) is terminated before (just a second or two) the actual end of the track. The exact amount of time seems to be directly proportional to the chromecast buffer size. Not noticeable on many tracks that fade or have a few seconds' silence at the end but increasing the buffer size can make it noticeable on more tracks. If I reduce the buffer size much below the default, I get glitches on phone wakeup. Really liking the app generally. 😀
  3. Hey! I'm new to this forum (but not to Poweramp) so I hope this is the right place to make the thread. If not, I'm sorry. So I wanted to assign a custom EQ preset to my Chromecast. I go to the "Assign" window for the preset, select Chromecast, and click "OK". But the Chromecast icon doesn't appear near the preset name, like how it appears when I assign other devices like the headphone jack. I've disabled "No EQ/Tone" in Chromecast Output settings, and this problem remains. Did I miss something? Is this feature disabled by the developer for some reason? Any kind of help would be appreciated! Poweramp version: v3-build-826-play Android version: Oreo (8.1) Devices: Asus Zenfone Max Pro m1, Chromecast 3
  4. Chromecast icon disdappears on very light backgrounds. Need icon with dark borders
  5. How about the ability to cast the Visualizer? It would look really great with all the new presets. The main complaint I have about music casting, there are no cool, stable visualizers. MProject app exists, but it's rediculously buggy.
  6. Chromecast audio never actually plays, the waveform scrolls for a second on my device but then jumps back to the start. I am using the default audio options. Tested Hi-Fi Cast and it played fine. Running V3 Build 823 on a LG V10 with Nougat
  7. Not sure what's going on exactly, but I can't seem to use the chromecast feature. I have two google home minis in the house as well as the regular chromecast that you plug into a TV. It's not an older chromecast either, about a year old. My phone is an LG G7 and I'm running v3 build 822 (the one that was just released). Like I said, I can't seem to access the chromecast feature at all. The only indication I have is a faded out button in the small settings menu. Any help is appreciated.
  8. An interesting feature could be the possibility to choose what to cast on tv 📺 via chromecast: for example visualizations, lyrics, or the album artwork (which is what is cast now)
  9. Today I got the update for v3-build-821-play (beta user) with the new feature of casting via Chromecast. This doesn't work for me, the error message on the TV screen says "firmware to old", followed by the release numbers of Mozilla, Apple WebKit and Chrome (see attached screenshot). My Chromecast is a generation 1 model, is it to old?
  10. Gostaria de ter uma opção para reproduzir uma tela modificada do Poweramp sem precisar espelhar a tela. I wish to have an option to play a modified Poweramp screen without having to mirror the screen.
  11. how do I stream music to my television (via Chromecast or DLNA)? I searched for this simple function but did not find it.
  12. It'd be awesome to be able to sync directly to Chromecast and Google Home instead of Bluetooth, amazing app!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  13. Please add this option ? Even the Radioplayer app has this option guys!
  14. Any idea when casting audio via Powerampis supported to a Chromecast device?
  15. When at home, it would be great to play my playlist to my smart tv / Google Chromecast. Would it be possible to add this feature? Cheers, M.
  16. Only recommendation I can make at this time is Chromecast support. Looking forward to v3!
  17. I would like the app to support Chrome cast so I can cast the audio to my surround sound bar system
  18. A lot of other music players seem to have Chromecast support and I'd love it if this was an option for this music player as well.
  19. The title pretty much says it all. I just want to be able to cast Poweramp to my TV thru Chromecast.
  20. I would love to see a way to stream via chromecast directly from this app. Is that on the horizon ??
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