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Found 8 results

  1. Before I begin, here's relevant info about my setup. I'll also include screenshots of my settings, as I'm not keen on interpreting what's set vs what it means. Poweramp: v3-build-884-arm64-play [884004-9876041fv3-build-884-arm64-play [884004-9876041f] Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G OS: Android 10 This issue is twofold, and I do not believe it to be an Android issue, but maybe it is? It didn't occur on my previous device, also on Android 10. I use my phone for Android Auto purposes when I drive. Like most, that means music and navigation. Having Poweramp play
  2. добрый день! такой вопрос возник: имею телефон xiaomi mi5, и на нём только встроенная память, 32Gb. для музыки маловато, поэтому приобрёл внешнюю флешку с разъёмом USB Type-C. к сожалению, при сканировании плеер этих папок на видит. при запуске через OTG файловый менеджер музыкальный файл не предлагает выбрать Poweramp в качестве плеера для воспроизведения (в отличие от AIMP, который там появляется). являюсь давнишним поклонником Вашего плеера, поэтому хочу спросить - ребят, будет возможность запускать музыку в таких ситуациях? очень на это рассчитываю!
  3. Hello; I have connected my Samsung S6 to my FiiO Q1 through USB. Alpha 703 detects the FiiO DAC (Java Based and Hi-Res) but no sound is heard on Headphones. I have Neutron player and everything works fine with it (When the DAC is powered on, Neutron automatically starts playing.) Are there some settings I am missing on Android or on Poweramp? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, i have simple problem = .cue files are not detected on usb otg pendrive. I have selected the folder in Poweramp, but nothing happens. If i move the file into internal memory, everything is ok. Could you look into the issue? Thanks. Device - Xiaomi Mi4 (Cancro), root, Xiaomi.eu MIUI 8.3 dev, Android 6.0.1.
  5. Hello everyone. Today I bought a SanDisk Ultra Dual USB-OTG Drive 3.0 64GB (exFAT), and used iSyncr to sync my iTunes 30GB (more than 6,300 tracks) music library onto it. Next, I plugged it inside my unrooted Nexus 5 with the latest Android updates, and started searching for a music player that could read the playlists from there. The first choice was Rocket Player - which is iSyncr's suggested player. It can read the music ranking (stars) and all other details that I created using iTunes if the files are synced onto the internal hard drive, but of course it can't read from a USB-OTG.
  6. With the new builds ability to output to a USB DAC. It would be really cool to be able to play local and offline Tidal music from within PA and then send the digital output to the DAC. "Roon" does this very well for desktop, but I suspect the Tidal music is streamed as the offline files are probably encrypted, so may not be possible. Perhaps you could release another App which is just the USB DAC driver, I know lot's of audiophile users on Android that are forced to use Usb Audio Pro Player as one of the only stable ways of outputting to USB DAC. Whilst streaming is OK for Spotify, Google Musi
  7. I read: USB OTG storage access @ Android 6.0 via Storage Access Framework But it won't show up anywhere . I tried scanning for the folder but it won't even show up as an option to select. Anyone haev a solution? I have a nexus 5x which doesn't have sd card support so im short on space. One solution was to format the card as ntfs and use ntfs mounter to use it with Poweramp. But it's really annoying that I have to o in and rerun the app everytime to get Poweramp to recognize and rescan the library. Thank you in advance for any help!
  8. I just down loaded trial version and trying to decide whether to buy. Have LOTS of lossless music on a portable hard drive that I'd like to play via my Android tablet. Poweramp doesn't seem to see the USB drive. Does this change when I buy? Or is there something else I need to do to do this? Works fine for music copied to tablet.y
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